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Crazy Bong Pic


Crazy Glass Bong Picture

It either hits like a champ, or leaves a lot in the chamber, what do you think out there…If you have a bong or pipe that you would like us to post, send me an e-mail!

Crazy Bong




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  1. were did u get that and how fast can i get one lol thats the coolest bong ive ever seen

  2. These are all over the place in Oregon, we have some insane artists here. The light saber is in all the shops, the one from above looks like a dumbed down version of “Hamms (local blower)” usual work. Check out some Eugene Oregon shops for some insanity. Full size saxophones with working levers as carbs, everything diffused and glass on glass on glass. Just another day for Oregonians.

  3. It’s a Eugene based blower named Hamm. He does all kinds of crazy designs. These are supposed to recirculate until you pull the bowl. It creates a vortex effect and the smoke spins in the chamber and pulled down that big top section back to the main diffusion chamber.

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