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DC’s New Attorney General Says Marijuana Legalization Can Proceed


washington dc marijuana decriminalizationDuring the 2014 Election, Washington D.C. voters overwhelmingly passed a marijuana legalization initiative. Attempts by politicians outside of D.C. to prevent implementation were swift. Provisions added to the federal spending bill by members of Congress suggested that the marijuana legalization initiative would not become a reality. However, after a lot of analysis, and poor wording in the federal spending bill, it appears that attempts to stop implementation didn’t work. Washington D.C.’s new Attorney General agrees. Per the Washington Post:

Racine will have an opportunity to make an immediate splash: His office must review the implications of the closely watched marijuana legalization measure that D.C. voters approved overwhelmingly on Nov. 4 but that has since been subject to a congressional attempt to overturn it.

In an interview, Racine made clear that he would seek to uphold the ballot initiative, saying that the language included in the recent federal spending bill may block future attempts to loosen marijuana controls but not the Nov. 4 vote. His stance comports with the interpretation put forward by Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) and other D.C. and Democratic officials.

“We think Initiative 71 was basically self-enacted, just as the congresswoman does,” Racine said. “And we think there’s good support for that position, and we’re going to support that position.”

I cannot wait until there is legal recreational marijuana being grown in our nation’s capital. I would also like to see a thriving industry there, but I especially want to see average citizens growing their own marijuana in their own homes. That’s something I have been waiting to see for a long time. Hopefully people like Andy Harris will give up and realize that they can’t stop the winds of change, and that the reefer madness era in D.C. is over.


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  2. Whyiowa4medical on

    We will get this done. Recent studies I have been reading have ended up in (at least) medical legalization in areas of the free world. In fact, Israel, the only nation to have a medical model in their priesthood, have fast tracked legalization. If we only had that medical marijuana model that has existed since Israel was a nation some 3,100 years ago, we would have a believed model. I say we check the Smithsonian Institution as we had medical and recreational use since this country was founded. We should return to a time when it was illegal NOT to grow cannabis. It was your choice, hemp or Indica. Fields of hemp for rope and sails, or indica for medicine.
    George Washington was very fond of smoking and eating indica, as was Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson (correcting a falsehood: he liked cannabis, but hated tobacco it was often mixed with). Our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves over a pseudo-puritan prohibition. They drank ale, as they felt water was untrustworthy in puritan areas, and aboard puritan ships to this land. America was founded on cannabis!!!

  3. No, don’t be upset. This is the JOB of politics. This maneuvering is what we elect and pay them to do. It’s like in sport, let the best team win. Why do you think it is they have said for years that young girls should play sports. It is so they can embed this concept in their blood. All is fair in love, war, and politics.

  4. Forgive me, I fail to see the humor in that. Instead of attacking Congress like you thought you just did, you unintentionally just attacked cannabis users as somehow being “slow”. Congress many times deserves the ridicule it gets, but using shop worn DARE-like and Project SAM like stereotypes about people who partake cannabis as being “slow” doesn’t work for me, or for any other thinking person for that matter. In my opinion, if Congress took “3 bong rips”, using your lingo, chances are that they would be much more enlightened, and would probably rethink the errors of their ways. Cannabis haters have enough in their arsenal of hate and they don’t need our help, thanks.

  5. This is how Congress works as well as other political venues (corporations in fact). I actually bet dear Andy missed, perhaps late, changes to the language or was just too busy being full of himself to see the changes. OR, he was told this was the compromise. He looks a little bad but keeps some power, but yes, seems people stronger than dear Andy decided Congress should butt out of this issue. And now we have a way to say it was all a misunderstanding and no harm no foul. Gotta love it.

  6. Because he said some very profound things a few minutes before he died. As a memorial to him they bear repeating.

    “It stops today.” – “Don’t touch me.” – “Just leave me alone.”

  7. “Poor wording” my dusty old butt! This wording was used DELIBERATELY because some people in Congress (probably Senators in this instance) actually do respect the district’s right to self-rule. Remember, the summary of the bill that indicated that legalization would not be allowed was written by the House Appropriations Committee, the same committee that Andy Harris sits on and the same committee that has tried to interfere with both legalization and decriminalization in the District. It was likely Harris who was behind the wording in the summary but the summary is not the law and he does not have enough rank to sit in when the House and the Senate are working out the compromise legislation. You cannot convince me that in a body of 535 Congresspersons, most of whom are lawyers, nobody knew what they were doing when they wrote that law. They basically just pushed it right through under Harris’ nose and made him look like an idiot the whole time. It’s just too precious!

  8. Ok , Washington DC , our nations capital has legalized marijuana , now its time to legalize nation wide , FREE TEXAS

  9. Did not say over tax or over regulate nor did I say you couldn’t grow your own ….

    I believe there should be a local market made and that will require regulations and taxes to cover the expenses …..

    You should also be able to grow your own without paying any taxes and trade small quantities without being taxed or regulated ….. But there is a fine line between someone growing a few ounces and someone growing 15-20 plants in a constant rotation producing 5-15 pounds yearly …. In that case taxes and regulations should apply!

  10. What should an end to Prohibition look like? Suppose you grow and give it away under a high tax regime? Then Wickard vs Filburn kicks in as exemplified by Raich. You are affecting interstate commerce by giving it away. They could definitely jail you for that. In the extreme they could shoot you.

    What we need is to get the government out of the business altogether. No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes. At any level. We don’t want illegal cartels. We don’t want legal cartels.

    We definitely don’t want to have to depend on GW Pharmaceuticals and similar type companies for our medicine. We don’t want government and doctors controlling who gets medicine.

    We have done enough begging on our knees to make our point. It is now time to stand on our feet and demand what Eric Garner demanded. “It stops today.” – “Don’t touch me.” – “Just leave me alone.”

  11. That is spelled USSA.

    “The Latin American drug cartels have stretched their tentacles much deeper into our lives than most people believe. It’s possible they are calling the shots at all levels of government.” – William Colby, former CIA Director, 1995

  12. Over regulation and over taxation will perpetuate the black market. Let us grow our own. Cannabis never should have been banned.

  13. So Congress can grow and smoke marijuana in there homes in DC, while those still living in prohibitionist States are considered criminal for the same acts. Okay, what’s new…welcome to the USA.

  14. Safer than pharmaceuticals, alcohol and tobacco… all of which are legal. Let’s get this done people! Legalize nationwide!

    A pot prohibitionist walks into a bar… What a Hypocrite!!!

  15. More important it will fuel debates and our Legislaters will know and hopefully understand they are in the crosshairs …..

    Tax and regulate!

  16. Leonard Hester on

    Then, by all means, share the good news, my friend. Lets get it legal nation wide!

  17. This is HUGE NEWS Folks, HUGE …… BECAUSE NOW ……

    …. it will be legal in our Nation’s Capital WHY NOT REST of USA???

    Does this mean it is OK for our President to smoke but not REST of NATION?

    Raises a lot of questions ….. Time will tell!

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