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Dana White On Marijuana Versus Performance Enhancing Drugs


dana white ufc marijuana pedsIs Marijuana A Performance Enhancing Drug?

Does consuming marijuana make you a better athlete? Biologically speaking, no. Maybe it provides a sense of focus that you don’t get without consuming marijuana, but whether that focus is ‘better’ or not is highly subjective. From a biological standpoint, marijuana slows down reaction times at the very least, and therefore is an athletic hindrance more than an enhancer. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think marijuana is bad (obviously!) for athletes, and certainly shouldn’t be a banned substance. I’m merely trying to highlight the ridiculousness of the policies that say marijuana should have the same penalty as steroids when it comes to drug testing in sports.

If a mixed martial arts fighter wants to deal with his or her aches and pains with cannabis instead of pain killers, I’m in full support of that. If a MMA fighter wants to relax after a long workout with some cannabis, I think he or she should have that right. I don’t see how marijuana could provide any ‘edge’ in any sport except competitive hot dog eating contests (if you consider that a sport!). It seems that Dana White from the UFC agrees. Below is video footage of a very passionate conversation about the topic. Marijuana comes up about 8 minutes into the video:


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  1. So the story is about how Marijuana isn’t a performance enhancing drug, and yet here you are stating it is… Ones perception of what a drug is doing, versus what it is actually doing are completely different. Do you think if a drunk could see how he/she is swerving all over the road they would ever get behind the wheel again? No. They don’t see it, they think they’re driving perfect… Take something not drug related, texting. Everyone texts and drives right? Whats everyone say? Oh yeah I can text and drive no problem blah blah blah, yet they have done tests side by side with people over the legal limit, and the texting drivers actually did WORSE in the driving tests. Yet no one seems to think what they are doing is dangerous or is beyond their control.

    All people are not the same, 2 drinks for you may put you three sheets to the wind, 2 drinks for me isn’t even enough for me to feel any of the effects. So along with everyones different reaction to a drugs effects, ALL marijuana is different. Unless you happen to be growing the same strain in the same light/soil/nutrient conditions every single time, hell even the same strain can have different THC/CBD ratios which can effect how a person “feels”.

  2. Well the prohibitionists cant say one day that marijuana makes you lazy and sluggish and then turn around and say its a PED! You cant have it both ways! Im just sick of this crap, we have guns overflowing in our country, buy as mnay as you like heck get a rocket launcher thats fine but dont grow a plant. We have a serious justice system problem when you can rape someone and get less time than smoking a joint or growing a plant! So sick of it!

  3. Its never hindered my reaction time. It puts me in a zone where things tend to seem slowed down and I shit you not I can see steps ahead than normal athletes. Unless people have tried it they shouldnt say it slows you down. If I can see a punch come at me in slow mo…. It gives me an edge over others to counter. Thats what you call “The Zone” that people want to be in

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