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Congressman Jared Polis Owns DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart In Hearing


Polis Questions DEA On Marijuana Policy

Congressman Jared Polis questions DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart during a hearing on the agency’s priorities. He repeatedly pressed the administrator on the relative health impacts of marijuana versus other drugs.


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Johnny Green


  1. Brandon Nelson on

    I beg to differ, weed most certainly is a drug, that’s what makes it so fun. Its a much safer drug than anything currently being sold, but its still a drug.

  2. I think G Bush appointed her and obamsontos reinstated her sumthin like that

  3. what is the percentage of YBT in prison , how bout single mothers ?
    cannabis prohibition is basically is racist in origin.
    New York city is a prime example , shit any state prison is filled with “drug” cases, the 1% gets richer while the poor get shafted

  4. dog parks discriminate…..
    I recently looked into Los Angleles 311 service . 1 of the things you can complain about is “dog barking” i was fuggin shocked when they asked “what type of dog?”
    “sir im pretty sure it was 1 of those latino dogs” I could have said . but I wasnt complainin just looking.

    yep i got a few pits , I live In LA , I have an MJ card , no I cant buy a gun . but im safe because the police protect and serve no one but themselves

    ARM YOURSELF grab a bat , or a chicken wing , just doit

  5. M leontard is a puppet an excop or LEO , first and foremost why is the DEA answering questions that a scientist should answer , a DR could answer
    you dont need a PHD to figure that 1 out
    cannabis is not a dangerous narcotic alcohol and nicotine are “legal” so is oxycontin Roxy whatevah , Tylenol , aspartame follow the bouncing $

    kudos to rep Harris and the Rep Steve Cohen keep roasting these “trusted serpents”

    CnBC also aired the GUNS to mexico, you know the ones that killed american border patrols , all leontard could say was ” its under investigation” ie: its being swept under the rug

  6. we may all keep in mind that the DEA does just enforce the laws. It is up to Congress to change the laws. If we really want things to change, communicate with your Congressman about your desire to decriminalize MMJ. If needed, tax it. The benefits of MMJ outweigh the tax.

  7. Since when is this country about what the people want? I thought that died long ago. Votes don’t matter anymore, just corporate $$$

  8. How many people have bitched about this….bitch and yet when it came to voting for President, they pulled the lever for Obama???

  9. “The DEA is tasked with inforcing …” Let’s start there – No scientific background required – just grunt work here. No medical expertise either. Supremely not qualified to answer questions of efficacy.

  10. Interesting statement – please back this up with facts. And quit using all caps

  11. I’d love to say something else but maybe she should be torn to pieces by a hoard of young Black teenagers who will never get jobs, educations or housing assistance in this country because of people this shamefully ignorant,wrong and blissfully stupid. But” hell sometime you just gotta choke a bitch”!Now back to your regularly
    scheduled adult conversations!

  12. WTF-who made Her King,she is cluless what the American People want.I bet after her discussion she will hit the Bar for a couple of beers Right!!!!:-(Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  13. That is a cold, calculating, political animal incapable of answering simple, straight forward and legitimate questions by her real bosses, the representatives of the people she continues to persecute.

    Remember – “Good people have no victims and that’s how you shall know them.”

  14. in regards to hemp.. apparently our government and law enforcement basically admit to being totally inept and not nearly as good as the French or the Canadians since they seem to have no problem growing and importing hemp to the U.S.

  15. dr.erniepaul izereckt on

    Where do they get these fukkheads????????????Cannabis is fine U asshats,just don’t give us none-o-that man-made crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i love how she just puts the issue back on congress. we just enforce the laws, we don’t make them. one day everyone is going to have to open their eyes and removed the government blinders and take a moral stand on whats right and wrong. End cannibis prohibition, let the cartels make their money off prescription drugs, cocaine, heroine, and other “real” problem substances not one that’s a carry over from turn of the century politics. and to think i use to call myself a republican.

  17. Its only illegal because the government makes to much off it being illegal its prisons for profits Cannabis needs to be grown for fiber fuel and textiles not just medical and I here by call the cannabis plant a african rose so it is legal to grow

  18. Jared Polis was very smart about his progression of questions. First, since heroin and MJ are both in Schedule I, Michele Leonhart doesn’t necessarily have to deny that the former is more dangerous than the latter – as long as she repeats her “all illegal drugs are in the same boat” bullshit.

    Then, Polis asked the same question about methamphetamine, which is a Schedule II substance. Had she said anything regarding meth’s harm potential relative to marijuana (or at least anything true), she would have essentially legitimized the rescheduling of cannabis. In other words, if she admits that meth is more dangerous than weed, the whole scheduling framework is contradicted.

    I also love how he pointed out MMJ’s potential for reducing prescription drug abuse.

  19. If marijuana was legalized it would stop the Cartels from profiting…so we need to ask who are the “Cartels” and why would we keep a policy thet lets them profit from their illegal activity. I bet they’re related to Al Queda.


  21. I would love to see her actual qualifications for her position in the DEA. Totally clueless. This is like watchin Mark McGwire deny steroid use. No wonder our country is heading in the toilet – and quickly.

  22. I can’t believe the American public doesn’t see how corrupt and horrible the DEA actually is. I can’t beleive that marijuana is put next to heroin and the govt REFUSES to do testing on it. The govt goes so far as to say even HEMP is illegal. Despite the fact that hemp is not usable for smoking or ingesting! Wow this country is so far gone its sickening.

  23. Wow! And that’s who is running the DEA? What a load of crap! The DEA needs to be ousted and a rehabilitative program needs to be implemented! Prohibition DOESN’T work! Have we not learned our lesson yet?

  24. eating_sunshine on

    Ma’am, is this a yes or no question?
    Ma’am, are you a programmed moron?
    Ma’am, do you know what a retarded answer sounds like?

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