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Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Is Progressive On Marijuana Policy

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I am a huge political nerd, and was long before I decided to study public policy in college. A lot of my friends are also political nerds, which comes with the territory I suppose growing up in Oregon’s capital city. Attending college with a bunch of other political nerds just added fuel to the fire in that regard. Presidential election years are particularly exciting for me and my friends. I get screen shots, tweets, and other messages on a daily basis about who said what, and people offering their opinions.

The big news over the weekend was the endorsement of Bernie Sanders by Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. Tulsi Gabbard had to resign her position as VP of the DNC in order to make the endorsement, so it was a very significant decision on her part. The resignation and endorsement have led many to speculate that Gabbard would become Bernie’s running mate if Bernie gets the nomination. That has in turn led many to speculate what kind of Vice President Congresswoman Gabbard would make when it comes to marijuana policy if that were to occur. My good friend Anthony Johnson gave a fantastic summary on Marijuana Politics yesterday:

On marijuana policy, Gabbard has voted the right way in Congress. She voted in favor of the successful Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment that prohibits any federal funds from being utilized to arrest and prosecute people acting in compliance with their state medical marijuana laws. She also voted for the McClintock Amendment, which failed 206-222, that would have defunded the DEA from interfering with states that have legalized adult-use marijuana. Unfortunately, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz voted against both of these common sense provisions, putting herself out-of-step with the rest of her party.

Representative Gabbard, who knows combat first-hand, voted in favor of Earl Blumenauer’s Equal Access Amendment that would allow veterans to consult with their VA doctor about medical marijuana in states where medical use is legal. Unfortunately, the Equal Access Amendment failed210-213, with only 8 Democrats voting against the measure and 5 not voting; only 4 of those 13 Democrats were needed to help our military veterans. One of the 5 Democrats that didn’t vote on the Equal Access Amendment was DNC chair Wasserman Schultz. It is a disgrace that veterans who have fought and sacrificed for our nation, aren’t able to utilize medical cannabis in any state, let alone in states that have voted to allow medicinal use.

Only time will tell when it comes to Gabbard’s future in national politics. But I think that one thing is for sure – her future is bright. It’s important to know her policy stance on marijuana because it’s something that will come up a lot in the future I think. Her endorsement of Sanders is significant considering that she had to resign her position with the DNC to do so. It’s something that I will definitely be following going forward.


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  1. she is so great, kudos to her, American is drunk on conservatism. This country is sick, we need leaders like her to make it right.

  2. W-S is just showing her true colors as part of the establishment. Her kind is no different than toxic waste.

  3. I believe Schultz is a closet republican. She has done everything she could to destroy the Democratic party. This bitch has to go!

  4. Bravo Tulsi for your efforts to move the DNC to more progressive reforms! It’s hard for me to continue to vote for a party that is too linked with the quiet repression of times past. Our prisons are full of mostly minority convictions for victimless crimes; all paid for with TAXPAYER DOLLARS. These people have been branded as FELONS and their careers wrecked and taxpayers foot the bill for the police and a legal system that is ONLY FOR THE WHITE AND THE WEALTHY.

  5. saynotohypocrisy on

    I hope Gabbard and Sanders will be pushing for DWS’s removal as DNC Chair. If Debbie opposes the Florida MMJ initiative again this year, she really needs to go. She’s so out of touch with public opinion on medical marijuana and other drug war issues, she blurs the contrast between the two parties in a way that can only hurt the Democrats.

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