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Concentrate Review: Marley Natural


As you may recall from our previous postMarley Natural launched their brand here in Oregon in August (2016) and are on the path to rapid expansion to the state of Washington. Marley Natural sources all of the sun-grown flower that they sell, along with both prerolls and oil cartridges, from the region where it is sold.

Marley has 4 different labels that stay consistent with their categories regardless of which farm/region they are working with: Gold (Sativa), Black (Indica), Green (Hybrid), and Red (CBD). This goes for their flower and their concentrates.

Recently, I got to review the whole line of oil cartridges for Marley NaturalThey are branded and packaged beautifully, and I found them to be quite satisfying and be consistent for what kind of cannabis strain they were.

I enjoyed the Green and Gold labels for anytime use, and the Green became a quick favorite for me after work when I wanted to unwind but also needed that quick energy boost to get through the rest of my day.  Their green label here in Oregon tested at 62.07% THC and 0.00% CBD.

My husband Travis reinjured his back just recently and relied heavily on their Red label (CBD) vape cartridge for daily pain relief as he was recovering. I loved it for my headaches and muscle pain relief.  

While I have consumed CBD products of many kinds, I had never had a CBD vape pen/cartridge ever before so this was really a treat to have around. I certainly plan to purchase more and recommend it to others. The Marley Natural Red cartridge tested at 4.08% THC and 17.73% CBD here in Oregon.  

As Marley Natural expands, they plan to continue to host Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) events as they did in Oregon, which shows their commitment to community development and involvement.

Berrin Noorata, director of Public Relations for Marley Natural, said, “We are currently working with the MCBA to expand our partnership to other states and create events and programs together to work with and help local communities similar to the expungement day we did in Portland.  Stay tuned!”

I look forward to following this brand as it grows and learning more about them.  

Learn more about and where you can find Marley Natural here: www.marleynatural.com 


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