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Cops Who Stole Edibles And Harassed Staff After Raiding Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Face Charges


cops law enforcement special needs students entrapmentLast year the Santa Ana Police Department raided the Sky High Dispensary. The story goes that the dispensary owners caught wind that they would be raided, so they set up some discrete security cameras in addition to the obvious security cameras that were very easy to spot in the dispensary. As expected, the cops raided the dispensary. They came in an one of the first things that they did was bust up all of the security cameras in the place. Or so they thought. They didn’t break the discrete security cameras which kept rolling, and recorded some very awful behavior by the cops.

The cops were seen on video stealing edibles from the dispensary, eating them, and joking about how the edibles made them feel. The videos of course caught the officers on camera breaking all of the other security surveillance equipment. In a particularly disturbing display, one of the officers threatens to assault a disabled amputee in the dispensary by kicking her ‘in her nub.’ The cops of course didn’t know they were being recorded and were more than willing to show their true colors. The Santa Ana PD has tried very hard to state that the edibles that were stolen and consumed weren’t infused with marijuana, but were instead regular snacks that the dispensary had out for customers. I think that of course is BS, but at least the officers will be facing other charges. Per RT:

Police who were filmed passing around candy bars and joking about feeling “light headed” after raiding an Orange County medical marijuana dispensary are heading to court to face charges for theft and vandalism.

The Orange County District Attorney (OCDA) has said that there was no evidence that the candy consumed was laced with weed and that the police were instead eating some snacks that had been for the staff. However, three officers are facing charges for the destruction of the security cameras as well petty theft for stealing the snacks.

The OCDA released a statement saying, “While other SAPD personnel ate some protein bars, there is insufficient evidence that they knew the foot itmes [sic]belonged to the dispensary and not their fellow officers.”

You can check out the article I linked to for videos of everything that happened. I hope that they throw the book at these cops. What they did was inexcusable. They should not only lose their jobs, but also their freedom for a time. They shouldn’t be treated differently because of blue privilege.


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  1. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    WB is not censoring,
    Johnny Green is just REALLY PARANOID about spam posts…

  2. Sharon Taulbee on

    The owners of the business should insist the “dickheads” are tested via hair samples. They can see in the hair evidence of marijuana and when it was used. It may be out of their systems in 30 days but it remains in the hair and is testable. Nail their sorry asses

  3. Crooked cops, crooked government. So what else is new ?
    What a bunch of dickheads we have for law enforcement and in our court systems.
    Hey —- maybe we can get that dickhead, Trump to punch them all in the head … Yeah, that’s the ticket…
    Can you believe that this is the country we live in as we muddle through the 21st century ?
    Very embarrassing and very, very sad.
    Mired in NYS

  4. Sharon Taulbee on

    Crooked cops have the same rating as pedophiles and human traffickers….where they tested by an independent lab…..side note…I have the utmost respect for the very few and far between good cops out there….I have actually met one so no….they aren’t just a myth

  5. David Yoseph Schreiber on

    This is why the whole criminal justice system needs to be junked. It is not an isolated circumstance rather it is the exception when a cop, prosecutor, public defender, or judge is not corrupt.

  6. kim kristianson on

    if you thinking of censoring my post, I’m outta here I havent written anything I cant back up

  7. kim kristianson on

    You’re absolutely right here briteleaf, if the hadn’t been filmed they would call everyone present a liar and continued their depraved behavior, but it’s apparently the mentality that’s totally f….d up, but wgat can you expect when cops getting away with plain murder, this here is small potatoes for them.

  8. America’s legal system is only for the police and the wealthy. This kind of behavior is typical. Catching it on camera is not typical.

  9. kim kristianson on

    By the way, why dont they ask the owner if there was any ordinary candy bars at all???? lying cops, I hope they ate so much they’ve got the noia!

  10. kim kristianson on

    what really wanna make me puke is the fact that The Orange County District Attorney, tries to make these ridiculous cops look better by saying that the candy bars they ate wasn’t marijuana laced, right of course they were just ordinary candy bars in a medical marijuana dispensary yeah right,if something like this happened where I come from, the cops involved was on suspension from day 1 and subsequently with the photograpic evidence there was, their asses were fired a long time ago…..

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