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Cooking With Cannabis Live Stream Event (Free!)


Almost everyone I know wants to know more about cooking with cannabis. There is an event coming up that is going to be free to all, and you don’t even have to leave your house! Check out the details below, via the event’s Eventbrite page:

Legalized marijuana is one of the fastest growing industries in America. A number of U.S. states and various countries around the world are moving toward legalization either recreationally or for medical use.

There’s a general lack of education around edible marijuana, quite possibly due to horror stories of someone who ate the other half of the brownie without waiting, and ended up having a less than desirable experience.

We’ve assembled some of the most experiences chefs, food bloogers and cannabis fans to help teach people how to cook with cannabis. It’s not only for recreational use, but there’s a growing list of medical patients who ingest their medical marijuana with food.

This is a live streaming event so you can watch in the comfort and privacy of your own kitchen to learn how to cook like a champ for enjoyment and medicating properly.

**You will need to register to get access to the updates and access to the event.


5:00pm PST – Introduction to Cooking with Cannabis

5:30pm PST – Decarboxylation: How To Activate Your THC

5:50pm PST – How To Make Canna Butter and Canna Oil for Cooking

6:30pm PST - Next Level Recipes

6:50pm PST – Healthy Eating

7:20pm PST - Homemade Pasta Creations

7:50pm PST – Edibles For Pets


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  1. I have been doing it my way to make pot brownies, all you need to do is to make the brownies like the box says, then grind up some buds in the coffee grinder, not long just about 1 second, then put a full rounded tea-spoonful (smaller of the two sized spoons) of the ground up buds in the brownie batter, mix it up and bake, but bake it in the smallest sized cup cake style baking pan you can find, like on amazon that has 24 or 48 places , as all you need is one or two of these to do the trip, you don’t need a whole brownie to use the medicine, unless you’re really sick or have all day to do nothing. and you’re Done and Happy. two a day for parkinsons disease, 3-5 to veg in the hammock. happy baking.

  2. Closet Warrior on

    I know people don’t trust what they can’t see and haven’t experienced yet, but how will you conquer your fears w/out first tying to overcome them? Edibles are great and highly recommend! Some friends of mine got together yrs back and brought together a full meal consisting solely of infused edibles. We literally tried to over do it with over- consumption. May sound crazy but it was something we talked about for months and finally brought it to fruition. We had appetizers, entrees and desserts along with an infused tea. We DID go a little far but we were ripped all day and we started before noon! Just wanted to share w/other bloggers who may be new to edibles as to not go crazy w/overconsumption but I have to say that we were all seasoned veterans of consumption and while I don’t condone this- I highly enjoyed the experience of not just becoming one w/the couch but actually becoming part of it, lol!!!

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