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Consume Marijuana Responsibly: Don’t Be Maureen Dowd

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Maureen Dowd’s experience with a marijuana-infused edible in Colorado will certainly live in infamy and the Marijuana Policy Project is using her tale for good, by helping educate people about the use of cannabis products. The cannabis community is certainly tired of seeing stoner stereotypes portrayed in the media as cannabis consumers tend to be a diverse community just like the rest of the population. It is both great and truthful that Leafly used ordinary people in a recent ad in the New York Times and that MPP uses a women who could certainly pass for Maureen Dowd, one of the top columnists in the nation, in a billboard urging people to “start low and go slow.” For her part, Ms. Dowd, a supporter of legalization, is taking the billboard in stride, telling the Daily Beast that she loves the billboard and even plans to use it on her Christmas card. More from the Daily Beast:

Whether or not Dowd meant to cast herself into the spotlight, Tvert sees it as a good thing. “Quite frankly she strikes me as a sensible person. This is the type of thing where people like this should want to talk about it—and she did. The mistake she made is very common and while she made a few comments that were off-base in her column, the overarching message of it was very important,” says Tvert. “There are certain people who have the ability to have a significant impact on how people think about an issue like this one, and Dowd is one of those people.”

Dowd doesn’t take this role lightly. “I’m in favor of legalization,” she tells me. “But they needed some better warnings and portion control for edibles, with all the neophytes rushing to Denver.”

If her likeness on the billboard makes waves, why stop there? “They could just run Bill Maher’s funny and great instructions to me on his show at dispensaries in a continuous loop,” she writes. Reassured by Colorado and Washington’ s “fine-tuning” of marijuana laws, Dowd is ready to take her image elsewhere.

Education programs, funded either by the government or various groups, will certainly be needed to help educate the public and alleviate the concerns of voters. Over time, more and more people will understand that marijuana, even more so than alcohol, can be used responsibly. As the experiences of Colorado and Washington demonstrate that regulated cannabis commerce is a much better policy than prohibition, better prioritizing police resources and generating revenue, legalization will spread from state to state and the lives of millions of people will be improved. This is a campaign worth supporting and can very well be a model for other states to follow. For more info on this important campaign, check out www.consumeresponsibly.org.

Source: International Cannabis Business Conference


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  1. Cannabis Martyr on

    Anyone who goes to the hospital for cannabis is laughable, It makes me shake my head. Especially the stories of children rushed to the hospital for treatment. Give them some pizza and a milkshake and a nap!

  2. She could have consumed 100 doses and still would have been OK. Hospitals should not see people (after a quick screening for anomalous individuals with peculiar metabolic responses) with Cannabis only complaints- they should inform people that the odds of dieing from Cannabis only are lower than Aspirin. The only thing that should be done is the cops should throw them into the drunk tank if they are acting up. Drinking a gallon of water is more dangerous.

    The LD50 for D9THC is something like 20,000 doses (actually absorbed- you’d have to consume about 40,000 doses to absorb 20,000).

    Prozac causes more suicides than Cannabis (the 19yrold jumping off of a balcony in article) in much more restricted conditions- why are people afraid of Cannabis?

    Prozac= ~9% suicide rate, heavily regulated and controlled

    Cannabis= *maybe* ~1% suicide rate, unregulated with almost no control at all

    Alcoholics have a suicide rate of 9-21% according to NCBI and Alcohol is apparently associated with a fair amount of successful suicides in general

  3. Why would anyone go to the hospital for Cannabis poisoning unless they consumed an lb in 1hr?

    It is physically impossible for a physiologically normal human to die from normal consumption of Cannabis (consuming a pound of Cannabis flowers in 1hr is definitely not “normal”).

    Why can’t a consumer be held responsible for knowing what a dose is and what their tolerance level is?

    I’ve actually experienced multiple forms of toxicity that I knew to actually be dangerous (like overdosing on Ethanol or Morphine/Opium) vs Cannabis and yet a hospital visit would have been totally inappropriate. People need to understand that a hospital is only required if a person is not breathing or their heart beat/blood pressure is very high or low. The people behaving like this don’t belong experimenting without a certified professional since they cant ensure competence on their own.

  4. Suing for her own carelessness? That doesn’t describe the hot coffee case at all… see above link.

  5. Her politics are pretty far from Sarah Palin’s, and I don’t think she is suing anyone for her own carelessness. But she does sort of look like the former Governor from Alaska.

  6. She ate about 16 “standard doses” of cannabis-infused candy and had an uncomfortable experience but escaped any actual harm. 16 drinks could easily have killed her.

  7. She somehow reminds me of the lady that had the hot McDonalds coffee in her lap as well as Sarah Palin.

  8. “Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.” – Erma Bombeck

  9. There will be bumps in the road while figuring out how cannabis is marketed and controlled . Many other issues will come forth. More time and money has been spent trying to stop or impede cannabis that would have been better spent assisting implementation . Both sides agree it’s best to keep it out of children’s reach. Better understanding of effects to the average person that’s never used it. On proper use and drivers conduct. More and more thing will come to light as more states legalize it for medical or recreational use. Pandora’s box is open it makes more sense if both sides work together for sensibly implementation than the Kevin Sabet’s concept of putting a bag over our collective heads and pretend it will go away. Many other issues of labeling will come forth. Many do not understand that the effects of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica differ. A better understanding of this and crosses need to be addresses. The prohibitionist side keep saying wait we need more information. Thing is neither science or the government will make a move till it’s legal. There is no incentive spend money while it’s illegal on real science or regulation and control. The blanket it’s illegal therefore bad doesn’t require any more explanation than they currently have. Time has long past for prohibition to end ,but both sides coming together to make sensible frame work is the real issue now. That is my belief . take care all

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