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Cops Say Forty Years Of Failed War On Drugs Is Enough


Law Enforcement Against ProhibitionBy Major Neill Franklin (Ret.)

On June 17, 1971 President Richard Nixon declared a “war on drugs.” We arrested fewer than half a million people for drug offenses that year. Today, that number has skyrocketed to nearly two million arrests every year, and looking at the damage done, it is clear that drug prohibition has failed.

President Obama has expressed willingness to focus on drug policy from a public health perspective, and earlier this year, he told LEAP that legalization was “an entirely legitimate topic for debate,” but his policies have not reflected any real shift in priorities.

Our cops will be marking the 40th anniversary of the “war on drugs” by taking their concerns directly to the drug czar’s office next week in an attempt to hand-deliver a brand new report we’ll be releasing that details the ongoing carnage of this war. We’ll send more information about the report next week, but for now please back up our law enforcers by taking a moment to send a letter to the president telling him 40 years of the “war on drugs” is enough!

Major Neill Franklin (Ret.)
Executive Director
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition


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  1. Some simple facts:

    * A rather large majority of people will always feel the need to use drugs, such as heroin, opium, nicotine, amphetamines, alcohol, sugar, or caffeine.

    * Due to Prohibition, the availability of mind-altering drugs has become so universal and unfettered, that in any city of the civilized world, any one of us would be able to procure practically any drug we wish within an hour.

    * The massive majority of people who use drugs do so recreationally – getting high at the weekend then up for work on a Monday morning.

    * A small minority of people will always experience drug use as problematic.

    * Throughout history, the prohibition of any mind-altering substance has always exploded usage rates, overcrowded jails, fueled organized crime, created rampant corruption of law-enforcement, even whole governments, and induced an incalculable amount of suffering and death.

    * It’s not even possible to keep drugs out of prisons, but prohibitionists wish to waste hundreds of billions of our money in an utterly futile attempt to keep them off our streets.

    * Prohibition kills more people and ruins more lives than the prohibited drugs have ever done.

    * The United States jails a larger percentage of it’s own citizens than any other country in the world, including those run by the worst totalitarian regimes.

    * In ‘the land formally known as free’, all citizens have been stripped of their 4th amendment rights and are now totally subordinate to a corporatized, despotic government with a heavily armed and corrupt, militarized police force whose often deadly intrusions into their homes and lives are condoned by an equally corrupt and spineless judiciary.

    * As with torture, prohibition is a grievous crime against humanity. If you support it, or even simply tolerate it by looking the other way while others commit it, you are an accessory to a very serious moral transgression against humanity.

    * America re-legalized certain drug use in 1933. The drug was alcohol, and the 21st amendment re-legalized its production, distribution and sale. Both alcohol consumption and violent crime dropped immediately as a result, and, very soon after, the American economy climbed out of that same prohibition engendered abyss into which it had previously been pushed.

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