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Dank Marijuana Strain And Edible Review Number Twelve


Strain & Edible Reviews

Purple Gorilla

Believe it or not, Purple Gorilla is truly purple. Within this mild and subtle smelling strain are beautifully reflected, purple-colored trichomes nestled cozily inside the purple, green and orange bud. The potency of this indica-dominant hybrid comes off as mild, with its effects coming on gradually (read: creeper). Some of my friends say that the taste is reminiscent of the Diesel strain, and yet soft and mild as well.

A slow-paced, deliberate taste test is what this strain deserves, and Purple Gorilla is one that would be perfect for the novice. The medicinal properties of this strain (courtesy of the knowledgeable people at Chronic Pain Relief in Long Beach) come on nice and slow with a gentle body high and some cerebral lift. Purple Gorilla can help treat migraines, insomnia, nausea, muscle spasms, arthritis and it is especially effective for chronic pain.




Michael Phelps Choice O.G.

Well balanced in flavor, Michael Phelps Choice O.G. will give you a smooth cerebral high. This hybrid strain is 80 percent indica and 20 percent sativa and sports a fruity smell and taste that reminds me of a delicious Granny Smith apple pie. What a tasty and great way to treat the many ailments that this unique bud–its parent strains include O.G.–is admirably cultivated to handle.

Michael Phelps Choice O.G., which you can find at the Santa Ana Patient Group in Santa Ana, can tackle aches and pains and a whole host of other conditions and ailments, such as multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, cancer, anorexia, muscle spasms, glaucoma and nausea.




Strawberry Kush

You’re in for a delight for the senses. Strawberry Kush looks just like a frosty gumdrop and smells and tastes like strawberry. This 100 percent indica strain is crazy with crystals. Upon closer inspection you’ll discover a rainbow, with hues of minty green, orange and purple–plus those perfectly formed crystals.

Its amazing smell and taste make this the kind of strain (available at Canna Health Caregivers in Los Angeles) that you won’t be able to wait to share and enjoy with friends. The wholly noteworthy Strawberry Kush will do wonders in helping to treat patients suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms and arthritis–but then again, this should come as no surprise for those who know that cannabis has been used to treat diseases and relieve pain for centuries.




Tangerine Haze

Tangerine Haze delivers a responsive hit with the unmistakable taste of (surprise, surprise) a ripe tangerine. This hybrid is 70 percent indica and 30 percent sativa, and available at Compassionate Wellness Center in Riverside. If AIDS/HIV, chronic pain, nausea and insomnia are the things that are affecting your quality of life, Tangerine Haze is likely the treatment you’ve been waiting for.

Reminiscent of fruity ChapStick and warm ocean breezes, this strain has a smooth taste with a citrus-y essence that gives way to a clear and light aftertaste. You will experience a great tingly rush from this dense and frosty-white bud. Yummy.




Kiss Goodnight Brownie

We’re certainly no strangers to medicated brownies that (duh) taste like medicated brownies–particularly if we’re dealing with atomic-strength baked goods. So when Kiss Goodnight Brownie arrived at CULTURE’s offices sporting a 90+ potency rating, we were expecting more of the same: a weed-flavored chocolate brick. We were wrong. While the cannabis flavor of this indica-dominant treat is definitely there, the moist sweetness and cake-like texture of the brownie basically overwhelmed the “green” taste and nearly made us forget that this was an edible (currently available at Beach Quality Caregivers in Midway City) capable of delivering a profound body high in addition to the titillation it will bring to the palate.

And that 90+–yeah, they’re not kidding. We were warned (“Just take a little bite”) and the advisory was definitely warranted. Expect a heavy body high that can make any ache and pain evaporate like a bad dream. Remember: start with a few nibbles . . . and then, good night, sweetheart.




Chocolate Covered Pretzels

How delicious do these pretzels taste? So good, I’d eat them even if they weren’t medicated. They’re that tasty. These treats, available at Empire Patient Group in Mira Loma, showcase hefty index finger-thick pretzels liberally drizzled with rich, delicious chocolate (the vehicle for the medication). Did I say “drizzled”? I meant coated with chocolate and then given a decorative flourish with what appears to be white chocolate (or icing).

Flavor-wise, expect the yin of the sweet chocolate to dovetail superbly with the yang of the pretzels’ salty, nuttiness–a hybrid taste mélange that makes you wish you had five or six on hand to munch on rather than the two that come to a package. Without a doubt, one of the finest edibles we’ve had the pleasure of sampling.

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