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Congress Needs To Pass The ‘Veterans Equal Access Act’


ptsd second amendment military veteran cannabis marijuanaOur service men and women deserve everything that our country can provide, especially when it comes to healthcare. A veteran should never be denied medicine or medical advice that can help them for any reason. However, sadly, veterans are denied medical advice when it comes to medical cannabis all the time, and not for medical reasons. They are denied medical advice for purely political reasons.

Up until 2011, doctors at VA hospitals were required to not treat veterans for pain if the patient was a medical cannabis user. Since 2011, it has been up to the doctor’s discretion if they want to treat the patient, but they are still forbidden from recommending medical cannabis, even when they know it would benefit the patient.

Last year a bill was introduced to fix this injustice. The ‘Veterans Equal Access Act‘ would allow VA doctors to recommend medical cannabis if they felt it would help the patient. Considering that many veterans suffer from pain, PTSD, and other ailments due to their service, this bill would help a lot of our service men and women.

It’s time that Congress stood up for what’s right when it comes to veterans and medical cannabis. Our veterans served our country proudly, and we owe it to them to help them in every way that we can. VA doctors shouldn’t be restricted because of political views. If any medicine, cannabis or otherwise, could help a patient, the doctor should be able to recommend it to them.

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  1. I strongly support the full legalization of Marijuana, but Americans with Cancer, Seizures, PTSD or chronic pain can’t wait and their need for Medical Marijuana can be a matter of life and death. Please do everything you can to support the national legalization of Marijuana for Medical purposes. Medical users who need it, especially Cancer victims, can’t wait.

  2. All war vets deserve whatever we can provide in the way of cheap, powerful, effective, medicine of any type. If they need LSD hypnotherapy, give it to them. If they need a prescription to grow poppies at home, give it to them. If they need prayer healing for a decade from some urban shaman guru, give it to them.
    Sending off our boys and girls to fight wars solely based on greed, gluttony, and deception is bad enough, but not giving those poor souls what they need to recover as best they can [because no one ever fully recovers from war, my uncle was in Nam, Grandpa in the Korean conflict and they were never quite right and they and other family members, and their psychologists, directly attributed their issues to the live battle field] is nothing short of criminal.

  3. Marijuana is also anti-suicidial. That’s extremely important for veterans, especially since more now die of suicide than die in combat, and its important for vets with PTSD for that reason, in addition to its value for treating the other symptoms of their PTSD.

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