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Congressman To Fellow Republicans: Support Medical Marijuana


Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) talks about his support for legalizing medical marijuana, particularly for military veterans, and urges other Republicans to get on board if they really believe in states’ rights and individual responsibility. See other politicians who support marijuana law reform at http://MarijuanaMajority.com.


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Johnny Green


  1. Julie Westbrook on

    I say you’re on the nose about integrity and that neither party has any anymore. Unfortunately, I don’t believe any of them are really going to do what they say they’re going to in election promises. Truth is, it’s completely out of control up there. Maybe an independent in office would shake things up enough. IDK? All I do know is that I don’t trust any of them.

  2. Republicans have not been the proponents of small government for sometime now. The Department of Homeland Security, one of the most expensive government entities [they will spend nearly 1trillion dollars this year] was created under a completely republican controlled government.
    T.A.R.P. was a republican creation that did not get through Congress till Obama got to office, but it was originally a Bush Jr. administration concept.
    Republicans have not been true advocates for small government since Eisenhower. Post Eisenhower they have all been heavy military spending, won’t touch real SS retirement payment reform, or farm subsidies reform, sycophants.

    I don’t know how to categorize G.O.P.ers these days because many of them verbally cater to Tea Party patrons, while continuing to spend like there is no debt [even if it is within a discretionary budget] and others hold on to battles lost [Roe vs Wade & the War on Drugs] to rally a base that is already going to vote for them.
    The party is lost and shows no signs of recuperating or finding its way in the 21st century.
    My pops says he likes republican lies better than democratic lies, but I prefer candidates who do what they say they are going to do. Integrity counts and neither major party’s candidates have any.

  3. Yes there are more imporant issues, but still.

    Never vote for people that want to put you in jail for what you do. Apparently they don’t respect you, how can you give them your vote?

  4. Julie Westbrook on

    I’ve always voted republican solely because they’re the only ones who believe in small government. I don’t care much about all the rhetoric and bullshit they all spew at election time and any other time for that matter. You can’t trust any of them to give a damn about you or anyone else but themselves and staying in office. What we need is a blend of the two ideologies. However; if the republicans do not get a clue and continue to try and wage “War on drugs”, I can see myself voting for someone else in hopes of getting past this ignorant futile engagement. It’s done nothing good and A LOT bad and I don’t think alcohol drinkers (which I am certain the government officials and most of law enforcement are) have a right to tell anyone anything about intoxication. As for state’s rights, republicans have always been for that.

  5. It wouldn’t be enough for me to vote Republican again, but it might get me to look at a few who have a shot at the 2016 pres run.
    States rights should be at the forefront of their platform if they wish to get any conservatives, who aren’t religious, to vote for them this next time out.
    I see a Libertarian getting my vote yet again.

  6. Julie Westbrook on

    Republicans need to get a clue. If they really want to solidify themselves as the voice of the people, then they need to legalize marijuana. That one issue would go a long way to prove to voters that Republicans care and they’re in touch with what Americans need.

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