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Cuomo Highlights Urgency For Implementation Of New York Medical Marijuana Program


new york governor andrew cuomo cannabisYesterday, Governor Cuomo called for swift implementation of New York’s recently passed medical marijuana law. Since the medical marijuana bill was signed into law on July 7, three children who suffered from severe seizure disorders have already passed. These deaths have made even clearer what we already knew – the eighteen month or longer timeline for implementing New York’s medical marijuana law is simply too long for some patients who face life-threatening or terminal illnesses.

The Governor’s letter follows Monday’s meeting between the Governor’s office, the Department of Health, patients, and advocates from across New York State. In his letter, Governor Cuomo acknowledges the importance of expediting the implementation process, as well as exploring any options that might provide immediate relief for patients from across the state who are in pain and suffering.

“I applaud the Governor for recognizing the urgency around implementing New York’s medical marijuana law, so that patients can obtain access to potentially life-saving medicine. We are looking to the Governor now for his continued leadership to ensure that our children receive the medicine that they need,” said Wendy Conte from Buffalo, whose daughter recently passed following a severe seizure, “We know that this medicine is readily available. There is simply no reason, or excuse for why another child, like Anna, must die.”

“Many patients who face life-threatening or terminal illnesses need access to this medicine immediately. The eighteen month implementation timeline is not realistic for patients, like myself, who do not have the luxury of time,” said Beverly McClain, a stage four metastastic cancer patient, “I’ve already passed the median survival time so I’m living on borrowed time now.”

“We implore that the Governor do everything in his power to establish an interim, emergency access program for those who cannot afford to wait for full implementation to occur. We have a moral obligation to ensure that this medicine is available to those who are critically ill now. We cannot sit and wait for more deaths to occur before this is made a priority,” said Kate Hintz from Westchester, parent of a child who suffers from a severe seizure disorder.

“Patients and advocates have fought for years for a medical marijuana patient access system in New York,” said Susan Rusinko from Auburn, an MS patient, “We know the fight isn’t over; we will continue to fight for immediate access to medical marijuana for those who are critically ill, and who cannot wait 18 months for relief. We will continue to push for swift implementation of an emergency access system for those patients and families who are out of time.”

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  1. Ha! Feeling pretty guilty now that he has 3 deaths on his hands. I would not want this guys nightmares.

  2. Come on Govener of New York we all know you tried to stop medical marijuana from becoming legal. So why do you want the process speeded up now. It’s sad that so many children have to suffer because of you and every stunt you tried to stop this legislation from happening. I am glad ou want it done fast now, but I am afraid that it’s so the laws will be a joke because of I’ll writing and planning. That these laws will not offer the protection needed to protect patients from cop or D.A that’s wants to make a name for themselves at the expense of a sick child or adult. Guess what it will happen just like it has here in my state over and over again. Kids should not have to suffer and die just to make your agenda work.
    Legalize America is the only true way our children,our parents, our grandparents.you and I will ever get to safely get the medication that will end so much suffering in so many people.
    The united states President and our laws say that marijuana has know medical value at all. Yet state after state is legalizing marijuana for the use as medicin. Every one need to stand up and let your politictions know how you feel. Tell them they won’t get your vote if things dont change.

  3. It really chaps my hide to see Cuomo call for “urgent implementation” after his office deliberately threw every monkey wrench into the legislative process for NY’s medical cannabis program they could swing. Especially that list of 11th-hour changes he demanded that, in my opinion, have hamstrung the NY program in ways they’ll only fully appreciate years from now, when they succeed in granting limited access to just a small fraction of those who desperately need it. It’s going to be a contest between New York and New Jersey for LAST place — which one will have the worst medical cannabis program in the country?

    For Cuomo to go from sabotaging the legislation to calling for its swift implementation is the very definition of two-faced opportunistic politics. Cuomo is slime — I’m not the least bit fooled by this token gesture.

  4. Governor Walker from Wisconsin is the same way! He will not get my vote this time around! These people know the benefits, but they are worried about their personal lives and how they look to their special interest friends! They do not care at all for these children!

  5. This is the governor who apparently set up an anti-corruption program, and then used if FOR corruption! great job Cuomo! We’ll never get MJ with you around!

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