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D.C. Council Abandons Marijuana Hearing After Warning From AG


washington dc council marijuanaThe Washington D.C. Council was supposed to hold a hearing today about taxing and regulating marijuana. However, that scheduled hearing didn’t happen after Council members abandoned the hearing per the directive of D.C.’s Attorney General. D.C.’s Attorney General warned that such a hearing would be against the law. Per the Washington Post:

New D.C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine warned the D.C. Council not to hold the planned hearing Monday. Doing so, Racine said in a letter to the council late last week, would violate a spending prohibition placed on the city by Congress to not move forward with setting up a regulatory scheme for sales of the plant.

Racine said holding a hearing could put city lawmakers and their staffers who help conduct the hearing in jeopardy of fines up to $5,000 each and potentially even jail terms of two years.

As the meeting was scheduled to begin at 10 a.m., D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson (D) instead met with heads of three other committees that were scheduled to participate in the hearing. They emerged saying they would cancel the hearing on the bill and ask the dozens of assembled witnesses to participate in an informal roundtable discussion on the topic so to not risk being in contempt of Congress.

The showdown in D.C. continues. I’m curious to see what happens during an ‘informal roundtable discussion.’ I can’t find any report as to when such a roundtable discussion would occur. Until then, I will keep my eyes on D.C. and sit and wait, along with the rest of the country. It’s great that D.C. has provisions ready to to be implemented for cultivation and possession, but I dream of day when there are marijuana stores in D.C. where people can make legal purchases. I’m sure everyone else is with me.


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  1. There is a price to pay sometimes when you are fighting for what is right. To stand by and do nothing because of fear is exactly how the Nazis came to power.

  2. I think this is a smart move. DC AG said that they can go ahead with recreational pot and submit it to Congress because it was self enacted the moment it was certified, and that was before the budget rider in the omnibus.

    Taking a stand against enacting taxation after the omnibus signals that they are following the written will of Congress.

  3. I think it was designed to make it look like they’re following the will of Congress. Recreational will become law because it is already enacted. It’s only the taxation part that is stopped.

  4. BS. Be in contempt of Congress. Make this a national televised issue. Don’t pay the fines, ignore them. Make the president explain why you have to pay a fine to enact the will of the voters.

  5. The media storm would be fabulous, but the people participating in the meeting would still be fined.

  6. Shit, I would tell him to f himself and just try to put me in jail and just see what kind of a media storm would insue and tell him that he and congress would not like the media spotlight on this because they would get a lot of flack and bad press from this. This would show them for the turds that they really are.

  7. They said that in Washington state too during 2011 during medical marijuana legislation. House and senate passed the bill and governor vetoed retail portion for same federal threats aimed at state employees. Now there’s a special division in liquor control board that is continuing to develop recreational marijuana sales. And they’re successful at gaining revenue off said sales.

  8. More old fart republican intervention. I see they also repealed part of the banking regulations they formerly had re-instated after the 08 meltdown. Passing a budget is like Russian roulette anymore. It never freakin ends with these clowns.

  9. timothy jackson on

    Please Obama,from the will of jah please end this tragic wrongful mess that is proven to be lies,people all across the world are in serious need.please for the people in America and your friends all across the world please today not tomorrow show the world your love and fully legalize

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