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D.C. Council Votes To Permanently Ban Private Marijuana-Smoking Clubs

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In November 2014, Washington D.C. voters approved a marijuana legalization initiative by an overwhelming margin (71%). Following the vote, the question came up whether or not private marijuana clubs were allowed. Marijuana sales are still illegal in DC. The D.C. Council put in place a temporary ban on such entities. Today, the Council voted to make that ban permanent. Per The Washington Times:

The D.C. Council voted Tuesday to impose a permanent ban on private marijuana-smoking clubs, ending months of political hand-wringing over where to allow residents to consume pot.

In a 7-to-6 vote, the council made permanent a 90-day ban on pot clubs in the nation’s capital, where marijuana possession is legal though still a federal offense.

61% of DC residents that participated in a poll earlier this year supported private marijuana clubs. That, combined with the overwhelming victory on Election Day, has led many to question why the DC Council would make such a move. Especially since there is a public meeting tonight, and a task force is still looking into the issue. According to a tweet from the DC campaign that went out today, it sounds like activists are already planning on a referendum effort:

It’s time to respect the will of DC residents. If you live in DC, stand up and be heard! Contact the DC campaign to find out how you can help at this link here.


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