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DC Council Bans Private Cannabis Clubs


washington dc marijuana decriminalizationI was going through my TWB e-mail, and came across the following press release from earlier this week:

The Council of the District of Columbia voted today to pass legislation submitted by Mayor Muriel Bowser that bans businesses, “cannabis clubs” and other associations from permitting the private consumption of marijuana.

“District residents didn’t vote last November to bankrupt and incarcerate the owners of businesses where cannabis is consumed,” said Adam Eidinger, who chairs the DC Cannabis Campaign and formally proposed Initiative 71. “The DC Council has blurred the clear line drawn by Initiative 71 between public and private consumption.”

Initiative 71, which legalizes the possession and cultivation of marijuana, became law on February 26, 2015 upon the expiration of a congressional review period. Although DC officials have vowed to uphold Initiative 71, today’s vote restricts the new law by subjecting private events to its prohibition on public consumption. Since Initiative 71 already outlaws any form of remuneration for marijuana (such as “cannabis clubs” that provide marijuana to paid members), advocates say there was no need to further restrict businesses and other associations from allowing private consumption on their premises in compliance with the law.

“It’s unfair most of all to poor people and to families with kids,” added Eidinger. “They deserve an alternative to home consumption that doesn’t threaten to put anyone in jail.”

DC Cannabis Campaign officials say that the DC Council’s vote invalidates an informal agreement not to hold public “smoke-in” style events that have accompanied legalization efforts in other states. The campaign also plans to move forward with a free cannabis seed share event later this month.

The DC Cannabis Campaign is the official campaign committee for Ballot Initiative 71. The campaign is a project of residents from across the District of Columbia, Drug Policy Action, and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps.

Source: DCMJ.Org


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  1. It’s unlikely that definitive and permanent rules and regs will be etched in stone by the OLCC and OHA by July. I anticipate that those of us entering this marketplace will have the opportunity and responsibility to self-regulate. If we do well, we will be left alone. Should we blow it (aka Ms.Crombie’s excellent but politically disastrous article on the failure of the MMJ Medible industry to self-regulate, we will be regulated from the outside. And it wond be limited to medicinal medibles. If we don’t wish to be told what to do by politicians, generally well intentioned but less educated than you and I (on average) on cannabis science, we must do a better job policing ourself. Period.

  2. this doesn’t make any since, If I own a business and in my store or whatever is private not public. THis needs to be brought city attorney

  3. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    Politicians getting high on sleeping pills. Politicians getting high on greed. Politicians getting high on sex. Politicians getting high on war. Politicians getting high on their own supply i.e “American freedom”. But God forbid we get high on a plant that is safe and effective.

  4. Tim Mitchell on

    This is a prime example of why they need to out law tighty whitey underwear for men. All our congressmen buy extra small Haynes to make there little 1 inch hotdog look bigger by cutting off there circulation causing swelling and vien busters. The problem is that the lack of blood flow to there main head makes them very week and easily controllable. Would you be happy america if you had all the power but a 1 inch hotdog. This is a clear example of little man syndrome in our congressmen. That’s why they are always getting caught cheating with hookers because there wife’s refuse intercourse due to the fact they just can’t feel the meat. Hince the saying “Where’s the beef”. In conclusion weed will eventually be taxed and regulated and Americans will get there way. However you congressmen will always be miserable and stuck with the little engine that tried.

  5. The “Fritos” joke has been posted about a billion times in these comment fields. Please can we think of a new joke. At least you said “Fritos” instead of the usual “Doritos”.

  6. Well it is ok to get so drunk that you shit or piss yourself or OD on Alcohol but totally non-toxic weed is a no no in a club. What a bunch of mentally retarded thinking.

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