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Conservatives Support For Marijuana Policy Reform Is On The Rise


gop marijuana conservatives rand paul bryan fischerDespite what some may think, marijuana reform is not a rallying cry for simply one side of the political spectrum.

In response to a comment from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on “Fox News Sunday” that marijuana use wasn’t worth throwing people in jail for, Bryan Fischer, the director of issues analysis for the socially conservative American Family Association, tweeted: “Sen. Paul doesn’t want [to]send folks to jail for marijuana beef. Fine. Make ’em pay a fine, like we do for speeding tickets.”

TV evangelist Pat Robinson has also spoken in favor of marijuana reform, publically endorsing ballot initiatives in Colorado and Washington state.

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  1. We need a constitutional amendment that requires every American to own a gun and have a victory marijuana garden. What good is a gun without the pursuit of happiness?

  2. Lack of leadership from the WH is to blame here. Our pot head president is busy kissing ass to the likes of Monsanto and LE.

  3. Right! Let’s fine Rand for saying stupid crap even though he thinks weed isn’t that big of a deal. He did use the word “mistake” in another interview which shows he has a ways to go yet. Hard to shake the party of “stupid” quite that fast.

  4. Funny they won’t let them have it to test saying its illegal because they made it that way. How then do they know there’s no medical value!

    medical value If we can’t test to determine your claims. How about all US people who a
    re fighting to legalize it.

  5. I’m a Conservative who works in the party (GOP). I’m what they call the “Green Elephant” in the room because I tell them at EVERY MEETING “… We’re (GOP) on the wrong side of this issue.” If they’re TRUE Conservatives, they should SUPPORT our “Personal Liberties” and NOT just the liberties,THEY AGREE with. I continue to drive home the fact that 80% plus of these people who are PATIENTS have already been prescribed and are taking HEAVIER pharmaceuticals to relieve their pain than Cannabis and if by smoking Cannabis in the privacy of their OWN homes and it helps them take LESS Morphine, Vicodin, Percocet or stronger meds. It’s WORTH it. I got injured on th job, and there’s ACTUALLY about 12-15 yrs that I just DON’T REMEMBER, because they had me on SO MUCH MORPHINE and Soma I LITERALLY don’t remember that timeframe . and although I’d smoked marijuana when I was younger, but worked in jobs in which I would NEVER do anything like that. I also had a Federally issued license, Arizona voted in their Medical Marijuana proteanso I CHOSE not to risk it.

    But in 2010 when we passed the bill, I decided that I might TRY it to see if it’d relieve my pain as the “synthetic pharmaceuticals” quit working like they should, so they decided to pump, more and more Morphine into me! I became an MMJ patient in 2011. Over the next 2 years I was making HUGE strides pertaining to my health. I was able to cut my intake of Opiate pharmaceuticals by 45%. I was LUCID, able to actually talk to someone on the telephone without falling asleep or talking about shit that made NO SENSE at all. Over these past 2 years, my life has CHANGED in an UNBELIEVABLE manner! I’ve been ale to LEAVE MY HOUSE, have relationships with friends, walk my dogs, DRIVE, etc… The people in our GOP District meetings, had SEEN the changes in me over the past 2 years. The problem was they didn’t know WHY I was doing so well. Right before this last election season while they were talking about how they want to dismantle the MMJ program I decided to tell then WHY I was doing so well. They were AMAZED! Not convinced at that point in time but pleasantly surprised! Many of them have come to me and asked me questions and scenarios regarding Cannabis. I saw a recent Poll that showed across the nation 38% of LIKELY REPUBLICAN voters, SUPPORT LEGALIZATION of Cannabis both medically and recreational use as well. It’s TIME we STOP putting people in JAIL for having it IN you or ON you! They can’t ARREST their way out of this when it’s a product that 58% of Americans actually WANT to be legal

  6. I live on the Conservative side of the spectrum. Yes there is change on that side. But the hold outs mostly live on that side as well. And hardly anything you can do will change their minds.

    None the less I keep working them. Because they are the last obstacle.

  7. Why pay a fine, when it harms nobody. It should be LEGAL. There was and still is no scientific basis for it to have ever been criminalized in the first place.

  8. firetheliberals on

    From my handle you can tell my political viewpoint and I support legalization, and I voted for legalization in wa.
    Legalization represents conservative principles of states rights, entrepeneurship and capitalism

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