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Congressman Issues Statement After Former DEA Heads Ask Obama To Nullify Marijuana Legalization


steve cohen marijuana dea tennesseeWASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09) today issued a statement in response to eight former chiefs of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) asking President Obama to nullify Colorado and Washington state laws legalizing personal marijuana use:

“As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once observed, states are the laboratories of democracy. The federal government should concentrate on shutting down meth labs – not the laboratories of Democracy. The people of Colorado and Washington voted to implement these laws, and the federal government should respect their will. States have a right to determine their own possession laws.

“If the people of Colorado and Washington want to legalize small amounts of marijuana, that is their decision. It is arrogant of these former DEA chiefs to encourage the President to nullify these laws. The fact that these former DEA chiefs are so focused on marijuana possession is why we have lost the war on drugs.  The war should be on heroin, meth, crack, cocaine and unauthorized use of prescription drugs – not marijuana possession.” 

Source: Cohen.House.Gov


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  1. I’m now 66 and as a high school senior I remember reading many articles about marijuana and I determined that if I was exposed to it in my future I would probably try it. That happened when I was 19 in the Navy. Today I’m a medical marijuana patient (glaucoma). Over the years I have used good pot and what we might call ditch weed. There has always been very strong pot so don’t believe the lies about “oh, this isn’t your father’s marijuana”. Anyway, this article is right on about how pot should be legal while keeping the truly harmful drugs illegal. I knew this almost 50 years ago. When will America wake up?

  2. Johnny oneye on

    but legal drugs are ok . then she stumbles into prescription drug abuse is #1 problem.
    excellent video ! J/ Harris = nails Lentard

  3. If the federal government (Obama) attempts to nullify the states legalization efforts on the same old rhetoric and lies then the feds will look ignorant to the mountain of information that says otherwise. This will not bode well for an administration that wants to move forward and represent the will of the people. This will create a backlash from voters due to an already inept congress’s business as usual tactics that is ruining economic recovery efforts and reforms. Our current political quandary, concerning the operation of the government, is due to congressional infighting and their self serving convictions. Nullification tells the people that their voice is irrelevant.

    The will of the voters was made clear on November 2012. If the majority of two states are refused then it will represent a further deterioration of our sense of democracy. This is not just about cannabis, this is about voter rights, states rights, personal freedoms and a rejection of a prohibition policy that is more harmful than the drug it attempts to prohibit. Nullification tells the people that their will, their vote and reform efforts do not mean anything. The people already feel that their voices are not being heard as our right to vote is being challenged by republican party efforts.

    The U.N. knows that cannabis legalization has become a global topic. CO and WA’s victory is in the crucible of global legalization, everyone is watching. If CO and WA’s efforts are challenged it would fan the flames or cannabis reform efforts across the globe. The U.N. only cares about treaties and supports the W.H.O. (which is the political arm of the global medical industry) they do not care about the will of the people. Simply put, the U.N. represents heads of state not the people.

    The expansion of consciousness of the people is a problem for those that want to maintain control. The early efforts of missionaries (religious autocracy) have been very effective in curtailing cultural practices involving psychedelics (peyote, ayahuasca – DMT, cannabis) in an effort to indoctrinate (enslave the mind) of their subjects. The evolution of human consiousness has suffered and given rise to our current human condition of religious and financial servitude in addition to personal suffering. Psychedelic substances ignite our passion for change and challenge us to evolve peacefully. Psychedelics are responsible for the evolution of humankind throughout the ages, this is a problem for those who’s dominion relies on a stagnation.

    Cannabis reform has gotten this far because we were able to enlighten the republic via the internet. We were able to dismantle the lies and half truths of political propaganda rooted in racial bias. Our efforts have educated the republic and increased our following. No one can deny we are a growing political force. Regardless of the decision from the feds, they will not be able to stop us.

  4. Let’s Leave Those Prison Beds/Spaces to Hardened Criminals Who Need Reform and Keep Any Marijuana Patients/Users/Growers Out of Them! So far, the only ones who would benefit from PROHIBITION are the ones who have “$pecial intere$t” in keeping the beds OVERCrowed; by the way, which means there are hardened criminals who can’t even get “three hots and a cot”…why?…because they are temporarily being filled by innocent people who enjoy a God given PLANT! Maybe we should lock those up who PROHIBIT…think about it…that’s a biggest CRIME of all. By the way, great article.

  5. If Barack nullifies democracy, then I will no longer support him. Ii voted for him, made phone-calls for his re-election and I have “liked” him on my facebook account.

  6. nygratefulfred on

    Bravo Steve Cohen.Someone in Congress is finally making some sense.
    What special intrests keep the “war” on Marijuana raging while Heroin use and availability is at an all time High?Of course prescription drug use is climbing at an alarming rate-The Big Pharmaceutical companies make money on every pill they sell!If people could achieve the same results with Marijuana(which they do not control yet)it cuts into their profits.

  7. ChronicTexan on

    True story. I was in one of their programs for two years in the mid 80’s and have all the scars to prove it.

  8. GhettO1stamendment on

    Thanks for the insight, “Michigan” is on board with Washington and Colorado, the influences to challenge democracy is a must know.

  9. My guess is that our President will be citing the treaty when he cracks down. And to think we could have had Romney. Who would have done the same.

  10. GhettO1stamendment on

    This land has a constitution “We the People” NOT “we the
    Government” People-stand your ground.

  11. Steve Cohen — congrats. Could not agree more. The war on cannabis was ill concieved to start with and born out of racism and greed; it has brought nothing but hardship, made criminals out of harmless people, undermined law enforcement credibility and cost hundreds of billions of wasted dollars. Time to let democracy take its course.

  12. All my family are conservative and they are tried of the Drug war. They now are more concerned with jobs and gun control. Gun control is what is really bringing them around to States rights first political views.

  13. who gives a shit what the UN wants ? who in the HELL are they to tell us what the fuck to do.

  14. stellarvoyager on

    These dinosaurs have chosen to ally themselves with Save Our Society from Drugs, a group formed by Mel and Betty Sembler, whose “treatment centers” (in other words, torture chambers) were shut down for rampant child abuse. They locked children in closets for hours at a time, beat them, humiliated them. The Semblers are truly vile individuals. The fact that these creeps would even associate with child abusers such as the Semblers says everything that needs to be said about their motives and values.


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