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D.O.P.E. House Inc. Striving To Bring Medical Marijuana Access To Low Income And Minority Communities


the dope house incWhile legislative and legal breakthroughs surrounding medical marijuana are certainly things to celebrate, the hard truth is that low income and disenfranchised communities have seen little of these benefits.  A recently launched not-for-profit organization, The D.O.P.E. (Delivering Opportunities for People Everywhere)  House Inc. is the premier advocacy organization committed to counter this disturbing trend, striving to bring medical marijuana access and resources to the disadvantaged communities who need the help most.

With legal approval of medical marijuana spreading to more and more municipalities and states, for community activists it’s come as little surprise that few low income and minority neighborhoods have seen any of the benefits of these changes in the law.   Fortunately, not everyone is willing to face this discrimination laying down.  The D.O.P.E. House Inc., was recently launched in direct action to the lack of diversity in this industry and established with a mission to bring medical marijuana access, resources, education and employment to low income and minority communities.  That mission has been met with an enthusiastic response from business leaders, healthcare professionals, and all those who respect human rights.

As quoted by its Founder and Chairman Cerrone Crowder, “We advocate social justice and equal treatment for all, and that includes access to medical marijuana,”  He further commented “Medical marijuana can most definitely enhance a persons quality of life, and it’s unfair that specifically in Illinois it appears only wealthy communities will have access to it.  So every day, we are working hard to reverse that trend.”

According to the planned activities and programs surrounding “The D.O.P.E. House Inc.”, much of their work revolves around public education and raising awareness in the minority and low income communities of what medical marijuana resources and industry employment opportunities are available. “Our issues are targeted to advancing the health benefits of the cannabis plant, and what specific health issues it can help treat for the chronic and terminally ill, elderly, and veteran patients of Illinois”, stated Crowder.

The response from community members has been very positive.

Joe Hart, a veteran and follower of The D.O.P.E. House’s active blog, recently said, “I didn’t know much about medical marijuana until I read about it on The Dope House’s website.  I have numerous ailments, many of them chronic, that I now believe medical marijuana is capable of helping with. It’s about time someone stood up for those of us too often forgotten.”

For more information be sure to visit www.thedopehouse.org


The D.O.P.E House Inc.
Chicago, Il

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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  1. Karen Ferguson on

    Thank you for bringing this organization to my attention! A truly systems/holistic approach to uplifting and empowering a community. As the CEO, Cerron Crowder, so aptly put it, ones right to medicine is a ‘human rights issue’ not simply a civil rights issue.

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