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Crazy Virginia Police Claim They Can Smell Marijuana From Inside Their Squad Car


evil copIf you are driving down the street, with your windows up, and your vent on, can you smell marijuana from the car in front of you?

If you are driving down the street, with your windows up, and your vent on, can you smell marijuana from the car in front of you? I know I certainly would never be able to accomplish such a biological feat. Even when my windows are down, unless the person is right next to me blowing blunt smoke into my car, or they have a pile of nugs that they are wafting the scent over from into my open window, I would never be able to smell it.

Apparently, police in Virginia have a super smell power that I do not possess. According to Officer.Com, “Police officers in Chesapeake have been pulling over cars on the grounds that they smelled marijuana while cruising down local roadways, defense attorneys say.”

“We drive our patrol car with the vents on, pulling air from the outside in, directly into our faces,” Officer Barrett C. Ring said late last year in court during a preliminary hearing, according to a transcript of the proceedings received by Officer.Com. “Commonly, we’ll be behind vehicles that somebody in the vehicle is smoking marijuana, and we can smell it clear as day.”

“The idea that police can drive behind a car and smell marijuana is preposterous,” Assistant Public Defender Matthew Taylor, told Officer.Com. “What do we need drug dogs for if (people) can drive behind cars and smell marijuana? If cops can get away with this, they will have total authority.”

“It’s very creative policing,” Suffolk Commonwealth’s Attorney C. Phillips Ferguson said, suggesting that he hopes the tactic catches on in other areas, according to Officer.Com.

This is really going on in Virginia? If someone tried to pull this BS out West, we would never stand for it and would be marching to City Hall. This is police profiling plain and simple. How can a police officer distinguish between the smell of marijuana, and the smell of a skunk on the side of the road? How is this not a blank check to go and do whatever the officers please? Any Virginia readers out there that have seen this being done?


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  1. inuyashazakura on

    Yesterday I was driving down the road and I could smell pot from this douchebag’s car in front of me. Some people have a weak nose and cannot smell it but I sure as hell smelled it. If I was a cop I would’ve pulled his ass over. And my windows were barely down too. A lot of cops have a hound’s sense of smell. Be careful mates.

  2. The State of Virginia is a “commonwealth” aka “comunist” state. My advice is to move to a more “user friendly” state because in that particular area of Virginia the police have LOTS of money. I used to live in VA Beach, which is pretty close to Chesapeake. All those cities are LOADED with money so be careful.
    I do not know how they could tell where a particular “smell came from” unless they were watching or following people. I can say this about “smell”, if you do not smoke at all, sometimes, you can smell things that other people who have a “diminished sense of smell” cannot smell. The one example I can give you is about my Wife, she smoked cigarettes for over 20 years and my Mother smoked for over 50 years, both of them quit smoking cigarettes and years later, my wife has a very sharp sense of smell, better than ever in her whole life and she can smell MANY other “everyday” things that my Mom cannot smell at all, so go figure. Hope this helps.

  3. i live in suffolk and they get away with whatever they want its a good old boys club and ferguson is a big kissass m/f

  4. An old Indian trick would suffice and keep the pricks from ‘sniffin’ your car.Eua De skunk, when they are behind you open the scent jar jar, another would be to release a lot of car exhaust fumes. Hoping the creeps get high on carbon monoxide.

  5. If police officers have an unusual number of complaints for bad arrests, they’ll be shut down by the court system,

    Bad cops are not tolerated.

  6. Sew Stew Ped on

    You must be high on the weed you hope to legalize, because you’re a lying idiot.

    I was a cop, too, and yes, I support legalization, but no – police cannot smell pot from inside their car and tell which direction it’s coming from. I mean, do the scent molecules have little directional arrows on them? MORON!

    How could you tell it was coiming from the car and not the sidewalk or the car in FRONT of the car you think you smell, or the one behind you, or the one that passed by 3 minutes ago? If your noses are THAT sensitive, surely you’d have the power to smell those things, too!

    Look – cops pull things – they float them by in court, and if the judge is gullible, he’ll fall for it and the cops will get by with it for as long as they can – UNTIL THEY ARE ACTUALLY CHALLENGED SCIENTIFICALLY.

    Any defense attorney with any bit of working brain cells could chew their way through this without any trouble.

    DOGS HAVE TO BE CERTIFIED TO DO WHAT THEY DO – should cops’ noses be treated any differently?

  7. i definitely could – and it does not smell like skunk – luckily i m not  cop.  i have walked up to people and told them i could smell green weed in  a baggie in their pocket

  8. My friend and I have been driving from Kansas to Colorado on I-70 and we have been smelling funk about every 20-30 minutes from cars in front of us. Whenever I’m in co I can usually smell weed behind cars that have their windows up. This is not proposterous.

  9. Cops do think they are super heros, but a well noted fact was stated? If cops acquire super powers when they put on their “outfit” why are cop dogs needed? Why don’t they just put on a cape instead of a badge and call it good? Who knows maybe they’ll eventually learn to fly and do away with their “bat mobiles” as well?

  10. Dene’,  thanks for your observations.  I agree that using marijuana or alcohol in a car is asking for trouble. Using in the privacy of your own home is different. More and more law enforcement officials are supporting legalization because it removes a source of friction between them and a significant portion of the population.  I have friends that used to dislike the police before they got their medical marijuana card.  Now they like the police because they don’t fear them.  For many marijuana users, possessing marijuana is the only law that they break.  Ending marijuana prohibiton would free up resources for law enforcement to prosecute hard drug trafficking and the related violent crime.

  11. My boyfriend is currently in chesapeake city jail waiting to be sentenced because officer rings found his work folder in his cousin car, which was used in a hit and run. The driver of the car got away and the officer ran my boyfriends name and say that he had a history and charged him with 20 years worth of charges. The DNA analysis proved his DNA was not on the gun or drugs the officer found in the back yard of someones house, he was just found guilty for “felony elludind the police” because officer rings said he smelled “raw marijuana” comming from the car when he went to check on the car that parked on the side of a dark street in a known drug area. Claming he had full view of my boyfriend but couldnt give a discription of the person that he clamed he saw. It feel like there is no justice for in chesapeake for people with a criminal history, and living in south norfolk if you black you are already guilty. Police in south norfolk ride through my neighborhood (Bainbridge Commons) as if they were overseers on a plantation, in their (police)

  12. Bookwordstorm on

    My uncle smoked cigars and when we followed him in the winter…window up heat blowing …we could smell the cigar smoke.

  13. “It’s very creative policing,” Suffolk Commonwealth’s Attorney C.
    Phillips Ferguson said, suggesting that he hopes the tactic catches on
    in other areas, according to Officer.Com.

    It’s called perjury!

  14. I have been told by many cops that they “detect the faint presence of alcohol,” almost as if they were reading it from a script. I’m not stupid enough to drive drunk, but I know that “probable cause” gets more subjective every day. Anyone can say they smell anything so they can rubber stamp their justification for trampling the constitution. It’s no different for the “smell” of weed.

  15. How can the cops lose? Are there any consequences for the cops being wrong? If they don’t find marijuana, they just send the falsely accused on their way. Well, not always. If the falsely accused protest too much, that person can be arrested for  “resisting arrest.”

    In 2009 the New York Times reported that police in San Jose, where Latinos are 30% of San Jose’s population, Latinos were 60% of the people arrested when “resisting arrest” was the only charge!  If you’re not being arrested, how can you be arrested for resisting arrest?! Really these are just “contempt of cop” arrests directed at people who resent being targeted and searched by virtue of location, dress, etc.

  16. eating_sunshine on

    The supreme court did rule that if a LEO thinks he smells marijuana, then they have probable cause for a 4th amendment search.  No search warrant is needed, and they have the right to bust down your door. 

    Marijuana is the reason many of our constitutional rights have been eroded over the years.  I have heard arguments that in 1937 when the marihuana (h) tax stamp act was passed, it greatly expanded the governments interstate commerce clause powers.
    I would tell you how your green funny money the government prints at light speed ties in to this, but that would be to far off topic. 

  17. non-smokers can smell smoke very clearly. i can smell tobacco smoke coming in my car vent from the car ahead of me sometimes. but mostly it pulls in car exhaust. why are you smoking in plain sight (near a window) in a public area (roads/highways) anyways? arent you kinda asking for trouble ? stay safe!

  18. i roll my windows up while smoking when the car behind me is on my ass and im driven slow.. then i crack and roll down some as i gain speed, if your window is up and your clam baken no other car is gonna smell it, but u could get a wiff if you walked up to the car and got close.. One time i was parked windows up heat vent blowen dude parked in front of me opend his car door a cloud comes out and i smelt it through the vents mildly.. you gotta watch your ass

  19. Actually…I know the fuzz will claim the weed smell every chance they can to try and search someone and get an arrest star on the board at the station for all the cops to see BUT when I was in college, I was cruising with a friend of mine to our afternoon class together, we were going to toke up on the way and before we could even light what we had we noticed a VERY faint smell of burning bush. This is in a crowded 25mph downtown area, mind you. BUT there was a white van in front of us and sure enough, there was white smoke coming from the windows from left to right at the stop light. Just my 2 cents.

  20. I have been approached by officers before while standing with a group of cigarette smokers, only to be informed that an off-duty officer smelled marijuana from inside her vehicle, on the other side of the road.  Somehow this off-duty officer was able to pull marijuana smell out of a cloud of tobacco smoke and smell it across the road.  Iwish I possessed the same superhuman senses, and could smell marijuana that well…

  21. That’s total bullcrap there, it wouldn’t work well in Florida either….!!!!

  22. As a former Deputy Sheriff in Missouri (who fully supports marijuana legalization) I can tell you that this is TRUE. Not only can we smell weed from our patrol cars, but alcohol too. It does NOT give us a reason to pull you over, but it DOES give us a reason to follow you, watch you closely,etc. waiting for you to commit a traffic violation of some sort.

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