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Courage Campaign Continues California Marijuana Legalization Effort



I just joined the Courage Campaign in pledging to continue the fight for cannabis legalization. Will you join me?


I took the pledge because cannabis legalization will help solve the state’s budget crisis by bringing in new revenues, while providing long-overdue prison reforms. It will help law enforcement across the state focus on other, more important priorities. It will help Californians with long-term illnesses have safe, reliable access to medicinal cannabis.

We came very close with Prop 19. Next time, we can win. The Courage Campaign is building the movement to help legalize cannabis, and is identifying supporters. Will you join me in taking the pledge and help make this campaign a success?




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Johnny Green


  1. It Looks like we are all working towards legalizing and protecting Medical people from what is Obviously Jim-Crow-Cannabis laws being enacted all over the State.

    I started California2012.org and my main issue is Legalizing in 2012!!
    Do I promise to keep fighting? Yes and How!

    please come People this site. there is room for all and the bandwidth is fine!

    Please share the Url and come help gather news and information and make California2012.org a focal point.
    The theme is “A Town meeting on the State Level”

    Thank you for hosting my comments

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