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Cosmos And Cannabis Star Party And Campout By DFW NORML


cosmos and cannabis dfw normlI am an astronomy nerd. I took astronomy in college as an elective, and would have pursued my bachelor’s degree in astronomy but my local university didn’t offer it. There’s obviously a lot about astronomy that I don’t know, but I’m always looking to learn more. A great way to do that is to attend a star gazing party or gathering. DFW NORML is putting one on for its members. Below is more information about the Cosmos and Cannabis Star Party and Campout:

Join us from Saturday 6/20 – Sunday 6/21 for an overnight star gazing party at Crazy Rick’s All Natural Goat’s and Garden, privately owned by long term DFW NORML members Rick and Vicki in Royse City.

Open to DFW NORML members and their families. Free to attend. Check in begins at 12:00pm and since this is an event for members, there will be a volunteer checking in each car to ensure that at least one person per carload is a current member. If you’re not yet a member and would like to become one online, you can do so at dfwnorml.myshopify.com or for $20 at the front gate. Not everyone in your car has to be a current DFW NORML member but at least one person per car must be. We will be verifying so please bring your membership card. Not sure if your membership is current? Email our chapter secretary at andrea@dfwnorml.org.

Inspired by Carl Sagan, astronomy and obviously marijuana, Cosmos & Cannabis is a DFW NORML hobby group founded by long term DFW NORML volunteers Joshua Sherman and Shaun McAlister.

Tents, bug spray, sunscreen, water, swimsuits and inner tubes, blue jeans and boots (for exploring in the woods), telescopes, kites, food to share for meals with the group, lawn chairs, fans and anything you need for a night of camping under the stars!

There will be a limited # of telescopes available to share but if you have one or even more than one that you’re comfortable bringing out then please leave a comment on the event page. We’re also looking for experts in the field to speak to our group about what we’re seeing and help others appreciate the experience even more.

Instructions for arriving, checking in, parking and setting up will be shared as the date draws closer. Have a question or idea? Want to volunteer? Leave a comment and let us know.



Crazy Rick’s All Natural Goat’s and Garden
710 Vapors
– Burelson Photo Company
Hempy’s Emporium SMOKE SHOP

When: Jun 20 at 12:00pm to Jun 21 at 7:00pm in CDT

Where: Crazy Rick’s All Natural Goat’s and Garden 576 North King Rd, Royse City, Texas 75189


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