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Congress May Vote Today To De-fund Federal Medical Cannabis Crackdown


medical marijuana raidsby Morgan Fox

An amendment to the 2013 Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations bill in the U.S. House that would effectively end federal interference in medical marijuana states is being considered today, and we need your help!

The Rohrabacher-Hinchey-Farr-McClintock Amendment would stop federal agencies from spending any funds to target individuals acting in compliance with state medical marijuana laws. This would include patients and providers, so long as those providers were following the law within their respective states.

If this passes, providers will no longer have to live in fear that the businesses they worked hard to build and keep in compliance with their state and local laws will be arbitrarily raided and destroyed by federal agents. Patients will no longer be forced to buy inferior medicine from dangerous criminals at the whim of U.S. attorneys. States will finally be free to determine the marijuana policies that work best for the seriously ill among their residents.

We need your help to make this happen. Please follow this link and call your member of Congress TODAY! Tell them that they need to support this amendment and make the federal government stop wasting its time and resources on medical marijuana.

Message From The Marijuana Policy Project


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  1. BanditStayBlazed on

    i think what people need to do is have a revolutionary battle royale cuz ppl do need a good ass whooping, like PIGs (Participants In Government) lmao. but they too scared thats why the have guns. pussy ass way to defend urself.

  2. World_of_rubio on

    Well a lot of organizations are working on that but if you believe you can do better than all these people trying to legalize it then go right ahead.

  3. Lmartin843 on

    I’m with Bryan, but if all you can do for now is take baby steps, take them.  A couple million baby steps may just make these yahoos sit up and take notice.

  4. Bryan Milne on

    Is this the best we can do?!?!?  more lame ass baby steps…not good enough Congress and America!!!   LEGALIZE !!!!    FULL LEGALIZATION !!!  stop pussy footing around this issue…  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO ACCEPTABLE REASON FOR CANNABIS TO BE A SCHEDULED SUBSTANCE !!!     EACH and EVERYONE one of us NEEDS to stand up for PEOPLE’S RIGHTS !!!  and what is right is getting rid of these twisted laws, not making more of them!!!  YES STOP funding the crack down of medical marijuana, but STOP FUNDING THE WAR on DRUGS completely as well !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thokarofeverdark on

    I called my rep, Steve Womack…heh bit of advice, read the script out loud a couple of times and expect that it’ll be a person answering instead of a machine haha. I kinda cut the nice person off who answered blurting out the script, then stumbled a bit. But she was really nice and receptive, mentioned she’d pass that along and made sure to get my name. 

  6. Kimberly Miller on

    I have called Sue Myrick who is our rep and have passed on this info.. THANK YOU and I hope one day it will happen for North Carolina as well.  God Bless!

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