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Copenhagen: We Want United States Marijuana


copenhagen marijuana colorado washingtonThe Copenhagen Post reports that part of the city’s proposed three-year marijuana legalization program includes importing cannabis from the United States or Great Britain.

“Yes, we are looking at Colorado and Washington, but we’re also looking at places like Great Britain, where there is state-controlled production of marijuana for medical purposes,” said Copenhagen’s deputy mayor for social affairs, Mikkel Warming.

“The US states of Colorado and Washington recently legalised marijuana for recreational use, so it makes sense to learn from their experiences and to explore the possibility of importing from them.”

The three-year plan will formally be announced on Friday at a cannabis conference in the city. One of the featured speakers will be Seattle, Washington’s city attorney Peter Holmes.

While acknowledging that there have been no formal talks between representatives of the city and the two states involved, Warming admitted that Holmes’ appearance was purposeful.

“It would be strange not to use the occasion to address practicalities with Mr. Holmes,” Warming said.

Copenhagen’s three-year trial is an experiment that could translate into a permanent legalisation for that city, and the rest of Denmark. Warming acknowledged that the city would not become the new Amsterdam by limiting sales to Danes over 18; further restrictions could limit availability to city residents.

The Copenhagen trial was originally proposed in 2012 but was rejected in May by the Danish justice minister. 19 Swedish mayors have also called for Copenhagen to abandon their pursuit of legalizing marijuana; many local mayors spoke out against the policy just last week. A recent poll showed 53% agreed or strongly agreed that the Danish government should take over sales of marijuana, with 25% disagreeing and 22% neutral. A survey by a Danish tabloid showed 86.6% support for the trial program.

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