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D.C. Has The Best Marijuana Decriminalization Law In The U.S.


washington dc marijuana legalizationWashington D.C.’s marijuana decriminalization law took effect today. It’s the best marijuana decriminalization law in the country. I am from Oregon, the first state in the country to pass a decriminalization law, and I look at Washington D.C. with envy. Possession of up to one ounce of marijuana is now punishable by only a $25 fine in Washington D.C..

If/when I visit Washington D.C., I’ll have a joint in one hand, and my $25 in my other hand. It’s worth noting that consuming marijuana in public is still a crime, so don’t try to fire up a bong hit in front of the White House in case you were planning on it. Washington D.C. has had some of the most racially-biased marijuana arrest rates in the nation, so this reform is very much welcomed.

There have been numerous attempts to derail the marijuana decriminalization law from taking effect, led by Congressman Andy Harris from Maryland. Fortunately, those efforts didn’t stop the reform from taking effect today. Even the Obama Administration came out in defense of Washington D.C.’s new law, which was a welcomed surpise to marijuana reform supporters in D.C. and beyond.

Washington D.C. will likely have a chance to vote on full legalization this November during the 2014 Election. I’m assuming opposition will be fierce, and likely led by Andy Harris and other opponents like Kevin Sabet and Project S.A.M.. If you are in the Washington D.C. area, get active and help spread the word. Sign up to be a volunteer, and also make a donation to the campaign if you are able to do so. A legalization victory in D.C. in November would be HUGE.


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  1. Kenneth Dressel on

    I Have Epilepsy all thank`s to Three mile Iland ,Bake in 1979 . Marijuana help`s to control my seizers from happening so often in one month . when I have enof for the month , It help`s to avoid so many seizers in the month <or sometime no seizurs .

  2. David Medlin on

    south carolina has the worst weed laws 1 joint will cost you $650 jail time and loss of your drivers lic, and you dont have to be driving just in your possession,

  3. New York, Philadelphia and DC. The train has left the station. Maybe I don’t need to catch the last train to the coast.

  4. Go D.C be proud of your city. But please the country needs you November election. Email your politictions let them know you want full legalization for te entire country. Please help America win the war on probition

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