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DEA Allows Hemp Seeds To Be Imported To Hawaii


industrial hemp farming bill obamaHemp once grew all over the United States. That of course was before the war on marijuana ramped up, and hemp was prohibited by the federal government. Slowly but surely, hemp is making a comeback in the United States. Last week the DEA approved the State of Hawaii to import hemp seeds from Australia. Per The Joint Blog:

The University of Hawaii has received a permit from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to import hemp seeds from Australia, to be used as part of the state’s Industrial Hemp Research Project.

“This project is just the first step in establishing Hawaii as a leader in the growth and production of industrial hemp and its products,” says Representative Cynthia Thielen.

Farmers need a solid, sustainable crop like hemp, both in Hawaii and throughout the country. There are parts of Hawaii that are in desperate need of jobs, and I’m hopeful that a hemp industry fills those voids. I’m also hopeful that the DEA allows hemp seeds to be imported to other states, so that a once vibrant industry can thrive again.


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  1. Why a research project? We’ve used hemp in this country far longer than not. It was only made illegal due to lobbying by special interest groups. Legalized again during WWII for the war effort and the Navy and then immediately made illegal once the war ended. No reason for it to be illegal except that it competes with big oil, plastics, big pharma and timber industries to name just a few. It is nature’s perfect product.

  2. Roger Christie on

    Aloha. Thank God for small favors.

    1.) Hawai’i had a world record hemp harvest in 1898 according to the book The Boston At Hawai’i: Or The Observations And Impressions Of A Naval Officer During A Stay Of Fourteen Months In Those Islands On A Man-Of-War by Lucien Young.

    2.) Look-up “Edestin protein” and see for yourself the most nutritious form of protein on Earth for the human diet is only found in hemp (marijuana) seeds.

    3.) Watch LEAF on Youtube.com about juicing fresh, raw Cannabis leaves as a “dietary essential”. Reportedly heating; smoking, vaporizing or baking Cannabis reduces its healing potential by 90%.

    ” … and the leaves of the (Cannabis hemp, or marijuana) tree of life are for healing all the nations. No longer will there be any curse.” Rev. 22:2-3

    4.) “Consciousness is a function of the endocannabinoid system.” Dr. Robert Melamede of Cannabis Science.

    5.) Multiple U.S. Patents already exist for using cannabinoids to successfully treat cancer.

    6.) The marijuana eradication program was PROVEN to be the cause of poverty and the meth epidemic in Hawai’i and California. See ICE and Other Methamphetamine Use: An Exploratory Study 1991 – 1994 funded by N.I.D.A. and quickly suppressed once the results were clear.

    7.) Read “Cannabis vs. Climate Change” by Paul von Hartmann.

    Etc., etc., etc.

    All the best to everyone,

    Roger Christie



  3. Funny to see how the DEA likes to flex their reasonable muscles from time to time. Like they had a choice in the matter. The vote is in, the public is speaking, we won regarding hemp and are on our way to winning the legalization battle.
    Nice of the DEA to chime in, but please….

  4. DEA it is just hemp,don’t act like this is doing anyone any favors. Don’t get me wrong I am happy this is happening, but it’s just hemp. We should be growing it everywhere.

  5. Hawaii is one of the states in front of this. They actually did a research crop already, and where they got that seed is a mystery, but I hope this goes so well for them that every state that isn’t trying it will be jealous.

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