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Conservative Party Members Hide From Marc Emery Protestors


If anyone out there is wondering how effective pro-marijuana protests can be, all they need to do is look at what happened today in British Columbia. A peaceful protest was held today in North Vancouver in support of freeing marijuana activist Marc Emery. The group of activists numbered 15, which was more than enough to topple the opposition. The amount of people present at the office of Conservative MP Andrew Saxton’s to answer to the protestors?…Zero! Apparently, when the activists arrived, the office was locked and empty. Apparently rather than face the protestors, not only was Andrew Saxton MIA, but his entire staff (along with other members of his political party) were nowhere to be found.

“The Conservative party decided to shut down what we’re hearing is five offices around the Lower Mainland because they heard we were going to be protesting inside one of them,” said Jacob Hunter, policy director for the Beyond Prohibition Foundation, “They just go home because they don’t want to face protesters.”

“The cops didn’t seem to be very interested in a confrontation today,” said Ian Kennedy, a legal observer from the B.C. Civil Liberties Association. “Whether or not it’s for Marc Emery, whether or not it’s for marijuana legalization, we want everyone to know that it is fully legal to protest inside your member of Parliament’s office. Go to their offices, occupy, sit in, let them conduct business–but let everyone who goes in there know why you’re there.”

So let me get this straight; rather than do their job (on a business day!), these politicians decided to take a three day weekend?? That’s F’D! Worldwide protests are scheduled for May 22 on behalf of Marc Emery’s release. TWB will try to get a complete list up next week. If you are planning a rally, and would like it included, just send me an e-mail at johnnygreen@theweedblog.com!

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  1. According to the Ontario Court of Justice, Canada’s laws against marijuana were found to remain unconstitutional* since Parker, in R. v. Long.

    Also, the list of drugs with “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision” includes cannabinoids, despite the title of 2003 U.S. Patent No. 6630507, “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants “.**

    Legal Marinol is a Schedule III synthetic chemical
    that works like THC, a psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. It is
    administered at 100 percent strength, up to five times more
    powerful than the strongest pot, or about twice as strong as hashish.

    Therefore, millions of marijuana users arrested on the basis of a false claim are due reparations, just like Japanese-Americans unjustly incarcerated during World War II.

    Free Marc Emery. Drug War IS crime.

    Jose Melendez
    Communications Director, MOMP – Mutually Opposing Marijuana Prohibition


    * http://www.canlii.org/en/on/oncj/doc/2007/2007oncj341/2007oncj341.html


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