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County In California Likely To Ban Personal Medical Marijuana Cultivation


jorge cervantes outdoor marijuana garden time lapseI always say that a medical marijuana program is only as good as its ability for patients to acquire medicine. So if a medical marijuana program doesn’t allow dispensaries, and patients suffer, than the medical marijuana program isn’t as good as it could (or should) be. The same is true of personal cultivation. Someone shouldn’t be forced to go to a dispensary if they have the skills and resources to grow their own medicine.

California for a long time has had the best medical marijuana program in the country in a lot of ways. California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana, and once had a thriving medical marijuana dispensary scene. There are still a lot of quality medical marijuana dispensaries in California, but there aren’t as many as there once was due to local bans. A lot of dispensaries have been forced to close in California in the last five years.

That’s all the more reason why home cultivation is important. But there is a growing trend in California towards banning personal home cultivation. A complete personal home cultivation ban is likely to occur in San Joaquin County. Per Lodi News:

At its April 7 meeting, the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the introduction of an ordinance that would ban personal cultivation of medical marijuana.

The ordinance, proposed by San Joaquin County Sheriff Steve Moore, is scheduled to be adopted by the board at an April 14 meeting.

“This is not something that has been a quick reaction to an ongoing issue,” Moore said. “This is a result of a year’s worth of interaction with the public, county staff and the board. It’s a well thought-out, well-prepared and well-planned solution that will benefit law enforcement.”

San Joaquin Sheriff’s Capt. Bruce Wuest, a member of the Sheriff’s narcotics task force, said personal cultivation has created a public safety issue, as deputies spend more time than necessary trying to determine if any marijuana found is legal or not.

So rather than the cops doing their due diligence and determining if someone has a valid medical marijuana prescription (or even better, giving up on failed prohibition altogether) they want to hurt the patients that need medical marijuana the most. I’m not saying that business related cultivation should be banned, because it shouldn’t, but of any form of cultivation, personal cultivation should be left alone the most. Parts of California attack safe access points, dwindling the overall numbers, and now trying they are trying to prevent people from growing their own plants. That’s truly sad news.


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Johnny Green


  1. Continued prohibition will only incarcerate more who do not deserve to be in jail.
    If I have to choose between corporate interests selling weed or keeping non-violent offenders of an archaic law in prison, I choose the former.

  2. All from the people who voted no.
    So people vote in laws and city council members can reverse the law Using
    zoning or outright bans
    Till its challenged and drawn out in courts costing $$$
    round and round
    Another endless circle

  3. Closet Smoker… the “obvious” is often the most “elusive” thing to see. Great point C.S.

  4. Yes the tax piggies want to keep their snouts buried in the tax money and they don’t want anyone to pull their snouts out of it. This issue would not be so muddy if people could just grow it. It is legal to make the toxic drug Alcohol that kills more than 100,000 people every year but it’s not legal to grow a drug that is less toxic than an aspirin.

  5. Chickens for Colonel Sanders on

    You sound like Kevin Sabet of Project Sam. His talking points are very similar to what you just posted.

  6. You think legalization will make you free? It will just open the door for corporations to own cannabis. And ban everyone from cultivation. So you can only buy from them.

  7. Well we gotta keep the swine happy, don’t we?!? Banning home grows, wow, and I thought Cali was a vanguard of good cannabis policies.
    God forbid the swine actually get off their fat asses and go after truly dangerous criminals! Now go eat a donut you murderous fat swine.

  8. This is why recreational marijuana needs to get passed this next election cycle. California’s medical law is being eroded one city&county at a time. There aren’t enough responsible voters to keep the city councils and county commissioners in check and thus we are seeing marijuana being pushed back into the dark ages again in certain regions.
    Sadly, this is a fight only the locals can win and it is incumbent upon them to stand up for their rights to in home cultivation.
    Consequently, I wonder how many local law enforcement agents were pushing for this from the start. Marijuana busts are easy arrests and the illegal seizure of property is a lucrative business opportunity that will be more readily available again in that county.
    Have to hate conservative counties that don’t stand up for state’s rights.

  9. Closet Smoker on

    Gotta love it when “Law Enforcement” proposes laws just so they can keep their own job as easy as they can. He cares not for the public he is supposed to protect, only his employment.

  10. Right! People should be allowed to grow it if they know what they are doing. Just another way they are controlling us. I just vape cbd e-juice since it is all legal.

  11. Hey there, Johnny Green. If you happen to need an editor, let me know. I have noticed some errors in the last few articles I have read by you, and would be glad to help out on any further projects.

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