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DCMJ Says White House Meeting Was Good First Step But Group Seeks Higher Level Sit Down


white house marijuanaDCMJ, the cannabis legalization group that successfully worked to pass the Initiative 71 ballot measure legalizing marijuana in the District of Columbia, called their meeting with the White House “a move in the right direction” toward removing marijuana from Schedule One of the Controlled Substance Act.

“This is a good first step, but we hope to continue the dialogue with the White House,” said Adam Eidinger, co-founder of DCMJ. “We thanked the White House for extending the invitation, but it is clear that our work is far from finished. This is only the start. What we are requesting is a higher level meeting with senior administration officials, ultimately moving toward a cannabis policy reform summit with President Obama and key stakeholders such as patients, patient advocates, business owners, grassroots advocates, the disabled community, scientists, the medical community, veterans and others.”

The meeting came after DCMJ staged a peaceful “Reschedule 420” demonstration and non-violent civil disobedience on Pennsylvania Avenue on April 2, that featured a 51-foot inflatable joint and drew thousands of activists and supporters, some of whom lit up marijuana to protest listing cannabis as a Schedule One drug.  Two weeks later, DCMJ shared cannabis seeds and cuttings with more than a 1,000 people in front of the White House.

“As an activist organization representing our members, as well as the legalization movement, we will continue to organize, drive awareness and use all peaceful means necessary to press our case in favor of removing cannabis from Schedule One of the Controlled Substance Act,” added Eidinger, who led the two-person DCMJ delegation at Monday’s meeting at the White House. “In simple terms, the federal government says marijuana is a more dangerous drug than crystal methamphetamine. In simple terms, we say that is an absurd, outdated and a dangerous way of thinking.”

DCMJ’s Eidinger pointed out that the group had requested a larger meeting to include other national legalization organizations to join them at the table.

“The White House invited us in, and they set the rules for who was at the table,” said Eidinger. ”The meeting was a move in the right direction, but there are many voices to be heard that can address a myriad of issues, including but not limited to the excessive incarceration rate for black and Hispanic non-violent cannabis users, and compassionate care for veterans and others, who need medical marijuana to alleviate their pain and suffering.”

First initiated in 1970 during the Nixon Administration, under the Controlled Substance Act, Schedule One recklessly lumps marijuana in with drugs like heroin and Quaaludes.

DCMJ was joined after the meeting by Brandon L. Wyatt, a decorated army combat solider and disabled veteran. ”Veterans are heroes. We should not be made criminals by virtue of seeking healthcare,” said Wyatt, who is a leader with the Weed for Warriors Project—an organization urging the Veterans Affairs Administration to provide cannabis to veterans.  ”We are optimistic that the DEA’s movement on PTSD research will serve to reform medical ethics policy in a way in which other federal agencies step forward, hold open discussions with the public, and work progressively to reduce the 22 suicides committed a day due to overmedication.”

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Johnny Green


  1. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Am not really defending NORML per se, just the idea of
    pot-law defense attorneys heading some of the local chapters;
    nor am I condemning NORML, either, even though the approach
    that own chapter is taking seems a little too “incremental” for 2016,
    (something more than mere “baby steps” is now possible,
    as reform matures!).

    It’s awful when a local chapter never answers or returns phone calls,
    (and/or email), or keep cancelling meetings at a moments notice, or
    fails to update their publicly-viewable website calendar, (deferring
    such postings to a “privately-viewable only” Facebook page…),
    as if meeting times and location info needs to be kept secret.

  2. Closet Warrior on

    No because they never answer or return phone calls. What kind of organization ignores its foot soldiers, especially one that needs good PR and serves a HIGHER purpose? Furthermore, you first state their complacency then defend them, I’m confused. I’m not against NORML or you Fungi but some chapters apparently need to be more accessible and forthright as to gain more members, don’t you think? Stay Green

  3. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    “I guess NORML is happy sitting around and smoking weed for 40 years and just waiting.”

    …and “baby-stepping”… LOL!

  4. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Did you check to see what KIND of attorney’s office it was?

    Some local NORML chapters, (including the one I attend),
    are headed / led by attorneys, pot-law defense lawyers,
    which is apropos, considering that the stated purpose
    of NORML is to CHANGE / reform the LAWS.

  5. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Thanks for the reminder. Upton Sinclair’s published works are among the most thought-provoking ever produced.

  6. Closet Warrior on

    NORML is sketchy, I use to want to join and fight in the trenches w/them but I’ve heard that they do some shady shit sometimes and have even heard rumors of them being a Narc front. I don’t take much stock in rumors but it’s funny that every time I tried to call the local chapters I always received a recording and my caller id would show attorney’s office….hmmmm? I

  7. So NORML complains about “street theatre”, and then days later DCMJ is invited to the White House.

    I guess NORML is happy sitting around and smoking weed for 40 years and just waiting.

  8. why does it not surprise me that the white house sent in the JV team to meet with these guys…folks in Washington won’t take this seriously until they are forced to address it…especially considering they are part of the mechanism we are all trying to dismantle…

    how did Upton Sinclair put it….

    ““It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    I suspect there will be close to 30 states with legal adult use cannabis and a double digit BILLION dollar industry well established and finally the idiots in Washington will pipe up…”what’s all this we hear about this marijuana stuff….”

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