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Costco Customers Overwhelmingly Support Marijuana Legalization


Costco EmploymentA Costco Poll Shows Over 89% Support For Marijuana Legalization

I was once a Costco customer, but after realizing that I don’t need an industrial sized tub of mustard very often, I decided to not renew my membership. However I believe I have changed my mind after reading my grandma’s March 2012 edition of the Costco Connection. In this month’s edition of the publication, Costco dedicated a page to the marijuana legalization debate. The article asks Costco customers “Should Marijuana Be Legal?” with the Drug Policy Alliance’s Executive Director Ethan Nadelmann arguing the ‘pro’ side and Robert DuPont, founding director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, arguing the ‘con’ side.

The online version of the article allows readers to vote yes or no. I am very proud to say that as of the writing of this article (11:55 am PST on March 11, 2012) the results are 89.7% voting yes, and only 10.3% voting no. Of course, I have to point out that you don’t have to be a Costco customer to vote in the survey (I certainly don’t have a Costco membership right now), but it still goes to show just how many people support marijuana legalization. Opponents of marijuana legalization can go to the site just as easily as supporters of marijuana legalization.

costco marijuana legalization survey

Below is the article itself. Make sure to go to the Costco website to vote today! Maybe it will send a message to other companies that marijuana consumers are everywhere, and we vote with our dollars!


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  1. My nephew just got caught with 5 plants that were not even a foot tall yet and is in all kinds of trouble! He grows it for personal use not to sell. 5 plants and the Dayton ohio cops and news talked like it was some huge drug lord and ring they busted up! Legalize marijuana now! They are going to ruin his young life over 5 freaking plants! The next block over has a bunch of human trafficking going on and he is the one in jail for growing a plant!! Makes no sense to me! We could use some help here!

  2. I know the truth on

    I have been reading comments on many different articles on many many different sites.
    So far I have literally seen ZERO comments against legalization.

    Americans are speaking out against current marijuana laws, it’s about time our government
    officials listen to what the people who pay their salaries have been trying to tell
    them for years.

  3.  More a factor of the generational shift.

    “The shift is widely described as generational… [and citing Gallop]… if public support continues growing at a rate of 1 to 2 percent per year, “the majority of Americans could favor legalization of the drug in as little as four years.” (Vick, Washington Post)

    That’s saying that as the older people die off (like the ones who continue to support the failed drug war policies of Ron and Nancy Reagan) it will finally be possible to have a sensible marijuana policy.

    The Vick article was written in November or 2009. Perhaps Colorado and Washington state will deliver a year early!

  4. gotta disagree with you on that Jimmy, it’s not about fraud. Voters have made their voices heard in many states. Politicians in Federal and State wide positions of power chose to ignore local level voting and the legislation brought forward by reform minded citizens (and in some cases their elected representatives). Democrat and Republican Party politicians have chosen to protect the jobs and agency budgets of law enforcement groups ahead of the wishes of the common citizen. We do not have a direct democracy. These kinds of problems (special interests being served rather than the will of the many) is systemic. And having only two parties that feed at the same trough doesn’t help.

  5. Rusty, when jerks like him have no facts to back up their argument you can bet they will spout some completely unrelated nonsense as part of their argument. They like to hear themselves talk and they assume you are stupid. Lets face it, most of America, well at least a large portion are idiots….can you say FOX NEWS.

  6. Why does no on ever discuss that If it were to become legal the drug would only be 10% of its industrial uses legalizin would create I am guessing thousands of jobs
    From farmers to manufacturers! Farmers grow it scientists to make fuel thru biomass fussion so there are so many applications from fuel to textiles. ,plastics.

  7. The war on the American public and especially on minorities is bankrupting our country and achieving nothing except making drugs more easily available to your kids and causing bloody wars over the black market prohibition creates.  Enough is enough is enough. Portugal has totally decriminalized all drugs and their levels of drug use are down, and treatment success is up. BTW marijuana isn’t addictive and has few if any side affects. Let’s stop protecting the private prison business and the prison guards union. They had a good run, now it’s over.

  8. Liberty Belle on

    If voting changed anything, it would be illegal.  I do believe the a55holes are still in charge.

    Good Points Jose.

  9. Tracy Jencks on

    Many of these comments are true like if they legalized it then law enforcement could focus on more important crimes and you have to look at it this way there are people in this country who have been smoking for years not just to get high but it also treat what ever hurts them some use it for back pain, others treat headaches with it not to mention if you have an upset stomach it relaxes the stomach and eases a belly ache.  These are all common things that people have everyday, i have friend who has smoked for 25 years he just turned 72 and has received a clean bill of health from his doctor.  25 years ago he was suffering from ulcers in his stomach caused by stressed, which lead to an anxiety disorder wich then turned into insomnia.  when he started smoking we realized his stress level decreased his ulcers have disappeared and that he was finally sleeping through the night.   In another argument this country is going through a major recession right now if we taxed the hell out of it and set the laws like we have for tobacco and alcohol maybe we would be able to jump start our country to get back on it’s feet.  And as far a law inforcement goes here’s a little fact Thousands of our children are being abused, molested, kidnapped, and murdered all over this country every month, were is the law inforcement for this.  Oh Yeah!!! hiding in the bushes to bust the locals for smoking a joint on their front porch.  If you ask me i think this coutnry has their priorities just a little screwed up.  Like i always said “God wouldn’t have let it grow if he thought it was going to hurt us”.

  10.  There is widespread voter fraud going on now and has been for years.  I believe the people of this country support MJ legalization enough to pass it through, but it’s the bastards counting the votes that I don’t trust! I would not be surprised in the least to hear of funny business going on once the votes have been “counted” in November.

  11.  Thank you for nailing it right on the head! “Dr.” DuPont also conveniently fails to mention the fact that the reasons behind such irregularly high numbers of young people in marijuana treatment programs are because when arrested for simple possession, most choose to accept treatment in lieu of jail time, like any sane person would.  His numbers are totally bogus and don’t prove anything.

  12. Rusty Shackleford on

    The guy against legalizing in the Costco article, said that the social cost for Tobacco and Alcohol are more than any government earning off of them.  What does this have to do with punishing Cannabis users, its a shit argument, well the smokers and drunks ruined it for you guys is what he is saying.  Honestly I think drunk drivers should be taxed half of the wages they make for 5 years.  29.6% of car crash people test positive for marijuana, it stays in your system for 30 days, so this really has no place in his argument hes a Doctor he should know this.  Even if 29.6% were high at the time thats still low, what about the % that drives high and doesn’t crash.  Dupoint you can feed other people shit brownies but I know a dogshit brownie when I see it, its because of him and people like him that use misinformation that fools the general public into believing its for the good of the public that Cannabis is illegal.  I hope hes killed by a drunk driver that use to smoke weed but got fucked in the ass by the government and turned to drinking.  

  13. Costco shall sell it in bulk.  Fresh leaves in the produce section, dried in herbs/spices.  The really good shit in the Pharmacy.

  14. Kathleen Hayes on

    The “WAR ON DRUGS” has been a failure.  I grew up in the 1970’s, and if anything, drugs are much more prevalent today.  I am not referencing only Marijuana, but focusing more on cocaine, heroine, pills, Meth, Crack..killer drugs, that PERHAPS would be under more control, were our Gov. to stop going after Marijuana offenses.
    I have been doing research, only to find that Marijuana traffickers, non-violent offenders, serve more time than those dealing in hard drugs. It is killing our economy to house these offenders for unreasonable long periods of time,  in excess of 20 years.  We seem to place more emphasis on harsh punishment for pot, that we do for Pedophilia or for murder.
    I question if the dealers and users of hard drugs are better able to “pay off” than those connected to pot? If they are non-violent, are Marijuana offenders being incarcerated for longer so to make the numbers look good, while making the job of the DOC a LOT easier?
    Something just is not right, so I fully support legalization of Pot, if only to free up the prisons and manpower to control those who are serious threats to our Society.

  15.  I think this is hardly a paradigm shift. Polls have shown majority support for marijuana legalization since the late 90s, the only difference has been the ever increasing margin of support.

  16. Cathynicklesmith on

    Tell me is Washington State proposing a common sense law legalizing MJ? I amworried that the proposal is just another legal quagmire.

  17. Klaus Vorman on

    Perhaps this is a paradigm shift in the American people. The costco shopper is most likely your typicall suburbanite. and the majority are realizing that the war on drug is not a solution but becoming a problem. Legalize Cannabis!

    Heroin and cocaine can kill the user. No one has ever died from cannabis use.
    The U.S. has the largest prison population in the world (Tax payers pay for this)
    50,000 killed in Mexico and Cartels smuggle drugs into the U.S. (U.S. Demand drives this)
    $1 Trillion since Tricky Dick Nixon started the drug war back in the 1970’s
    Ask your self Are we winning this war?
    Should we keep kicking this dead horse or are there more progressive policies that might work better?

  18. Since Costco customers are highly representative of the population at large, this casts suspicion of corruption in the voting system.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if marijuana defeat at recent elections was rigged to fail.  How many people have faith in the election process?

    We saw outright corruption in Iowa where Romeny was pushed ahead of Santorum.  If a diligent observer didn’t take a special interest in the vote, the fraud probably would not have been found.

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