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DEA Chief Faces Backlash For Criticizing Obama’s Marijuana Comments


dea marijuana obamaBy Phillip Smith

Criticism is mounting over reported remarks last week of DEA chief Michele Leonhart in a speech to the Major Counties Sheriffs Association. Leonhart criticized her boss, President Obama, for acknowledging in a recent interview that marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol and that the experiments with marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington were “important.”

Precisely what Leonhart told the gathered sheriffs is unclear because no media were allowed in the room, but the anti-legalization sheriffs ate it up, according to the Boston Herald, which spoke with some of them.

“She’s frustrated for the same reasons we are,” Bristol County (MA) Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said. “She said she felt the administration didn’t understand the science enough to make those statements. She was particularly frustrated with the fact that, according to her, the White House participated in a softball game with a pro-legalization group… But she said her lowest point in 33 years in the DEA was when she learned they’d flown a hemp flag over the Capitol on July 4. The sheriffs were all shocked. This is the first time in 28 years I’ve ever heard anyone in her position be this candid.”

The hemp flag was flown at the request of Colorado Rep. Jared Polis (D), a strong marijuana reform supporter.

Kern County (CA) Sheriff Donny Youngblood, head of the sheriffs’ group, said Leonhart criticized Obama for making what he described as “irresponsible” remarks that were “a big slap in the face” to police officers who lost their lives prosecuting the drug war.

“This is a woman who has spent 33 years of her life fighting drug abuse in the DEA, her entire life. To have the president of the United States publicly say marijuana was a bad habit like alcohol was appalling to everyone in that room,” Youngblood said. “I think the way that she felt was that it was a betrayal of what she does for the American people in enforcing our drug laws… She got a standing ovation.”

Hodgson said sheriffs see marijuana as “gateway drug” (Editor’s Note: Despite the notion having been repeatedly debunked) and that political leaders should be preventing drug use, not playing down its dangers and providing kids with excuses.

“The last person we need saying this to kids is the president of the United States,” Hodgson said.

While Leonhart’s remarks played well with law enforcement officials with a vested interest in maintaining the prohibitionist status quo, they didn’t sit nearly as well with drug reformers.

“Whether Ms. Leonhart is ignorant of the facts or intentionally disregarding them, she is clearly unfit for her current position,” said Dan Riffle, MPP director of federal policies. “By any objective measure, marijuana is less harmful than alcohol to the consumer and society. It is irresponsible and unacceptable for a government official charged with enforcing our drug laws to deny the facts surrounding the nation’s two most popular recreational drugs.

The group has launched a Change.org petition calling on the president to fire Leonhart and replace her with someone who will base decisions on science and evidence instead of politics and ideology.

“The DEA administrator’s continued refusal to recognize marijuana’s relative safety compared to alcohol and other drugs flies in the face of the president’s commitment to prioritizing science over ideology and politics,” Riffle said. “She is neglecting the basic obligations of her job and fundamentally undermining her employer’s mission. This would be grounds for termination in the private sector, and the consequences for Ms. Leonhart should be no different.”

The petition calls for Leonhart to be replaced by “someone who will uphold [President Obama’s] mandate that administration decisions be guided by science instead of ideology and politics,” the group urged.

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Johnny Green


  1. thanks to all the good folk i really will miss
    the bridge on the rail trail shaped strangely shaped in a triangle kind of but i will trade miss for bliss:-)
    it reminds me of the day of that nifty vision so vividly seen that strange time i had
    who would though ever believe it, but there really is a reality ramped up beyond the commons’ comprehension, and it is sad
    that the common thinkn that going to sleep or a stupor is proper, when that is shutting off the brain, not using more of it happily while awake
    nothing wrong with a good cannabis experience for heaven’s sakes
    it really does sound doesn’t it though kind of like the word mafia, that chilling type of a word that roughians use or are
    how could it be that the so called law people have gone so too far
    to carry out orders to go again the constitution
    is grounds for some sort of penal institution
    for if they were really legit
    they’d never commit perjury, and never go against people they swore under oath to protect,
    and they would protect, more like the characters of car 54, not act all menacingly, and direspect

    actully the law around here is really kind
    even helped me the other week with ideas for paint for my bike, i was thinking of the ones in prison, and the

    mean people that put them there
    it seems to me to be so incredibly unfair

    the government needs to get with the real earth
    real people do not do things to hurt others and try to make them feel they have no worth

    thats what the governemnt does when it deems people like myself unfit for any paid activity
    my response time was tested as excellent in a response test done at the mall in some event i can’t remember while very canna-medicated too, anyway, sorry for all the negativity

    i’m learning though to not let the meanies get me down
    for really, we none of us knows how much time GOD almighty grants us here on this earth so sorry for the frown

    its that when you can see a way of prevention
    of unhappiness, but the common dont wish for you mention

    its just really weird like you know? lol
    can’t get that random song i heard on the radio a bit ago while my toke sesh – cant get that thing out of my head that selfie thing lol
    maybe that though is the real earth as it goes in our day to day lifes
    more random rather than some rehearsed sequential set of events planned out far in advance, and for me, cannabis use has thank you GOD! ended my life strife

    other stuff i wanted to add, but forgot to take some notes

    if i dont write something down, i can loose track of the thought
    as i move on to something else or what not

    what a nice day, i should really get out and enjoy it, rather than sitting in here reading sad news stories on google, they can really get a person down is what the moment for me it taught

    got to not give energy to negative stuff, but i realize we can never ignore it either, but to dwell on it every

    moment can be most irritating
    so thats all i am indicating

    oh yeah, lol, back to that random song
    sounded like kinda of like real thought, not that she is into cannabis i have no idea but umm any way selfie lol “not that I condone” tobacco use of any kind if i could use that 4 words heard from seinfeld

    well what ever the law really is about, maybe they are just after the violent folks lets pray so, if not we are all having to wait for some terrorizing event to occur with them against us all in court and that sounds like not one that a cannabis consumer could ever win since the prisons filled with cannabis consumers tells me so, unless they are violent?? i somehow don’t think that is so, but i am feeling well now thank GOD on cannabis as i type this so i have no personal complaints, for me my freedom the government has seen fit to apparently grant myself, after all the years of my bickering of the law on high times as “umm” and a few others and typing to all the other posters on there for hours at a time, lol we had a good time some times when we were not thinking of the mean stories of the wrongs done to people in the cannabis community – they were swell

    well, i better be off
    need to see some friends- perhaps enjoy my calming cough lol

    cant get that song out of my head
    take a selfie keeps going on in there oh just listen to her random thoughts and what she said lol

    ok i am a bit windy so i mean it this time
    i am not going to write any more no matter what i think might be a nifty rhyme:-)

    love out to the nifty folk you really are nifty
    your kindness i am ever grateful for, may the world be full of good folk like you – you make me feel rather lifty:-)

  2. http://www.nj.com/opinion/index.ssf/2014/04/christie_in_no_position_to_slam_colorado_on_cannibis_editorial.html
    really, christie is lucky people do not practice the art of tarring and feathering – or sending him away on some railroad line never to return
    however, not all rodents are bad, nor cats

    Make mine FREEDOM TOO

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2XQ97XHjVw
    Non-Newtonian fluid, notice how the people can walk on it as if magically
    i wonder if it could be used some how for tires, not so much to defy gravity

    but the strange stuff has the effect of being soft when moved through slow, but then gets very hard if you try to hit it or move fast through it
    the stuff seems like it would be a good thing to use in tires, it would be soft in the slow city driving, and but highway driving, it should get very rigid, making the tire hard, might even make for more efficient driving, what do you know?


    some day i’d like to tinker with some of these ideas to see if they would ever work to better what is
    but first thing is first, i must find some tokage and all that nifty bizz

  4. http://fox59.com/2014/04/23/narcotics-officers-seize-more-than-200-marijuana-plants-from-broad-ripple-home/#axzz2zoeJzlGu

    Dont know what they did to have someone tell on them the way they did
    but i looked up the word seize and the fifth definition here http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/seize
    says “to take possession of by legal authority”
    it appears to me that the word legal is defined as meaning any mob vote of majority

    so i google’d the definition of “legal” and it said that legal is something “permitted by law.”
    is a law legal if it is unconstitutional i wondered of those who enjoy their fall?

    or is it only legal if it gains monies for those in the institutionals?
    or only legal in the eyes of the common if it gains injury to the cannabis community by some maul?

    google’s 1st definition of “law” is “the system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties.”

    who voted to take away the rights of the cannabis community?


    shows that …”The Constitution and Federal law are the supreme law of the land, and override any similar state laws. States derive their rights from the fact that federal powers pertaining to the laws it can pass are limited, leaving the door open for states to enforce their own laws on most cases.”…

    Unconstitutional laws are ok then by indiana’s low moral pro slavery mentality type of ill pill loving thinking?
    i really do not know what the mafia is thinking

    my grandad used to spend time every day back in the late 60’s and early 70’s listening to radio shows warning of the destructive communists, it was really annoying to me
    it was staticy on that old am radio, seems like a name dr. mcbirny was heard and others, but and why he wanted to listen to it was beyond me


    google defines a commune as “a group of people living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities”

    and google defines community as “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common”

    it does seem like theft to me to steal from others, you even in a commune, you can not forcefully take from others and call that sharing
    problem in common society is that their is not much caring

    thank GOD i do not have to be so close to those who are so proud of their slavery
    1 more month, and i will experience bliss through the community of a better class of state that is more savory

    it is really disgusting what the common people do
    and they have the GULL to suggest that they are MORAL!? what is any sane person to do?

    i intend to move to where heaven can be found
    not stay here and become depressed behind bars, and then sad 6 feet underground

    no matter what the constitution says
    unconstitutional reasoning seems ok with the prez

    what better time could be spent in ones life
    than to guide people to heaven, and showing them the eternal delight

    that one can enjoy
    if they were allowed their constitutonal rights with out traitors to rat them out and annoy

    the definition of steal according to http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/steal?s=t
    is to ” take (the property of another or others) without permission or right, especially secretly or by force”
    what constitutional right do the officers have to STEAL any ones property?

    I really do not know the particulars to this particular situation, i have no idea if the folks growing was doing any other thing that they should not have been doing, prompting the officers to put an end to all their activity any way they can seems to me that any officers who go along with unconstitutional law that they don’t seem to doing their duty to protect everyones constitutional rights is all in the usa land

    filthy state, i am glad i was never around when the slave owners would whip and drag people by their hair if need be to the auctioning block
    I would never tolerate it, who would have known that years later, that another form of slavery would surface, and enforced by any cop

    one of my grandads was a cop who died on duty chasing a thief
    those cops in indianapolis make the justice system something that just stinks

  5. as it IS a form of SLAVERY, look at the oath breakers, sarcastically, “what bravery”
    Thank you GOD and thanks for the buzz much love for the wonderful folk
    and all the nifty craiglist folk, along with those who share canna-med, and yes, sometimes i do choke
    well, cough really, but i see nothing wrong with clearing the lungs
    really a small price to pay for the feeling of being young
    to where no problem seems too big to handle
    may they never blow out their candle
    library is turning off computer in 1 min and 9 seconds so i had better post

  6. i believe the only way we in the nation can make the political despicables in office from harming anyone else with their discriminatory abuseatory anti-constitutional and anti humanity habit, is by letting them taste a little bit of prison time that they like so much to terrorize the cannabis community with through their own mafia adicted ways, and high treason, and crimes against humanity are good charges for starters too
    terrorists – isn’t there a war on terror? foreign and domestic? So why is not the fbi, cia, nsa, and all else in on rounding up the criminals and putting all the do badders in their place?
    ok, got to toke
    no joke

  7. before i imbibe on today’s dose of greenery, i notice something is not right-
    i have forgotten, and left my mountain dew at home, oh what a plight-
    heard of a guy on coast to coast am last nite in part who lived off the grid, then came back, as he i guess felt the need to teach others how to do it too-
    but he noticed that the government has emergency plans for themselves, but no plans for the rest of us, in case of emergency, like a meterite or nuke or what not taking out the electrical grid which mean no water, as water is usually pumped to our houses by electrical pumps, you know, the govenement is not giving any living wage to us either, how can it be true-
    the suggestion that the government is warring against the weak-
    i am certain no matter what the future brings, with cannabis in my head, my on life will never look bleak-
    why is there a war on our, the cannabis communities’ constitutional rights?-
    i do not remember reading that any person, or group of individuals have the lawful constitutional right to vote away any one else’s, or any other group of people’s constitutional rights to work, hold a job, with out discrimination-
    so why do the bullies in d.c. get by with such rude behavior in this nation?-
    i am stymied by the notion the government gives out-
    that the cannabis community is a group of people the government does not deem desirable to exist, warring on us is unlawful, and unAmerican, without a doubt-
    indiana law suggests the same-
    thousands of dollars if any cannabis is even found on a person, those mean oath breakers in indiana, are all criminally, the bullies are the same, insane-

    one definition of insanity is when a person does the same thing over and over, and always expecting a different result-

    so why the jerks think they have the right to verbally insult?-

    it used to be that people that had a skin that was dark in color-
    was made to empty the dust bins, and do the things the lazy people did not want to do, as the lazy people wanted them as their slaves, and to earn them an extra dollar-
    slavery ended not too long ago in this country-
    it seems it was only the 50’s or 60’s when people who had a skin shade that was a darker color, was made to sit in the back of the bus, and was not allowed even to look into a person of lighter shade of color’s eyes
    rude people like those who want others to be their slaves so thet the lazy people will not go hungry?
    are still with us here in this country to this day
    no one wants to be thought of as some one elses property to be bought and sold at will
    that is why i believe indiana is particular troubling for me, a cannabis lover, and a good AMERICAN who believes in freedom, and who knows the laws on the books concerning cannabis that send a message of cold chill
    are written by crooks who want only to better their own political position, so that they themselves will feel better monetarily, and it does not matter if they break their oaths of office either, as crooks do as they please, the swill
    wikipedia said in part that …”Even though slavery is now outlawed in every country, the number of slaves today remains as high as 12 million”… people
    don’t you suppose if we added up the people in the cannabis community, that is forced to do mandatory labor, and or fines, and imprisonment and other forms of punishment, and endure the crimes of humanity for their non-offence of toking cannabis, which is not constitutionally illegal that the number would skyrocket? and the government believes we are like cattle, or sheeple
    people of office have not the right
    to take away another persons constitutional rights, doing so is a form of war, and that is “high Treason”,


    and it is as though the government does it for spite
    i do believe however that the bad people in office would stop their rude constitutionally illegal warring crimes against humanity type of Nuremberg hitlerish animalistic killing unconstitutionaly discriminatory practices with the cannabis community
    if they were brought up on charges for conspiring to commit crimes against humanity on a MASSive scale, where is the unity?
    this country is called the united states
    how are all of our states of conscience ever to be united in unity, when people who are suppose to protect, and keep their oaths, commit perjury, and commit high treason just because they can profit from selling a persons things “stealing” and benefiting monetarily from that through their hate
    their days are numbers however, i can feel it
    and i can not wait to see real justice served, i really should now toke up, i need one after this thinking, i’ll admit

  8. http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2014/04/christie_not_even_casual_marijuana_use_is_ok.html
    he then is promoting a “high treason”-ous act –
    and needs to be imprisoned, or at the very least fired, and sacked –
    they all swear to protect everyone’s constitutional rights-
    so then why is it that some of them commit perjury, and promote warring on the cannabis community, and like bullies, they are always saying rude things about the cannabis community, to promote some sort of fight?-
    to think that soldiers actually fought and a lot died-
    to maintain freedom in the united states, why do some of those in office lie?-
    i would bet that they would stop their unruly behavior-
    if they knew that they would become indicted as a criminal for “high treason” for one thing, instead of acting as though that war loving bullies is their savior-
    if dictating haters like him had their way-
    mountain dew lovers would be convicted convicts, as their war against those who love large drinks would then have no say-
    lawlessness is not the proper message that they should be sending to anyone-
    and it is lawlessness that seeks to take away everyone’s constitutional right to toke up, be happy, and have fun-
    they attempt to legitimatize it by saying that it might not be good people even though no one ever died of cannabis overdose-
    meanwhile thousands of people die every year from pills and alcohol so freedom, the prohibitionists of our constitution, do not even come close-
    thanks again to all the good folk in all that you do-
    and the weed was most appreciative, it never leaves me feeling blue :-)


  9. thought of a couple of ideas for free electrical light electricity
    using piezo crystals, the vibration all around the rim, charging a capacitor, and ic adjusts for the voltage desired for to see at nite, such efficient simplicity
    a bridge rectifier in line with the piezo voltages could transform ac to dc
    i would really like to try that sometime and see
    another thing i’d like to try
    and its springs to my wheels and the reason why
    is to make for a smoother ride, i’m sure the bike has it in it, it just needs a try building it
    i really think it could handle then better and effortlessly, the bumps and chuck holes better on the road, if enough rubber is used on the solid tire build, seems like it would be a fun thing to be able to ride over curbs and large bumps with ease, may even become a hit
    tensioning bolts may be needed to have enough pull
    you must think the idea is silly, that i must be a full
    but if enough springs were used
    trampoline springs stretched to make the person be suspended in air on trampolines
    could just as easily be used to suspend a bike and a rider if the trampoline mat is replaced by a smaller wheel with no tire
    then a 27″er rim with the spokes removed and a tire made as previously mentioned, that what with the expense of the never ending flat tubes, i definitely do admire
    to adjust the 36 springs needed to levitate the bike in the middle of the springs, each of them supplied with a piezo electrical vibratorial generator, maybe it could be mounted on a for instance a 1 inch wide by whatever length it needs to be to when the piezo is mounted, that the bumps on the road is in resonate frequency with the piezos for added electrical output
    hook bolts could be used for adjustment of the springs for a smoother or a tighter ride with ease of ride smoothness adjustment, that is my outlook lol
    ok, so maybe i am a little winded this eve, but the reason is cause
    with the great weather and great vibes coming from folk, why not better this ole silly bike too with the positive energy, and who knows, it just might work, will see, i know i can get springs at the scrap yard tomorrow – ok, guess i will now pause

    wait one more thing i’d someday like to try, dont know if ever any thing will ever be done or tried, any of it, but it seems it could be, so i should really give it a try before i move
    the road experience then should be greatly
    improved – it is trying kind of the same thing, only using compression springs used by car valves, a few of those stacked would give people a lot of spring
    it would seem
    ok, i am off to re-canna-med, thank heavens for the warm weather, it feels like spring:-)

  10. http://www.diyphotography.net/files/images/8/diy-airagap-flash-02.jpg
    and since rubber has a tendency to rip opened when stretched when punctured
    i think i will put another layer of tubing underneath, but not stretch it to maintain its cushiony structure;-)
    thanks to all the swell folk
    that is from my heart, and not a joke
    may your fun days be long
    and if you wanna, maybe a herbal vaporized dosage, or a regular ole toke in a bong
    will fill your heart with fun loving life loving song
    i’m sure i am not wrong
    as long as your cannabis is fresh
    and or your hash or shatter cannabis sesh

  11. Finally found a way to make a dependable solid tire for my bike
    i found that tires, much like linoleum, have got to have a level subsurface underneath if i want to ride my bike rather than hike
    so i used a large diameter tractor belt to line the rim
    after surrounding the thing with a tire, and bolted into place, tubeless tires now do not look too grim
    just have it barely together now
    need more bolts, anyhow
    a new type of energy was brought to my attention
    using salt water and fresh, the water current passing through a semi permeable membrane they say can power generators, thought i’d mention
    actually it was discovered in 1973
    called osmotic power
    they could be used one day to bloom cannabis flowers
    the cost of the membrane seems to be the thing keeping the technology from blooming, well, we will see
    i think i heard of it on coast to coast am
    can’t remember, keep sleeping and missing the shows as of late, that idea seems would be a gem
    thanks to the pals for the nifty herb
    your generosity and kindness is superb
    hope everyone had a good Easter
    about to toke up, so i will be ready for a munchable feaster :-)

  12. wanted to give thanks to those kind souls
    who lightened up my life with a nifty canna-mystical bowl

  13. of course i have to take back the wish for unhappiness to folk via the be damned:-)
    its just that i found myself the other day while staying at my moms over nite for the like 5th time in five years, and when she woke, she started choking on her cereal, and if i hadn’t learned the heimlich maneuver in high school, when she came towards me in the living room saying with her last breath she could not breath, a wrap around the slightly widened abdomen lol, and a push right below the sternum which was a best guess lol, but it worked, she started breathing again after she was able to cough up the obstructive cereal, i don’t mean to be a ham
    but i love my mom, who does not
    i am reminded that i am about to embark on a westward denver journey, to seek out the green i had sought
    who will be there for her next time i ask myself
    if only she believed in cannabis instead of doctor prescribed pills, but she doesn’t, am i am no dictator, so i am headed for denver for some top shelf lol
    thanks to the good pals for the bowl of greenery you are most kind
    may your troubled days be few, and you have good karma and your life be fine
    guess i will scan the web
    then eat a checkers’ rallyburger, then drink some pop, and take a nap, as i only got three hours last nite, but thanks again, my head feels well fed

  14. and i see another error
    there is no reason for each of us “not” to be self sufficient

  15. a new cell phone battery is being worked on and claims to charge time is 30 seconds
    made of nano crystals and peptides, i ask why move into the chemical batteries for storage it seems they want to gain money i reckon
    all they have to do is use capacitors for their cell phones, they have proven fit to start a car
    and their you are
    my chin on my bicycle around 12 feet long
    if their ever is one linkage that does not function, the bike skips gear teeth, lessening the efficiency of the bike ride, making any ride seem just wrong
    it is just as important to fix nonworking links in the chain of command for the government
    how to do so, though, when they seem oblivious to any problem at all, as our pleas are ignored, filling the cannabis community with discouragement

    there is a law in the books here in indiana that is equally wrong
    it is high treasonously anti-constutional hate law touted to protect
    but logic indicates it is there to disrespect
    “Participating in a war against one’s native country” is “a High Treasonous crime”
    why the lunkheads in our government allow it and are not themselves punished for warring on the cannabis community and doing time is a mystery to me, and i must ask why
    cannabis has been on this planet for ions
    why treat those who see advantages of it as pions?
    haters do not wish to be good americans sometimes, but there are alternatives for substantial gainful self employment
    nuggetbrain wayne shows in this video how one can gold pan
    you can watch as a $35.00 gold nugget is panned out of the sand, dam their ban on the constitutional rights of the american people, making it look like the cannabis communities’ freedom is all a scam
    no one can vote to take away another person’s constitutional rights away, yet that is what the cannabis haters have done, and are doing
    there is no honor in high treasonous war which brings this country to financial and moral ruin
    cannabis brough about my attyention to the fact that the spirit world does indeed exist
    the use of cannabis should not give anyone the right to forbid my employment due to the cannabis in my piss

    there is no reason for each of us to be self sufficient
    no need for others to rule over us as if they are our slave masters, as that type of thinking is insufficient
    there is more, but i have things to do
    including toking up, and drinking mountain dew:-)

  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkSfPxk_xKY
    they seemed to have got that song as they say spot on
    remember hearing that as a kid on the long quiet summer days coming through the opened windows, where has time gone?
    seems like just yesterday
    and yet it has been a little longer in some sort of way
    the excitement of families events, from marriages, and memories of i.u.
    the family reunions and running with sparklers on the forth of july – the enthusiasm for life, why is cannabis banned i ask you
    actually, they just passed a law
    making low grade cannabis not against the constitutionally illegal law, according to the net article that i saw
    but a low thc level in ones toke
    will not lead to an extended smile from their lips if they are asleep from the cbd smoke
    the thought that people any where think they have the right to prevent smiles from others
    it makes me wonder if they know what is conducive to be a good friend pal and sisters and brothers
    i find that cannabis use is healthy for me
    can not vouch for others’ beliefs
    wanted to give thanks for a wonderful day
    and i mean that in every canna-blissical way;-)
    i guess i misunderstood the youtube video involving a metal tape measure
    another tube later, and i realize now it was a hoax, or they were speaking of some sort of cloth measuring tape, or perhaps one made of kevlar or something to prevent another tube puncture ending in displeasure
    so i ended up lining up my last spare tube
    with another tire, after cutting the bead off, and cutting it in two so that it would solidly fit against the outer tire, thanks again to the pals for the hit on your dube:-)

  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TATOW19WE64
    there was another one done years ago in it seems might have been in denver, but i cant seem to find it
    the tempo was the slowest ever, im sure youtube has it tucked away somewhere, perhaps when i am properly canna-medded, i will find it when i am feeling fit
    this one though seems to be the best
    just because the singer seems to give it all he’s got especially when he sings “schizoid mannnn!” as if he feels it and the rest
    some versions he is not so much into the song
    sounds not as good on those, oh I do have to find someone who can spare a toke in their bong!
    what is it that makes people fear others so?
    is it that they do not trust them? and if not, why not? love cancels out all fear you know
    and that God always wins, so then doesn’t it make sense that love always wins too?
    their is nothing the matter with toking the herb to not feel blue
    the children! the children!, the unbelievers shout
    if only i were given such wonderful medicine as cannabis as a child, i would have saved myself a life full of misery with out a doubt
    they used to prescribe cannabis to infants before the cannabis communities’ constitutional rights were banned
    the feds lie about its efficacy, and thats a fact, all across this war torn land
    out of time so i must go
    now to find some nifty herb, so i will feel better, can not wait to grow

  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cG0qv9s0VNo
    if mary jane is the she in this scenarioed song ditty i heard last nite on coast, before i changed the station, i long for a land to where she is not equated with the devil, and kept secret like in the dark
    I say this in all sincerity to those with unfamiliarity
    regularly, i have felt great with “her” presence, and with no mental or physical disparity
    “secrets”, how is one to learn anything in life important
    when the very people that knows, won’t say, as they feel it is all so unimportant
    or is it that most people just do not know?
    whatever, it works for me, so i will just stay on course, and go on with my move out, so i will no more, ever, feel low
    another friend spoke of someone who is on deaths’ door
    they are unbelievers in the healing powers of cannabis, what if cannabis could cure them, why is there a WAR?
    in our own country
    i ask bluntly
    i will await the response from the spirits in the churches on my radio
    the shortwave is out though, as the batteries are dead and so it goes
    but if i turn on the lights and just use one small 5 volt adapter
    i am able to tune in fm pretty well, as saving electricity is right now a very critical factor
    ok, time to go home and try to get some sleep
    might try to see some friends to help with canna-med, so that i will sleep without a peep

  19. the idea of substitution a steel belted radial tire for a tube and bicycle combo seems like still a good one
    but after cutting through it, it is clear to me that the thing has got to be cut perfectly, otherwise there is lots of movement from side to side, which feels not much better than a flat, so with no table saw, or jigsaw, or band saw, as far as the radial tire idea, i am done
    nice to learn though that it wouldn’t work
    I also learned that if you do not have the parts for a Milwaukee saw-zal that holds on the blade, that believe it or not, rubber bands can hold it on, if you wrap enough on, interlocking them, as long as there is a small bolt inserted in the blade to prevent up down movement, i learned, with a smirk
    so i saw on youtube a few ideas that might cut down on flats
    people are using the material from seat belts, made of Kevlar, to line their inner tubes with to help and keep it pat
    another idea i saw is where people use measuring tape to line the tube with
    stitching it on a flat one cut so, and inserted in the tire over the good tube seems like would do the trick, and seems no myth
    so i am going to try the measuring tape idea when i get back home
    do not have the kevlar seat belt material or i would do that too, i bemoan
    stayed in town last nite
    learned of a plane with the numbers 777, which is the numbers i used before as a name on hightimes forums, that went down somewhere during flight
    prayers out to those folk, seems like unless they landed somewhere on land, or maybe in the ocean or left astrand
    that a pleasant outcome seems unlikely, as apparently things did not go as planned
    un-canna-medded, diarrhea was especially troublesome last nite, i would have to go soon after i layed down
    end of next month and i will not be here, that is comforting to me in its self, “sarcastically” some town
    unless i am part of some secretive group
    that there is no future for me here, and thats the whole scoop
    seemed surreal to see the prez being sung goldfinger
    what with no sleep for me last nite, i guess i will not stay, write, and linger
    toke them if you have them
    i know i would, and “WILL” i say to all the cannabisical brethren

  20. Car 54 where are you Change your partner Part 1
    Car 54 where are you Change your partner Part 2
    surly the little things a person does in their day to day lives would not bother any one
    whether it is playing with their hair, or popping of the knuckles, or looking at the same old re-run
    if only people were properly cann-medded, people hearing others clicking this or tapping that out of habit
    would not bother them in the least, dag nabbit!

  21. All the nites I would do test after test of different film emulsions, and looking for the best method to take a pic
    around 1978 it was that I was involved in a school magazine, and while I was developing I would watch an old tv flick
    lots of old black and white movies were watched
    Bob Hope pictures with Dorothy Lamour, lots of others, and Mickey Rooney
    I just found that he died yesterday at 93
    born in 1920, he was 13 years older than my Grandad, if he were still here to see
    may he rest in peace, that man who always made sure the show went on
    whether it was making movies, or sitting in on a talk show, making people laugh, I am sorry to see him gone
    thanks to the good folk for some tokes to refresh
    could have Mickey Rooney still have been alive RIGT NOW if only he imbibed in the proper strain of the proper sativa, or indica, or cross sesh?
    63 more days until my freedom is finally had
    to move to a better state to where cannabis can be found without people saying, sorry, i just sold out, leaving me sad

  22. tired of flat tires, no money for a tube
    how am i ever to ride to denver with flat tires i ask you
    ebay does not show any good enough solid tires for that sort of trip available
    so i recently was given a good automobile tuire with great tread, it seems it could be used and be very acceptable
    I plan on cutting it up into four long stips
    that way i will have enough rubber to cover both the front and back rims, on top of a couple of those flat inner tubes for a little flex, should be good enough for the trip
    the steel belts are difficult though to cut
    so i have to fix someones reciprocal saw, it should saw it with no problems so that my trip will not leave me with any more flats and in a rut
    i am riding around on it now with a flat
    it doesn’t steer to well, what with the tire moving around unbolted to the rim this way and that
    i purchased a 1/8 inch $1.99 irvin cobalt bit
    it should easily drill the 36 holes in between the spokes and the hardened 1/8″ bolts should hold the steel belted tire strip on the rim, and do the trick
    electric bill came in yesterday
    53.00 it said, i had the lights out all month except for showers and washing and drying of my cloths, anyway
    i will from now on hang my cloths up to dry
    i will use only my flashlight to see in the dark cause that is what it takes to get myself to a more cannabis friendly population, and be as they say, high
    which is just feeling well
    why is it that utah wants to only allow thc levels of minimum amounts, how is that going to make the people who need cannabis feel well?
    strange people on this planet
    they act as though a smile and contentment is the center of sin, and their heads are as hard as granite
    why is it that this silly war on cannabis has been going on for thousands of years too?
    is it that common people do not know what they are doing when they give up cannabis i ask you?
    or is it that the mentally challenged may not know what feeling well is?
    i wonder if they would feel such challenge of their mental faculties were not slowed down by pills or alcohol or negative thinking on life and they’re judging of people and the world with war like intention as if they are God almighty and all that biz
    I will just live my life to the best of my ability
    there is nothing i can do about the ones who when shown water refuses to drink, reducing their mobility
    love out to the good folks, cannabis lovers and the rest
    i have a lot of stuff to do, so i had better get to it, and i do not want to be a pest :-)

  23. According to http://thecannabisstraindirectory.com/blog/latest-marijuana-news/indiana-legalizes-industrial-hemp/
    it looks as if Governor Pence isn’t such a bad guy after all:
    …”Indiana has become the 11th state to re-legalize industrial Hemp production. State Governor Mike Pence signed bill S.B. 357, the “Industrial Hemp” bill, late last week with the hope that “Hemp will potentially create thousands of new, sustainable, and green jobs for Hoosiers.”…
    Its a step in the right direction
    wonder if he will enact license fees
    that make a starter in the farm business an unfeasibility
    i love how denver is doing its businesses, but the licensing fees seems unattainable
    what does one do to stay sustainable?
    can not wait to go and see what is available,, toked up on the good canna-med, it seems whatever i do,
    even if its cleaning toilets, i KNOW I will not feel down and blue:-)

  24. got to do another freecycle thing but before i dash
    i wanted to give thanks to the good pals, for making me feel fine at last
    and thanks to the interesting talk from a baptist minister on shortwave, reminded me of my Grandad
    really are nifty things to hear from time to time, and that station is not the only one where nifty nuggets of words can be heard, sometimes just a tad
    sometimes a whole lot
    excuse me now while i freecycle, then toke out that which i had sought :-)

  25. got ripped again, my fault really, since i trusted a stranger, who wasn’t holding the herb
    all the more reason to move to denver where stores will dispense tested canna-med, and weights should be right too, thus no reason i should ever be perturbed
    from now on, no money is coming from me
    unless the seller is holdin’ the weed
    stupid of me really to think i could trust
    someone like that what was i thinking, it is just not just
    you’d think the governor would want protections for all
    but it seems like he is not seeing life as he should, not at all

    you’d think people would behave in such a way that they would have more of a conscience
    their thievery i find most noxious
    i will just do my business with whom i can trust and know
    no need for anger, life’s too short for that, that I do know
    6 more weeks, and all will be great
    I simply can not wait
    now to go and find some real green
    to make the evening which is finally warm seem canna-meddically, serene :-)

  26. http://www.latimes.com/nation/politics/politicsnow/la-pn-us-must-win-back-trust-on-intelligence-gathering-obama-says-20140325,0,1814265.story#axzz2xNbUUSpJ
    there seems to me to be reason for joy and thankfulness for President Obama’s attempt to show the world that the usa is trying to be now one who can be trusted, maybe since the prez is in the netherlands, a country where cannabis is virtually legal in a way
    that that news article is a message sent to the cannabis community to give us a message that the prez really is trying to make the world a less war like and unfriendly place to reside in, in his own way i pray
    strong cannabis has been revealed to me here in this town
    so i am thankful not to be wearing a disappointed frown;-)
    Yes!, I am proud of this town!
    still will try my luck though at gold prospecting
    seems to me the happiest a person could be is if they are able to pull their own weight so to speak, without someone always expecting
    this or that
    i won’t look back
    with unhappy thought
    for to not try is unthinkable, as it would make me forever feel my life’s dreams are in a drought
    so, i will not give up my dreams
    and cannabis is integral, and hopefully forever it will forever for me will be seen:-)

  27. those three miles home, unmedicated can be quite harsh at times, glad though to note
    that there are true friends about, why in the world did i ever mope?
    all i had to do was ask
    being locked into my own thought, i missed out on that opportunity, i see that now, no need for me to mask
    i thought i had tried the best before
    and then in comes a bag into my vision, the smell of which could be smelt through the bag, like in all the written folklore
    this one was especially pungent
    one to which i am very humbled to even to be a witness too, the smallest of nuggets seems quite satisfactorily abundant
    it is amazing i tell you! i have tried indies best, and Portlands’ too
    but this stuff is ideal due to the strength i am telling you leaving me definitely not feeling blue, and no body aches too, and i thank God for the moment to be alive to see this moment in time :-)
    I am so happy to be alive!
    every second is truly a blessing surly that we all are able to behold if we are fortunate enough to have the experience of the vapory stuff hugging up against our lungs giving me the feeling that this is the place we are all always at, and yet, in this state of mind, it somehow does seem too allow life be a kind of a “take 5” umm, i mean the mood of the song lol
    thanks to everyone for making every moment a joy to behold
    and no, strangely, i don’t feel like i am getting old lol umm yet fingers are crossed and i am sure to say a prayer this evening to echo that sentiment :-)

  28. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTeEAtWvI2U
    maybe some people do not know
    but the burning feeling they may feel might be from adulterants from other’s bud’s you do not know, due to you not having your own grow
    how is anyone to enjoy life
    if they are in a temporary coma from something they do not know about that they can not see in plain sight
    due to the stupid war on everyone’s neurotransmitters
    we it appears are on our own here in indiana, but i am not a quitter
    i will just keep the faith and know that Einstein may have had it right when he said: He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice.
    isn’t any reason for anyone to be burned just because they can not afford the expensive green, its not much different than the jews being burned, and it isn’t right
    well, time to get my self canna-medded
    so i will feel happy and content in my headed?

  29. Mean of me really to imply
    that a person that knows no better about cannabis perhaps is guilty of any lie
    I feel bad for have thought that, i really do
    but it is said, we do not always choose the proper words to use when preoccupied with other things and people, umm, now where is that mountain dew:-)
    the church lady is trying to do good after all bless her heart
    how dare me think that allegory and synonymous thought
    is automatically a lie, without thinking into it the way it was to have ORIGINALLY have been taught
    the revised versions from the time they removed cannabis to now
    i really can’t see why or how
    they would want to do such a thing
    but i really did say a stupid thing
    hope the spirits will forgive
    to say such a stupid thing as i did, is asking a lot to forgive
    i only seek out the unity of all
    dont see that some will find it if the door appears shut to them after all

    when they are asking for guidance for this or that to avoid any kind of fall
    war vets are just one group of many that could benefit from cannabis too and all
    what a bunch of swell folks you all are
    you must really have been places and been far
    to know so much about human psyche, and a person’s heart and as wise as you are
    to help a person know why things are the way they are and all and help them find the needed herb
    that grows silently mysteriously, to grow those magical buds of wonder, if i may say a word
    i thank God for the wonderful vision of life
    and i thank God for swell people to enjoy life with in all circumstances, summer is almost here, i plan to enjoy it, hope you do too, into – paradise:-)
    if thats what your goal is, and i believe ultimately thats where i would like to be
    i will leave it up to God what is to become of me
    still think looking for a life to where i am self sufficient is worth the risk
    of going out west and seeing what happens and what opportunity awaits, i already downloaded some good maps of free sights to go pan legally like, would not want to jump anyone’s claim, as if i could not resist
    as that is not my nature
    i value my life more than that, no need to denature

  30. just got this in the mail:
    …” ted -Since my time on active duty in Iraq, I’ve suffered badly from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I’m haunted by nightmares and flashbacks, remembering the improvised explosive device that nearly took my arm. My PTSD got so bad that I became prone to outbursts of anger and violence. I tried therapy, different kinds of medication, but it just kept getting worse — until I began using medical marijuana. After I registered as a patient in in my home state of Maine, where medical marijuana is legal, I finally felt like myself again. I stopped having so many nightmares when I was asleep, so many outbursts when I was awake. For years researchers have been trying to study if marijuana can help veterans and others with PTSD. But the DEA has been blocking the research. The DEA would rather force veterans like me to go untreated than allow research to prove whether medical marijuana can help. I started a petition on Change.org asking the Drug Enforcement Administration to allow a study on the medical benefits of marijuana for PTSD. The Food and Drug Administration has already approved protocols for the proposed study on marijuana and PTSD. And just last week, the National Institute on Drug Abuse gave the study their approval as well. The DEA is now the one and only agency blocking this potentially revolutionary study….”

    and as i drove into town today, i heard a catholic lady say that altered consciences is a bad thing, she was particularly talking about Buddhism, which i know little about, but it which tells me she does not know what the original meaning of Christ consciousness means
    Chris Bennett explains in detail what the ancient meanings were about
    the mistranslation of the Septuagint is the reason for the removal of kaneh-bosm, which is prural for and better known as cannabis
    cannabis is known for its spiritual awakening properties, as well as its happiness properties, and all those who do not like it, are missing out, with out a doubt
    and no church should allow hate for it, for hating cannabis is anti-christic in nature, as it is written that Jesus healed people with the oil he made with pounds of cannabis, and Chris Bennet tells of how in the ancient times that only kings and priests were allowed its use, and that kind of thinking it seems goes on to this day, regardless who suffers, war veterans, or people like me with various health problems of my own that ONLY cannabis helps with, they put down a veil of lies to protect those who would not understand, much to the detriment of human kind, the lie that cannabis is a bad thing is responsible for a lot of grief and wars too i imagine, and it needs to stop, as there is nothing godly in taking away others’ happiness, and calling yourselves righteous goody goody, and hatinging on others religious is a slippery slope to make you mope:-)
    and cannabis is not dope

    on a lighter note, i am thrilled to have discovered that Graham Hancock has some fascinating documentaries on youtube, and i think i will now watch some, so i am off…:-)

  31. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5PwAEjw6GU
    there it is, an evening with hamlet -family togetherness, happiness, contentment
    and things in my own life that were always lacking, but then so was cannabis, although i suppose i do harbor some resentment
    things to strive for
    i do not see why cannabis should ever be thrown out the door
    i refuse to any longer be sore, i will enjoy what i have, and know
    that where i am moving, there will be hope for a better tomorrow, with cannabis, and who knows, it is not imposible to find gold, and if i get lucky, i will settle down on my own place off the grid and grow:-)
    unless the meanies actually convince everyone that all happiness should be banned
    and make it unlawful to be self sufficient off the grid, and live off ones’ own land
    somehow i do not think that people will allow that
    they just like to find people to be their doormat

  32. after leaving for home last nite
    i still had a borrowed car, to help someone move some stored stuff and the like
    so i turned on the radio and what did i hear
    the talk of how Jesus told them to open a vail and then they turned around and closed it, just what i feared
    i believe why the secretive ones are the way they are
    is because they do not want to allow just everyone in their churches that bears all their heathenistical ways, the churches they do not wish to scar
    noun: heathen; plural noun: heathens
    a person who does not belong to a widely held religion (esp. one who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim) as regarded by those who do.
    synonyms: pagan, infidel, idolater, heretic, unbeliever, disbeliever, nonbeliever, atheist, agnostic, skeptic; More
    synonyms: pagan, infidel, idolater, heretic, unbeliever, disbeliever, nonbeliever, atheist, agnostic, skeptic; More
    heathen people collectively, esp. (in biblical use) those who did not worship the God of Israel.
    an unenlightened person; a person regarded as lacking culture or moral principles.
    synonyms: philistine, boor, oaf, ignoramus, lout, yahoo, vulgarian, plebeian
    it seems they do not know though that others too use veils
    wikipedia says in part that the Assyrian legal text from the 13th century BC, which restricted its use to noble women and forbade prostitutes and common women from adopting it so hating the veiled ones is to fail
    to see that they did not want to look like prostitutes, they wear them to show respect
    for women and their particular sect
    seems there has got to be a way
    to making people lose their hate for each other before it is too late
    but how
    when others point fingers, ridicule, scoff, and use disconcerting words of others that may indeed see sacredicity in all people, and things, including trees, and cows
    it seems no one wants to be the brunt of ridicule
    google defines ridicule as:
    the subjection of someone or something to mockery and derision.
    “he is held up as an object of ridicule”
    synonyms: mockery, derision, laughter, scorn, scoffing, contempt, jeering, sneering, sneers, jibes, jibing, teasing, taunts, taunting, badinage, chaffing, sarcasm, satire;

    imagine people in a church that are trying to pray
    and someone from outside that knows nothing about their beliefs comes into the church and says
    or perhaps they even yell out “YOU ARE STUPID” just as everyone is praying
    it would be most disconcerting, and when a person is praying
    they are not playing
    google defines it as causing one to feel unsettled.
    synonyms: unsettling, unnerving, discomfiting, disturbing, perturbing, troubling, upsetting, worrying, alarming, distracting, off-putting; More
    confusing, bewildering, perplexing
    so thats why, no one came out and told me this, it is my own belief
    it seems to me to be the only reason they have secrets concerning cannabis that causes the ones that do not know their secrets so much grief
    i learned the word disconcerting from Ozzie Nelson on one of his shows
    seems not any house hold has all the answers, but it also seems we all could try to get along with the proper repose
    so what am i to do
    with a family of nonbelievers in cannabis, leaving me feel blue
    maybe i can stake my own claim out west
    maybe a chunk of gold is not impossible to find, it seems best
    why settle for anything other
    than cannabis, and the search for like minded sisters and brothers
    love out to the cannabis community
    you have shown me heaven on earth, and i wish for some sort of unity
    to prevent war and hate from the cannabis hating non-believers, and the product of their fruits of killing everyone through stupid nuclear annihilation
    and to find ways to free the captives of the unjust, high treasonous and unconstitutional cannabis hate war brought on upon them by others who believe that war on some, is better than war on the many in all nations
    maybe the entheogen of cannabis is not everyone’s thing
    maybe some people are into something else, but whatever it is that they are into, it isn’t the proper thing, if it does not make their hearts sing
    happiness – why are people so down on happiness
    seems silly to me, the thought that anger is better than happiness, anger shows me that someone else got the better of them bringing diseased nerves to the person effected from their sappyness
    ok, its getting warmer out FINALLY
    think i will clean my place up, and prepare for my trip to freedom, and avoid all the secretive stuff, and search out the divinely
    and if i am able to find a nugget of gold, so be it
    i am sure to find nuggetry of cannabisical gold to help to keep my spirit, and body lit
    with happiness and health and a smile for the earth
    to where no matter what i do, life will appear easy and give each of my days a kind of a re-birth
    a lot more id like to type, but out of time
    and out of med, so, consequently, i am out of rhyme lol
    excuse the typos
    my attempt to find out how the secret world works has lead me to doubt
    i mean maybe it is all coincidence
    but it seems their is something in a persons words and a persons sentence
    wish i knew how to write more legibly
    maybe someone someday will take their life to a better unitaryness type of a kind of a level to prevent all wars somehow, and unveil cannabis’ sacred niftyityness

  33. i was listening to a catholic station “while driving a borrowed car”, and someone called in concerned about a minister? umm who was giving out a sacrament to everyone, not to just the sick, and it makes me wonder what they are talking about
    i mean why not have cannabis as a tool that help cure folks’ ills, it used to be in the bible, and although i haven’t renewed my ministerial papers, i have talked it over with my unbelieving family, and it seems they are content being miserable due to their ignorance without a doubt
    concerning cannabis’ healing properties
    i know that typing here, is a form of some kind of a mass, in a way, even if one or two others read it, but isn’t it said somewhere where two or more gather, God can be found somewhere, it surly is not some oddity
    unless truly, everyone has turned to evil
    to hate cannabis has to come from not having faith in God, and their fears must then be an indication of and the reason for the worlds current upheaval
    so i thought i would rush in and post this note
    as i know that sometimes the spirits speak back words of wisdom from time to time from my experiences and cannabis is not dope!; umm, from the past at times from things i have wrote
    so lets hear what you have to say
    i don’t have much luck talking in person, but anyway
    maybe people are sworn to some kind of secrecy?
    is not it time to stop the stupidity?
    why if i had known there were ways to avoid all my grief in my life
    through the healing powers of cannabis in my life that shows no strife
    no matter what you do
    well, ok, so now i am asking you
    secretive people, maybe they know
    if not, at least i asked, ok, out of time at the library, so i had better go

  34. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtQsWdu6AiY
    no one wants to be ordered around like john doormat, all he wanted to do was watch tv
    the cannabis community want to live their life without the bickering of others who do not want them to be free which is not the way to be
    if only gunther toodie toked up on some cannabis, and read the emperor wears no cloths he would have saved himself from making his own sacrifice
    if you ask me, that is sound advice
    lol toodie, reading in the shower
    ok, who has a spare cannabis flower:-)

  35. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9tInxSoXc4
    if Greg Palast the other nite on coast is a member somehow of the feds and involved in some sort of false flag lie
    it just is not right
    as doing so would lose the trust of the public and if no one believes the government in the future if a real emergency came up and all was not fine
    then what would the government do, other than hiding in its mountain mine, it can not live in there for all time
    cannabis has been shown to help the nerves
    perhaps if the feds tried it, they would lose their silliness and be well served

  36. Going home on the good stuff in my head, the expensive cannabis that can not afford was great
    no arthritic pain, i could take the hills with ease, it felt great!
    can’t wait to go to a state that does not criminalize
    ready to get on with my life and can do without the indiana’s criminal code of lies

  37. why should our tax dollars go to fund war
    what good does it do other than line the riches pockets with blood money, why for?
    i oh, 1 minute left
    ok, better go, later world of the nefty net:-)

  38. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBtPCkRXUBk
    Oscar’s boss always frightened me as a little kid
    i don’t know if its his angry looking face or if its his yelling that made it frighten me the way he did
    the world would be a lot more kinder
    if it treated all equally good, and gentle, just a reminder
    what we need is a department of peace
    not a department of war, war should all cease
    if everyone knew of the pleasant world that they really are missing
    they would not spend one second on anything other, and spend more time on kissing, instead of hissing

  39. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RytEqHutOU0
    the bad cat tried to put everyone’s brains into a sleepy trance like state
    if it weren’t for mighty mouse, they would still today be asleep, what a fate
    …”many many years ago, when fairy castles filled the air, and stars were diamonds and rubies, and the moon was made of GREEN CHEESE”…:-)
    isn’t it true that once you open the box of wicked unhappiness that happen when you place your idolatrous votes for demonic people that seek to kill others, even in their own country
    that you are going to have problems in perpetuity?
    but the solution is in the realization of the problem
    and to help take steps to stop all those who seek out war with those who grow the nifty cannabis flower blossoms
    the first step in solving all problems is in the putting them in a verbal form, so that you can know the truth, and the truth will set you free
    we just have to have faith that we will all somehow fix the broken system, and maybe the warmongers who hate the cannabis community need mandatory counseling to curb their incessant insanity
    at least that is one way
    i just wish the war on the cannabis community would end, what more can i say

  40. The Fovea is the pit in our Retina that receives the 2 degrees of our field of view
    the fovea of happiness is increased though cannabis use, but the cannabis hating constitutional prohibitionists act like they wouldn’t have ever knew
    to ban cannabis is to ban happiness
    to do so seems like practicing sappiness
    whats wrong with expanding our fovea’s view of happiness all through our bodies daily
    thats what this world needs instead of the happiness lacking fovea damaged warmongering criminal’s of staley
    they see people that are happy and they get angry due to their GREEN envy
    they themselves do not have faith enough to explore their own bodies’ potential, just war about with everyone encessantly
    it is awful what the government has done and is doing
    it is best we all be self sufficient, why vote others to represent us, when they represent only themselves, why cant we represent our own selves, while the warmongers plot the world they want to ruin
    like maggots
    they stink, war stinks dog dangus




  41. i can not thank the good folk enough for the canna-medial lift
    im still feeling it, and i think it is pretty nift! :-)
    it seems better all the time
    how can the make a great plant like that seem less than divine
    won’t be long now and i will go
    to where it is all around and no more will i feel at times empty and lacking happiness, you know?
    House Republicans pass bill to force Obama to enforce marijuana laws in legal states
    the article it seems would have more accurately written if it said “House Republicans commit perjury on their oaths to protect everyone in the state’s constitutional rights, and pass high treasonous bill of war to force Obama to enforce constitutionally illegal marijuana hate laws in legal states
    how is it in fact that any state can ban a persons constitutional rights
    it is as though the trouble makers just enjoy a fight
    but they do not want blood on their hands
    they leave that to others to the ones to whom they ban

    what i dont understand is why all their hate?
    what’s more is why do they “all” take oaths to protect everyone’s constitutional rights
    then they develop criminal personalities, commit perjury and want war on the cannabis community, which is not right
    if the gop just want o play the parts of unruly children and wish to be criminals
    it is time for them all to go
    this nation is not a nation that envies bullies
    why do they always act as though to be a real man that they have to be bullies
    the gop the president needs to ban
    they just want war with the cannabis community, which is high treason which i am no fan
    “Participating in a war against one’s native country, attempting to overthrow its government”
    making the dollar useless and warring on their own native country should make them all feel embarrassment, why do they feel they are beyond reproach and encouragement
    why can’t they be nice and on everyone’s side here in the states
    why do they always bicker and hate
    the low lives do not deserve a thing
    i hope they get what they deserve, and live in the rain

  42. http://www.gregpalast.com/what do we do about it?
    i am toking up

    they are crazy

    no if ands or buts

    a smart gals once said something like if the truth makes you crazy then you will be insane
    find comfort in truth, comforting too is that if Mr Palast is correct,
    and not a false flag liar, it seems we are all in for a rough ride by
    the money hungry war loving vain

  43. Election Fraud & Financial Corruption was the discussion on coast to coast am last nite
    i hope it is all a what they call a false flag, a lie, to frighten the public into not making war and the like
    the stuff they were accusing the political folk of
    makes it all look like we are all doomed to death all due to their love for cheating and stealing from everyone, instead of being people the usa can all respect and love
    what people need is to toke up some bliss
    it would alter their minds in a positive way, so they would all stop being pissed
    for no reason other than to be bullies
    imagine people saying that to be a man, that they must not show love to another, even though it is non sexual , the unrullies
    someone told me once why become uninvolved in religion and he said
    he spoke in riddles as he didn’t want to be too obvious for some reason, but he told me that it is as if there is a door that is opened one minute, and closed the next which he did dread
    so he chose not to pursue
    a religious life, that was his view
    maybe i see the reason for separation of church and state
    after hearing people in lebanon tennessee
    speak of the necessity of war, it makes me see
    that i don’t want to live my life thinking people must die
    so that i can live comfortably telling false lies
    that war is good, someone said so in a book thousands of years ago
    when they were speaking of others, but he believes that they were speaking to him, thought you should know
    there is no honor in murdering for profit
    nor in imprisoning people to gain profits for the prison industry, and pill industries, but i am no prophet
    why the world is the way it is is beyond me
    i only know that through cannabis use, my life sure would have been a lot happier, and i still say their is a spiritual connection you see
    but the fearful ones always seems to want to point a finger and say their fears are due to evil of others
    not realizing their fears come from withing, and if their really is truth to what was said on coast last nite, and if the writer of his book is right about our countries’ unholy brothers
    we really are in for a rough ride, all of us
    they intend on doing anything they can to prevent unpleasantries from happening to them, including who knows what will be their upcoming fuss
    well, got to do a freecycle thing so better go
    thought you should however know
    that ANYONE who incites war in their own country
    can not be for people’s best welfare, i think bluntly
    really, people like that on the radio give religion a bad name
    and we read, and he reads, his intent is what, what is to be gained
    by trashing the bible and making it all look lame
    anyone could go through and look for this or that
    to make it look like the bible told them the intentions of things that they yack
    later, toke em if you have em

  44. also last week on shortwave was heard was someone say kill, or be killed
    murder or be murdered is telling of the degradation of people, to think lowly of others like that is a definite sign thinking in the states that is ill
    anyway, thank you pals yesterday for the cannabisical upance
    it reminded me of peace that can be felt in the strongest gails of storms through the MAGI-cal substance
    speaking of gails, the wind yesterday was so strong
    that riding my bike against the wind was useless unless i was in low gear, i can not wait to move so i can smoke a bong
    of good hash
    indiana it looks like will grow hemp at last
    but no one can get high on that
    what is the matter with allowing everyone to sell their own thc
    it is the only thing that works for me
    colorado has it right
    allowing everyone their constitutional rights
    google defines autism as difficulty in communicating and forming relationships
    could it be that since the world is so war hungry that maybe the world suffers from it due perhaps to their failure to realize that heaven is at hand only if they do not lose their cannabisical grip
    why must the cannabisicle experience ever have to end
    if one just had a state that allowed them the opportunity to grow their own, the unconstitutional laws need an amend
    i will be singing a song in my heart everday
    when i am in a state that allows constitutional rights with no high treasonous heresy
    someone said on the radio that christ and nothing is everything and something like everything minus christ is nothing
    so isnit it true that without cannabis in ones life, without our daily bread so to speak
    that we are just miserable people looking for something to eat
    rodney dangerfield they laughed at and i did too
    i didnt know until later that he was into cannabis, wonder if people really did give him no respect for his use of it making him feel blue
    guess i will ramble on
    time is almost up, got to eat my food stamp food before the price goes up again and the food is all gone lol
    cant forget :-)

  45. Constitution gives Congress the responsibility to write the laws, not high treasonously ban everyone’s contitutional right to use cannabis spiritually, and medically
    what trash
    what is a gop?
    anything like a guppy?
    we used to have fish with that name
    sounds fishy to me
    to ban peoples voted laws, and Constitution and hide behind that to line their pockets with fines of our imprisonmentry, and slavery
    when the mafia is the feds
    nothing good will ever come form it
    evil people
    pure evil
    i hope they all lose their jobs the warmongering hateful snobs
    is that all they can do

  46. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwDcZCKr02k
    has humans forgotten why we are all here?
    i too believe people are starting to awaken and remember why we are all here
    colorado and washington remembered and it seems to be thriving pretty good
    can not wait to settle down in one of their neighborhoods

  47. “when anybody preaches dis-unity – tries to pit ones of us against the other through class warfare, race hatred, or religious intolerance, you know that person seeks to rob us of our freedom, and destroy our very lives”
    sound and good doctrine coming strangely from a cartoon of all things

  48. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUMX3jzqFlQ
    That honorable man is refreshing, so far, i didn’t actually hear the whole show the other nite on coast to coast am, but he speaks of unity which i am all for, but at the same time diversity, as we are all different, and to preserve our self identity, it is important that no one ever attempt to take away anthers’ identity, of course, i have not heard this show yet, but will save it and listen to it later

  49. almost at the library and two folks asked me to sign
    a paper keeping pence from vetoing a bill on home efficiency and to help people insulate their homes for a more efficient home energy efficient design
    i wish them luck
    a similar program in the past
    helped our energy bills by patching holes and this and that
    wanted to take my picture though too
    seems like a strange thing to do
    i suppose it is to prevent fraud
    by giving random names of those who are not really involved
    chummily shot an arrow in to stanley livingstons new clock
    when stanley saw tennesse holding the bow, he was falsely accused of the shooting of the arrow and scolded and told to fix it much to tennessee’s shock
    it was said by someone this week on shortwave
    that 60,000,000 deaths were attributed to the previous religious inquisition
    and more shocking was they said something like 60 million more may be murdered, whats the mission?
    seems people need to stop playing God
    isn’t anyone with that title, not you or me or the cannabis hating snobs
    why not let GOD almighty guide us all in our day to day lives
    and stop all the murderous hate of those dressed differently than you and the like
    does everyone know what time it is in evolutionary time i’d like to know
    how to help prevent needless deaths from future wars is what people need to be wondering due to the nature of nuclear annihilation is what i wish radio shows would show
    instead we hear of how evil magic is and the like
    they forget that the three wise men were wise due to their cannabis use being Zoroastrians, a banned religion in the war against everyone’s’ liberties by thieves of our constition wishing for the return of the third Reich
    those dividers of men
    we are to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves
    yet the haters of our constitutional right to use cannabis would have us think that any use of cannabis is of satan that it is evil and we are all doomed as their club says so as they do not love
    got to find other things to do
    tired of listening to filth coming from the lips of those with nothing better to do
    religion is a beautiful thing
    but we must be careful who we listen to when people use religion to create hate and war against neighbors across imaginary political boundary lines
    it though is important to protect the people militarily in this country and i am truly proud of the true heroes of this country
    who place their lives on the line to protect everyone’s’ liberties to be free
    when however tradition of ignorant hate
    makes one forget why we are even here on this planet and then they have the nuclear bombs, then it seems to late
    they would have us all believe
    that satan is in charge of the world and that death and war and destruction will happen and to count on that and i think those are words that deceive
    they read from a compilation of books
    yet the vatican council admit that their are more books, who bans books, ignorant schnooks?
    you look at tv
    what do you see
    midriffs, and seductive trances to arouse
    what happens when people forget what life is supposed to be all about
    sex can be a most beautiful thing
    but without love, a person is missing out and is no better than irma la deuce if she never turned around and evolved to seek out a better life for herself and her sin
    they ban a persons right to have a spiritual encounter
    using cannabis, whats the matter?
    is it that the alcoholics just want women
    to be flat backed whores and to be used by all men?
    i know women are better than that
    let the spirits chew on that

  50. as i listened last nite to what the folks had to say
    i was dismayed by some of the things that called for the murder of others, there must be a better way i pray
    ” i love you forever” what a beautiful song
    don’t like bringing up the negative past but something i heard on shortwave last nite makes me believe that we all should believe in that we all should love each other forever, not be equated to gummer cattle and told so long
    to keep oaths of the Constitution seems to me mandatory if you want to remain free, don’t you see?
    however, last nite on shortwave
    when i heard a cowboy who claims he is brave
    and admires the character of john wayne
    he needs to realize
    that john wayne was in reality a nice guy, not one that would poke everyone in their eye
    just because they might say something that he despised
    if everyone drew their guns at everyone that perturbed them in any way
    their life span it seems to me would be limited anyway
    so why try to live the way a “FICTITIOUS” character did in the movies
    i know that defending everyone’s constitutional rights is what needs to be done, but killing people is just goofy
    how is that doing unto others
    i would like to ask a shortwave brother
    I’m taking no part
    in your unmanly art
    of murder in the first degree
    life is too short, even if we do live to be 1,003
    there must be another way to get their attention than that
    it is wrong and you know it, if someone killed one of your loved ones, you’d regret it too, think of that
    people so proud of their guns
    fine just don’t come across as bullies, or you will be the ones that are the problem rather than the solution, and people to shun
    i know not much a politics, i do wonder though, is this nation a democracy, or republic?
    if it is true that in a democracy, that the majority
    are the rulers over the minorities
    then maybe a republic is the best path for our country to take otherwise it seems inevitable that we all will be slave to the majority which doesn’t seem the thing to do
    seems like that should go without saying i think, how about you
    coast to coast seemed enlightening some how on the bible and things
    cryptic and all though but anyhow oh out of time, this silly timer on this computer thing
    i had better post this now
    or i will lose all data i typed not meaning to scow
    but they said that the Catholics admit to ufo’s
    why is it that one catholic i talked to despised the idea, oh out of time, got to go
    but another catholic called cannabis bread
    i remember what she said

  51. what would it be like if the united states really were united
    and allowed people to grow their own way imbibed on the cannabisical unblighted
    a cannabis consumer could then hold their job
    and no one would be a snob
    smiles would be the norm and all would be ok and fine
    the world would look so much more divine
    the warriors would in time
    i predict would see the error of their ways and drop their guns and weapons of destruct
    and take up hobbies that would be more of a self betterment construct
    why don’t people think of the future and steer the course of their lives for the ideal
    why settle for the traditions of hate and war and destruction of life which is not the proper way to feel
    their is a potential for the cannabis communities lives to come into fruition
    people just need to stop hating and being into killing through their stomach pill worship, alcoholism, and all that evil tradition

  52. i’ve just got to sell a bike that’s all
    then i will be delighted to be here, umm, that is, until it wears off
    then it is the realization of that which i do not have and need
    that will drive me all the more to prepare to move to the place that does not hate the all healing magical vapory splendid weed
    then i WILL get on with my life
    and comfortingly know that with HASH
    that i will be contented and happy with my brain stash
    and i will not look back
    never will i want to come back to indiana, the high treason loving place of lack
    participating in a war against one’s native country is High Treason wikipedia says
    so why teach kids that to spit on others constitutional rights is ok is what i’d like to hear from the prez

  53. if you really think about it
    the so called drug war sponsored by the gob’mint
    is mainly targeted at the cannabis community
    any war on the cannabis community is an utter travesty
    you can not get a good paying job unless you give up weed for 30 days you see
    I’ve met a lot of people here from year to year and I’ve asked the ones that don’t toke anymore why they stopped
    lots of them SADLY have told me that they loved cannabis and still do, but that their job random tests to make sure that no one working for them ever feel up on weed, making freedom for the cannabis community a flop
    lots of others have said that they were on house arrest
    and that they can not partake of the magical green due to drug tests which i find most obscene i attest
    i don’t know the particulars for coke and meth
    but i think it is out of ones blood in 12 hours or less
    which indicates to me
    that only the speed heads get jobs due to the high treasonous war brought to us from our governors and the presidents, and mean unfair church idiots not believing in the true powers that be
    and that would be God almighty
    they all must not have faith that God will lead people and guide them in their path, if only they had faith in the good that God’s gift called Cannabis can bring, and stop thinking life is unsightly
    its as though the powers that be
    want only stomach pill lovers, alcoholics and speed freaks to be the norm in society
    how am i to wait two more months of this
    knowing of a better life prohibited me from unbelieving lying hypocrites
    just standing on this unholy land
    is something that is hard for me to stand
    a persons worth should not be in how many bank notes they acquire
    why do folks judge others as if they were God which is something not to be admired

  54. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZG_k5CSYKhg
    someone admitted to me recently
    that the cheap stuff on the streets isn’t as good as it could be
    he said he could get the good stuff only it costs much more
    and there is a minimum order of $25.00 which for someone with less than $10 usually, makes me feel left out and sore
    that’s why i can not wait to move
    too many weed snobs here that sell to those only with lots of money due to indiana’s marijuana war
    crazy weather, 60’s one day
    snowing and cold today
    guy on sw on i think it was 9.280 Mhz was telling how he wired up his rig using triodes and how he likes tubes rather than solid state
    figuring out the tubes grid characteristics he had to do himself
    due to the data not being in the books
    becaue people like the solid state stuff, “much like people like their stomach pills, i interject”, tubes’ electrical characteristics have been forgotten, solid people give tube people dirty looks
    he’s said i think that he’s been interested in ham since the fifties, and how some on the air do not know how to communicate
    without filthy talk coming from their lips
    i notice a lot of that too at times listening to random people’s quips
    bloomington indiana has a lot of potential
    it seems not for the cannabis community, unless you have lots of government bank notes for your credentials
    why won’t people sell in smaller quantities the good stuff is beyond me
    the usual story is that the risk is too great
    in this state filled with hate
    to sell in smaller quantities
    because their traffic would increase raising awareness from the haters that hate our constitution, the cannabis community and me living in this war torn society
    i sure do not want to grow old and die here
    i remember my Grandma’s pitiful existence in the nursing home, i loved her dear
    if only she knew
    about cannabis’ potential to wipe out all indications of one’s feeling sad and blue
    all my childhood friends here are nontokers
    they have not had the blessing i have of discovering the truth of cannabis, which one day may prove to be an anti-croaker
    if it is indeed the stuff used Biblically to prevent death for a thousand years minumum
    why is it that people are then into alcohol pills meth and things that create death, and passing mandatory minimums
    on a substance that creates life
    and prevents all kinds of strife

    is it that the common people do not enjoy a brain to think?
    why take something that would put them in a stupor or a semi-coma state that causes rotten flesh that stinks?
    i will move and start anew
    i will not sit around and try to talk to those that are satisfied with a miserable life that makes them all blue

  55. the Fovea is the pit in our Retina that receives the 2 degrees of our field of view
    why is it that SOME Governors think that seeing is the pits as it makes people go boo?
    any fears people have can be explained
    but the prohibs would have the cannabis communities thinking there is something wrong with our brains

    if they had their way, everyone would be blind, in a coma on heroin and paying them their pill money and hospital stay
    their is talk of soldiers guarding poppy plants in Afganistan to supply the pill community their habit
    what is wrong with enjoying our sight God gave us with Cannabis dag nabit
    let the cannabis communities live our lives with Cannabis our way
    and let all of the hostages to your ill gotten marijuana hate war go
    you know it is wrong to lock the cannabis communities in cages anyway, let us all grow
    the linux users’ group I thought was to meet up tonite
    but it looks like no one is going to show, no one in sight
    oh good nite, and hello youtube
    what i need for this mountain dew is an ice cube;-)

  56. some weed they call killer
    not that it really will kill you, don’t know why they use terminology that for newbies can come across as some sort of chiller
    Mehdi is a very informative knowledgeable guy
    who comedically teaches electronics and i bet i know why
    cause he likes to, i think
    may he keep up the great vids, hilarious stuff – here’s the link

  57. I just received this in the email…

    My dad is serving life without parole for marijuana
    By Chris Mizanskey
    Sedalia, Missouri

    Sign Chris’ Petition

    My father Jeff Mizanskey has been in prison for 20 years and has no possibility of parole. For non-violent, marijuana-only offenses, my father has been sentenced to die in prison because of a “three strikes” mandatory sentencing policy in the State of Missouri.

    Dad’s first offense was in 1984 when he sold an ounce to an undercover informant, and then was found to possess a half pound of marijuana when police raided his house the next day. His next offense occurred in 1991, when he was caught in possession of a couple of ounces. But for my father’s final strike in 1993, he became an easy fall guy in a conspiracy to distribute marijuana. My dad was driving a friend to a deal that turned out to be a sting operation. All of the other convicted men involved were set free years ago, but my dad was given a virtual death sentence.

    My dad is, and always has been, a good man. He taught my brother and I all about construction and a good work ethic. He has never been violent and he is a model prisoner. And over the 20 years he has been in that little cell, he has watched as violent criminals, rapists, and murderers have “paid their debts” and left – sometimes just to return a few months later.

    My father is 61 years old, and has been in prison since he was 41. His parents – my grandparents – have since passed. While my dad has been trapped behind bars, generations of kids and grandkids have been born into our family who have never even met the man. The State of Missouri spends roughly $22,000/year to keep him locked up. Meanwhile all my dad wants to do is be a productive part of society, work and pay taxes, be with his family. And I want my dad back.

    Governor Jay Nixon is the only person who has the power to bring my dad home by granting clemency to Jeff and calling 20 years punishment enough. Please help us reach a just and reasonable end to his prison sentence by signing and sharing this petition.
    What do we in the cannabis community do when the president toked coke and weed
    and admits it too, yet others like the president walks free, and the president through executive order could pardon all weed NON-OFENCES and stop studying money worshiping greed
    for the few that benefit
    like the prison industry and the stomach pill hypocrites
    pills kill thousands of people a year
    cannabis has never done so, so why hold the hate of it so dear?
    it is plain to see to me that what we have here is failure of the public to medicate
    with cannabis because they have been lied to by greedy people that do not like life enough to celebrate
    each moment with a smile
    why do people like to think vile
    some people classify others with strange names on late nite radio
    why is it that people pretend to know what they just don’t know

    ufos indeed
    give us our freedom you book selling wannabees
    and i am no illegal alien
    so stop trying to take away my right to work by hiking my pants down you simpleton reptilians
    you speak of freedom in the states and how great it is
    prove it, show it, put up, or shut up, and let us toke our cannabis

  58. maybe a recumbent, or extra long wheelbase bike club i could join too
    with the nifty hash in me, i know i will feel great sipping my mountain dew;-)
    maybe we could even ride to the california coast
    the herb really does make me feel like doing things, and yes, i mean to boast!
    no one does around indiana, and it is a sin
    to have the knowlege of happiness and to keep it all with in?
    i recently was offered an opurtunity to joing in an upcoming stock of a company that uses cbd from cannabis to use for this or that ailment
    but with the thc and other ingredients removed, i do not believe that is the best way to heal anyone, so my heart is not in it, so i will no invest, even if i did have the money, so that for me is another curtailment
    time is almost over so i had better go
    have a bicycle to sell, maybe i could buy some food, and a bag of nifty vapory delight
    if someone needs a bike that is so
    then i can enjoy the days, and notice how as long as there is some in me, that it feels that their really is no real nite
    in a sense that is
    and all that biz

  59. thanks to the good pals, i am happy to say
    that another day is here, and i am feeling pretty ok:-)
    can’t wait to join the mountain spelunking clubs
    i bet it will be fun and a way to meet other like minded folks rather than the usual indiana public pubs
    i found my freedom at last
    and i have hope for a better future, with CANNABIS – what a blast!
    Thank you God for this life to witness
    may you show us all how to live in bliss for infinity through cannabisical fitness:-)

  60. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udymglDIc6k
    those shows are so funny as they tend to exaggerate ordinary life
    but it seemed so light hearten and bright
    what happened to those days i tell ya
    its the drug war that has everyone afraid to talk to everyone maybe i tell you
    well, maybe one possible scenario
    i wouldn’t deny the possibility’s accuracy
    as i watch these old shows, it seems they will ever-last enough of the oratorio, seems not any fantasy
    Thank you God for another great day!

  61. i sure do meet a lot of nice folks
    it seems to me i really do have a lot to be thankful for, and as soon as i find the stuff that has the strength of the stuff i used to grow, then that spot in my brain will be content
    it seemed much more stronger, and more effective than the typical here not to be a mal-non-content
    although there is the very best that can be found around
    i can not afford that and eat too, not to be a pest in this town
    but i feel that my bodies health should come first as all should have the right to do the same,
    and it seems the best quality will be elsewhere so thats where i will bound for i suppose all the same
    got to do what we got to do
    i say this from me to you
    love to all

  62. I do not like Cannabis, Sam-I-am
    Would you consider allowing people to use it to cure a cold?
    I do not like it, Sam-I-am.
    I do not like weed to cure a cold
    I will not allow it to make better the watering of your nose
    Do you, would you allow us to use it to prevent us from becoming old?
    I do not approve it to prevent you from becoming old
    I do not allow you to use cannabis to get rid of a cold
    Would you could you let us use it to ease cancer?
    I refuse to allow it’s use for the ease of cancer
    Would you, could you allow its use for crohns
    I would not could not allow it for crohns
    I do not want it to cure the cold in my bones

    I would not could not use it anywhere
    I hate weed, Sam I am

    I would never use it to ease cancer
    I hate it and tradition steers us to the correct path natr’
    but your tradition is filled with war torment and all that
    I do not care what you say about all that
    I will always hate weed any way
    Would you could you abide by your oath?
    I will not abide by my oath
    My allegiance is to tradition and high treason and war is the tradition to where money is worth more than life
    the needs of the many rich are more important than the low lives with none in there own miserable strife
    and warring against those with cannabis
    is our main mission
    i will not can not allow its use
    to be used for your colds, cancers or other self abuse
    I do not like Cannabis for any season
    I do not like Cannabis for any reason
    Would you eat it to not smoke it
    I would not eat it to not smoke it
    would you vaporize it then
    its easier to inhale if you do and the effects are much more pleasantly intense
    I will not vaporize it to prevent the smoke
    I will not eat it either to prevent getting old
    I do not like weed,
    Sam I am.
    You do not like weed, so you say
    Try it! Try it anyway!
    And you may really like it if I might say
    If you will let me be,
    I will admit to have trying it when I was younger
    But for all the states that wants war with you
    I am the commander and chief, war is the thing to do
    I do not will not ease the federal laws
    I will not can not allow the prisoners to go free any how
    It is against my nature to be fair
    Warring against the people in our own country is High Treasonous tradition
    so get out of here do as i say, get out of my hair
    enough of hearing you go on about your stupid pitiful tradition

  63. if it means that little to them, we sure can not forget
    maybe the constitution, they forgot the contents and think everyone is ill legit?
    maybe pills have peoples’ minds altered in a negative way
    maybe that is why they can not remember wht it is that they should cheer
    is it the booze?
    maybe the alcohol makes their minds in a sort of a snooze?
    if no one in this state
    thinks that the cannabis’ communities rights are nothing to celebrate
    time is up, so have to go
    get it together indiana!? you know?

  64. maybe the folk of the Jewish faith are right
    to not eat of pig products and the like
    i just found out that what may have brought the canary to an early demise
    may have been when i was invited for pork chops the other day, they being cooked on Teflon and Teflon has been proven to cause a canaries early demise
    is not it true of what the folks in d.c. just did is set a precedent?
    why isn’t the news shows and everyone talking about the end of the war, even the president?
    who is trying to “block” the cannabis communities’ lives from coming into fruition?
    i know what i will do, i will watch some youtube, instead of watching the dead spirited ones trying in vane to maintain their ignorant insane war loving tradition

  65. from mpp.org in part

    Dear ted,

    Moments ago, the Washington, D.C. City Council voted to decriminalize marijuana possession!

    bill, which goes into effect this summer, replaces criminal penalties
    of up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine with a civil penalty
    (similar to a parking ticket) of $25 for possession of up to an ounce of
    marijuana. It also decriminalizes marijuana paraphernalia.

    means that, outside of Washington and Colorado, marijuana penalties are
    now less punitive in our nation’s capital than anywhere else in the


  66. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPBDMihPRJA
    so i suppose we all should be happy about the news of late
    it is time to celebrate
    no more war against the cannabis communities rights
    no more someone looking for some sort of illegal fight
    as soon as the job front realizes now that it can not benefit
    from tax breaks by making people put there pants on the ground to sample the liquid collected that constitutionally is so ill legit
    the sooner everyone can feel good about their country again and return to the patriotism that we all i am sure miss
    what do you suppose the common people do
    when they feel a call to do something, but they are not for sure what it is that they are fit to do i ask you
    what agency or folk does one talk to traditionally at times like this
    what do the average traditionalist do in these similar circumstances hmm, well, maybe we should just look forward to not having to relocate after all for starters and don’t miss
    the opportunities presented one when they are given
    whether it is something i can do on my own or with help is to be seen, should i inquire of the forgiven?
    well, maybe i better not go too fast
    wouldn’t want to scare off the timid and spoil the moment and possibly the moments of life that could otherwise be a blast
    who now is canna-med talk worthy?
    is it the cops and city council along with the clergy
    which direction do the common folk feel is best
    i sure do not want to be a pest
    so i am off to do this and that
    cant wait til summer, now where is my hat lol

  67. Thank you God! – the war is practically over
    freedom at last!
    reminiscent me can now look at the past without the constant buggery
    of a silly law that just shouldn’ta have been
    do instill it, no matter how well meaning, it just multiplied the unhappiness within
    out own country and their is a rumor that the disease against cannabis
    has even spread to the united nations
    but i see a better future ahead
    got to enjoy the day, and possibly re-canna-med my head:-)

  68. library closed due to ice and snow
    for two whole days, but the herb made it seem not too long, and so it goes

  69. while it is true that we should not value Cannabis over life it’s self
    valuing life over cannabis can lead to an early death, somebody else –
    another friend’s friend died and the person was a non cannabis imbiber
    she had every right to live and be happy with cannabis is she desired
    may she rest in peace
    my friend is pretty broke up about it to say the least
    stop the drug war
    the country does nothing by engaging in it, but make people dead, or miserable and sore

  70. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wcIWQRlypw
    gotta keep on making me high:-)
    Wonder if he would think life is so tee jes if only
    he had imbibed on the crystally wonder that never leaves a persons heart to feel empty and lonely;-)

    my friend reminded me some thing that we should never do, that we should never love weed more than life
    to do so would ruin the experience and take the happiness from you and umm ife? lol

  71. did have to walk my bike last nite
    but a guardian angel of sorts bought me two new tubes for my bike
    single ply tires are not the best things to use
    for side walks that in some places have broken glass that once held the careless’s booze
    nor are they very good
    for the ruts in the frozen dirt rail trail
    nor the log that i hit late at nite, after the snow that i couldn’t see til it was too late due to weak batteries, but enough of that sad tale
    a GOOD FRIEND recently invited me to try some of his cannabisical delight
    from a distance, it smelt of skunky strawberrys, and tasted sweet, and did not induce a cough
    he suggested that i not take a very large hit on the stuff as it was very strong but i scoffed
    as i hit it as hard as i could, and set my stop watch so to hold it in for at least 60 seconds
    3 or four more tokes of that, and i thought he would have had enough of our weed session
    but then he pulls out another strain
    i tell you, i was so pleasantly medded in my brain
    words can not describe
    the effects properly, no lie
    who ever helped grow that strain on this earth
    is definitely on the track to heavenly happiness, as personally, it made me feel a sort of re-birth
    as the world no longer looks like a place of sadness and gloom
    it looks pleasantly exciting and fun, and something to cherish, and all due to friends, and that strange heavenly green crystal filled bloom
    May God bless those who share
    the nifty herb like was done to me, so that others will benefit also if they care
    also, it seems that there are others on the radio trying to communicate
    a similar liking, so i will investigate
    you can never have enough friends
    may we all live our lives with no strife, with no end

  72. a nifty book i read long ago
    said where attention goes energy flows
    it was from a book i read
    called Celestine Prophecy, and in it, it said
    that paraphrasing, there are secrets unknown to most folk
    secrets to find ways to raise a persons vibratory state
    to where they could reach a high level of awareness, where surly, just like the effects of a good nifty herb
    a person could have a better understanding of how to achieve their goals
    of true enlightenment, and in my world i have found it to happen with the proper filled bowl
    even though the book was a sort of a fantasy
    it has hints of truth on how to achieve heavenly ecstasy
    so i will not give evil my personal attention
    kind of wish i never even mentioned
    however, as i got back to the library on my bike with one flat tire
    just as i pulled up to a good parking spot, a loud explosion came from my front tire, but i am not a crier
    have no idea why it went boom
    is someone some where trying to tell me something about talking about the earthly war loving low lives that want only doom?
    i didn’t even yet look to see what caused it
    i wont let it get me down a little bit
    I’ll just let all the negative thoughts go
    lol, hope i can still ride with no tires up, but who knows
    if i have to walk
    not meaning to balk, but stoned then really will be the way of my walk :-)
    in the early nineties cypress was played most often
    fond memories i have of those songs just because it was around the time that i discovered the nifty weed, and i love the loften
    effects it gives me indeed
    the green crystally nuggets of magi-cal wonder some call weed

  73. actually i will mention the movie but not now
    i would like to explain why i think that kind of thinking is doing our country a great service but anyhow
    48 seconds to go
    so i better go

  74. looks like coast to coast am tonite for enjoyment, they plan to talk of battling demons
    what is the fascination of things like that, i see no reason
    why make people fearful and look for reasons
    to make them hate things they dont understand sounds like thinking coming from demons
    but i too used to watch sammy terry
    a host on tv late on weekend nites hosting shows of gore that were at times scary
    i wouldn’t mind it so much if the fearful ones wouldn’t turn around and ban every cannabis consumers constitutional rights to live
    it is appalling what some movies try to suggest
    that the gin is some sort of evil entity just cause the lying feds say so what pests
    no wonder some call the usa the great satan
    some prohib deceivers always with faces that look like they always have a perpetual headache, and toungues that speak lowly of others looking for someone to battle and all the time the cannabis community they be a hatin’
    well they are missing out
    with out a doubt
    on the best feeling ever
    to be dis-eased free, and the feeling of love surrounding hopefully forever
    i am especially speaking on a movie that i am not even sure i should even mention
    the warmongering fear-mongering that people enjoy
    wont be funny to them if it ends up starting a war by the sensitive ones that see no reason to be insulted like that i predict and to be toyed
    why cant people act right
    it is so easy, why the want to fight
    it is that they just do not know any better
    ok, time is almost up, so for now, i had better end this letter

  75. 6 to 10 inches of snow expected this weekend some are predicting on the radio
    i need to look for a ski that i could affix to the front fork of my bike, so that i wouldn’t be stuck in such a scenario
    at a local auction years ago, i acquired a set of downhill skies, and cross country, but i through them away when i moved out
    really could use them now perhaps, but i will not pout
    crazy weather anyway, i have never seen anything quite like it
    its almost march and it just doesn’t want to quit
    it will have to warm up though in the next few weeks or so, it has to
    just need to sit tight and keep the herb in my lungs so that i feel fine, and drink my mountain dew:-)

  76. lecture on sneezes seems to me that seems to be the first line
    what was that dr demento ditty i wonder that i remember way back in time

  77. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9c8bYuxLEg
    I have a secret that i’d like to share
    about something that i have been thinking about – life expectancy of animals on the herb for those who care
    i used to have a zebra finch bird that used to sit on my shoulder for hours at a time
    and when i’d toke up, the thing would walk to my mouth and peck at it, seemingly, it enjoyed the smoke, it must have made it feel fine
    one day, i closed my laptop, and got up out of the easy chair i had been sitting on quickly
    and when the leg rest closed up, unbeknownst to me, the bird flew in between that and the chair, smothering it, sadly
    i didn’t even know until late that nite, naturally i felt very badly
    what had happened to my little friend, what a frightful sight
    today, i visited my mom to enjoy a home cooked meal
    to find that one of her birds, a canary had died
    people may think it not a big deal
    but i have to wonder why
    could it have lived if it had been given a daily dose of the all healing herb
    i know the non toking prohibs must think the idea is absurd
    but the canary had a nice pleasant voice to share with this earth
    not as nice as my ole zebra finch, but every bird has its worth
    i must now look like a sight
    my home made Michelin man type pants made from an old parachute, and filled with lots of down
    the seams in the legs have ripped nearly all around
    and on top of that, as we were eating today
    a loud explosion being heard, a flat tire i discovered but anyway
    this time it was not a puncture, the tire just came off the rim
    maybe it was running over that log the other day after that terrible storm that did it in
    so i put on another older tire to protect the rim till i can find another good tube, and am now riding around with my back tire flat
    at least i am not walking, now what do you think of that
    and, the other day, i forgot my reading glasses, so i asked for some at the library reference desk
    they gave me some that looked kind of feminine, which on a male, sort of looks grotesque
    i remembered to bring my good ones though today
    so anyway
    on the plus side i am very grateful to mention that a good pal invited me for some good herb
    his is usually better than you can get on the street, so i am not too perturbed
    as i know that soon i will be soaring in bliss
    on the all pleasant feeling cannabis

  78. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFtsCgUIHwM
    could it be that since cannabis reduces the effects of the common cold
    that the virus that transmits it is not such a dis-ease to the cannabis imbiber and that is why the effects are hardly noticed due to a nice green loving cannabis filled bowl?
    as i sit here in this library, i don’t know how many people around here has sneezed and coughed
    wonder if they do not know that there is something that could better their life, and plus it would give their mood a loft
    somehow, i do not believe
    that the cannabis communities beliefs are ever to be thought of as serious as we are thought of as druggies and liars looking to deceive
    but that is due to the war against us
    and it is true that people are paid to lie to us all about the healing effects of cannabis
    that is why it runs so against my grain
    when i here any preacher tell of what the national institute fro drug abuse folks have to say, as they have everything to gain
    by lying to everyone about the cannabis community
    but this hopefully will stop soon as it is insanity
    for any preacher to speak the words of liars
    tells of the limited knowledge they have about the cannabis community, and their ill desires
    there is a bill however that is attempting to unmuzzle the drug czar
    as it is, the drug czar is prohibited from studying if it is true that cannabis has any medical benefit
    so there you go http://blog.norml.org/2014/02/13/representative-cohen-introduces-the-unmuzzle-the-drug-czar-act/ more proof that there is a high treasonous war against the cannabis community for i guess profit
    of those not into the cannabis scene
    which of course is high treasonously mean
    also- whats with the lifting of the ufo truth embargo? http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CDIQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.thetruthdenied.com%2Fnews%2Ftag%2Flift-the-truth-embargo%2F&ei=Ho4OU8GoGsjQyAHLwIH4AQ&usg=AFQjCNFZP8USyRaHhMJFbgbOVrjnGWddeA&bvm=bv.61965928,d.aWc
    is that saying that it is against the law for truth in this nation? i ask, not really sure if i actually lol want to know :-)
    crazy world we live, full of beauty and happiness
    why is it that their must be a war against us, such insanity and madness
    there is nothing Godly in to our sisters and brothers we be a hatin’
    that kind of thinking i believe comes from satan
    or if nothing else ignorance and fear
    both of which are cast out with enough love for all and that we all should hold the world dear
    i looked for the dr demento sneeze thing but i can’t remember who did it but it seems it might have been on an old 78
    oh my it is getting late
    the weather has prevented me from working on my laptop computer and it sure will be nice to type on my own computer at leisure rather than on some time schedule, but it is nice to be where it is warm
    at home it is in the 20’s and 30’s, i do pray for legal for reform
    of all our rights back that thieves took away
    who do they think they are anyway

  79. to be fair however, not all of them are unfriendly and rude
    it is true that some i sincerely respect as they have no better than thou attitude
    imagine though for a moment that us in the cannabis community, what if we did have a church that we all could attend
    and search out answers to all of our questions on how to better our lives on this and that, but then
    it would be just as wrong of any of us
    to tell the cannabis haters of the earth
    that THEY are going to hell, as really it is not up to any of us to judge people like that and tell them that they have no worth
    it would be equally wrong of us to say to them
    that to have a good paying job, that it be mandatory that they pull down their underwear, for us to examine their urine to make sure that thc is in their bodies, and if it is not, that they are to not work, their kids are taken from them and they are left to be in prison and condemned

  80. Hey, Ted, what’s up? I just wanted to point out that your information about how cannabis helps with arthritic pain is kinda lost in all these youtube videos. And since it is important information, I thought I would suggest posting it where people can see it.

    And can I also point out something I’ve learned recently? When you post a lot of videos, it makes the web page run a lot slower. Makes it jam up too, especially for those who don’t have the best computers.

    Anyway, it looks like you’ve turned this into your personal web page. I’m just curious why you would choose to do that.

  81. like the cartoon said below, how is the cannabis community to worship God in our own way
    when we have buffoons in churches telling us all that we are to be spit upon and made to feel like we are in some sort of hell anyway
    how is it right
    that we have idiots in churches with no heart and no conscience defiling our nation in plain sight

  82. when i asked a guy at one church to clue my family in on cannabis
    he said he did not want to go to hell so how am i to feel welcome there

  83. who preaches dis-unity?
    who looks for reason to commit high treasonous war against our fine communities?
    who is responsible for countless pill deaths?
    who is it that got this country in a pile of debt?

    who? who? roscoe p. coletrain?

    no he isn’t the one to blame
    it is the ones insane
    the ones that keep commmitting the same high treasonous war that prevents the very freedoms our soldiers fought and lots died for, prohibs keep thinking doing the same high treasonous thing does not make them to blame?

  84. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PAXDHd9gkY
    free as a bird
    grandad used to have old post cards of the beauty of Switzerland, wonder what its like, with cannabis
    legalize our constitutional rights and stop the high treasonous lies
    life is to short even if we do live to 1003 or the like

  85. i used to have 2 ipods like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-8GB-1-8-3th-Gen-LCD-MP3-MP4-Player-FM-Media-Player-6-Colors-New-/360847236901?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&var=&hash=item54042bdf25
    sadly, after the batteries died, for some reason, i tossed them
    but i need somehow to purchase another, then I could record the coast shows without having to see this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY9WxaFwA7s
    i wanted to hear in detail George Napp’s take on the ufo thing
    oh well

  86. thanks tot he good friends
    even though we may disagree on our own spiritual destiny, may the love never end
    i was given a new phone book the other day
    why is it that it is printed in 3 point condensed micro print, ok, i exaggerate a little but not much, any way
    that Extraterrestrial Intelligence & Their Role in Psychoactive Substances vid from Mr Simone is fascinating
    wonder if others see all the advantages of the nifty plant and know how enthusiastically fun it makes life through psychedelic understanding
    being “high” is just being happy
    at times it can give moments of bliss, so why feel crappy?
    psychedelics “can” be used to see clearly and be in tune with ones soul
    far from being asleep and “drugged”, and numbed out, like with pills and dopium, cannabis is something that can inspire, help focus and intensify the bliss within, which is the goal
    so if the rumor is true that about the poppy fields that are harvested in afganistan and guarded by the troops
    so that ely lilly can profit from the drugged out pain pill loving groups
    i find it comforting to know that cannabis need not cost a dime
    it just needs home grown and harvested after it flowers in 3 months time

  87. can’t find the link to the guy I think it might have been mr simone
    who told of the ufo coverup and how it is tied into the cannabis community, do you suppose it was removed not to be shown?
    creepy it is to be silenced, to not be able to speak
    about what we as humans are here to do, it is not war and duplicating our selves “mating” if we really can live to be at least 1003

  88. had a nite mare nite before last
    trying, but not being able to get away from evil people that hate the all healing grass
    i awoke in a sweat, glad those dreams don’t happen often
    wonder why they say things in denmark are rotten
    makes no sense to allow high treasonous louts ruin the usa
    but anyway
    the other day, i discovered proof of the cannabis community being targeted as ufo’s, below is the link
    I fell asleep before coast to coast am last nite and what do you think
    at approximately 2:20am, I was wakened by paraphrasing, george napp, who was telling how the government says they have no interest in ufos
    and he said something like, and yet, the government harrasses, them, etc, i wonder what really goes
    could not go back to sleep after that, wondering who it is that wants the pipes taken away from our mouths
    stupid louts
    listening to a church show, this time from a person from the jewish faith
    seemed like a pleasant type, wonder if he would be pleasant to the cannabis community in the same wayth
    he told a joke, and likes to keep humor and levity at the forefront
    seems that is the proper way to be, for that, I would never shunt
    unless he has some sort of resental hatred for the cannabis community and is posing as a nice guy to all
    but I kind of think he is legit, still the governor of indiana has a lot of gall
    what is going on is what i would like to know
    you lie to people and wonder why no one trusts you and all
    think i will clean my place up, and look for someone to take over my lease
    i am sick of this secretive crap that makes absolutely no sense, and no peace
    on the other hand, if he is an appreciator of the nifty green
    i would be thrilled to learn of another brother, and i sure would not want to be mean
    so i will check out their synagog
    ok, for now, enough of this monolog

  89. and there is more, but i am out of time at the library, but i wont be sore
    i will soon have a laptop- up and going
    as soon as I get a power supply tomorrow, and re-install an op sys oh out of time

  90. http://www.funniermoments.com/watch.php?vid=0dc3d6d9e
    Pixie and Dixie, one of the many nifty cartoons I remember seeing as a kid
    notice how some countries have a hint of knowledge that some do not get
    isn’t it true though that some strains of cannabis has the ability
    to make ones walk in their day to day life as though they are floating as though on some sort of MAGI-c carpet?
    The Magi, I read I think it was in Jack Herer’s Emperer wears no Cloths were the ones the Bible called wise
    even though the Magi WORSHIPED the Cannabis plant for all its delight
    The three wise men found Jesus and i wonder what they would think
    of those who removed Kenah-bosm from the books of the Bible so that the common people would not think
    of Cannabis as being a really good thing
    to enjoy in life and have in ones brain

  91. I believe we can all pretty much agree that crime in our own government needs to be stopped
    a story on coast to coast am last nite told of a person in the cia who told of people being tortured and for that he is behind bars?! where are the cops!
    it appears the feds want everyone to look at them as people to dread
    if we don’t we may end up dead
    i will leave it up to the supreme creator to make right
    it is out of my hands so why be nervous or in a fright
    scanning the radio i see where some are telling of how people in the bible were to be killed
    another station told of how friendly they are, without hearing of the murderous cold chill
    i really can not wait to get to colorado, a state where the cannabis community is not spit upon
    and told to join our mob, or we will make life hard for you, as they attempt to play us all as pawns

  92. while watching a race last nite on tv
    i noticed their speed was over 190
    a spin out with such a short wheel base looked inevitable
    and sure enough around 10 of them crashed into one another and the guard rail, but it looks so preventable
    why not make them a little wider and 40 feet long i asked, knowing a spin-out would then be prevented
    i was told that the crowd wants to see a crash, that’s why they go to see he iterated
    i asked him if that is the types of people the racers want to entertain
    the ones praying for them to crash so they might take a peek at their open wounds and maybe see their brains
    he said look ted, people pay lots of taxes to see that and everyone likes it and to chill out and enjoy it
    so i don’t know what to say only maybe i am too much of an idealist
    I don’t see the need for more lives to be lost
    whether it is auto racing or motocross
    if there is a way to make the sports safer
    then why don’t people do something about that instead of looking for the short term money maker
    i was also shown of someone who after a crash could not escape their car
    and another racer tried frantically to rescue him as he burned to death, so but there is where we are
    as a human race
    sometimes we are a terrible disgrace

  93. if anything my personal experience with entheogens had toght me
    back when i tried entheogens including mushrooms for my eyes’ acuity to see
    was that at some level we are kind of all one in some way
    thinking cosmically, the effects took nearly a year to leave me as I was before imbibing well anyway
    somehow that has made me believe
    that we can not hurt or kill another without hurting or killing a piece of ourselves is what I see
    oops, time is up at the library, so i guess i will go home
    and eat a chicken sandwich topped with green peppers ketchup and out of time

  94. what an eye opener this week has been for me
    to learn that dr demento was affiliated with spirit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en55_U3sKAM
    and that some smoking gamblers were found in a catholic church for a new comer to see
    i do hope that their cigarettes were a shade of green
    for everyone’s health and happiness to be fully felt and seen

  95. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1670430/pg4

    what if alcohol is part of the problems of the world
    what if water to wine was symbolic for water being better than the stuff of an alcoholic
    maybe the ancient texts were interpreted all wrong
    they after all did remove the word kaneh-bosm from the bible, supposedly by those afraid of a bong
    just because a shepard long ago did this or that
    does not mean we all have to do the same, alcohol i dont need and hmm
    glad i stopped drinking in the early 90’s
    don’t miss it – what if the drunks of the world are the problem

  96. religious folk are well meaning and kind
    my own grandparents come to mind
    from a youtube video that i will not mention
    it was said that ALL religious folk should be killed, and I believe that type of thinking is just going to get him his own detention
    I don’t know of anyone that was more kind than my grandparents that used to go to church
    so i see no reason for anyone to look for a reason to smirch
    those who attend a church, they are after all searching for harmony togetherness and happiness for all
    for that, ignorant low lifes think they have the right to look for some sort of brawl?
    The CANNABIS community needs to feel like they are loved
    by the churches of GOD, then end of problems of all kind, and heaven will once again be seen from above
    and now, i will remove his bookmarks to his hate ridden you tube page
    sick of seeing him in a rage
    some raggy people do not know how lucky they are
    sitting there at times toking on a good hash bar
    well, the usa started the war against the cannabis community, in particular, congress
    a presidential order from the president could end the war in this country, and then i think that would be the best move to heal all wounds in the wars for all of us
    but will they do that or will it more of the same
    while they intensify their war efforts with drones and strike planes
    God, why did you send me to a world of unbelievers
    filled with litigious dirty minded murderous deceivers
    maybe the next bowl of cannabisical necter will sooth my mind
    at least for a while, i will feel fine
    but I am sure i will weep as usual at those
    who have nothing but rags to cover their toes

  97. my point is that i have never had visuals like i did with the other entheogens just with Cannabis
    and so i didn’t want any one to be fearful of what just is not so and what ever rhymes with thatibis lol

  98. yesterday when i wrote about the sativa that made me think cosmically, i forgot to mention the rest of the story
    due to being soaked in rain, it was dificult to maintain focus on what actually transpired, by the way can you believe geroge noory?
    suggesting we kill everyone who may seem like a future threat?
    that guy needs some mushrooms or something, murderous thinking idiot, i need to find something else to do in this nothing hilly town i bet
    true, it was sativa that made me think in the nineties cosmically
    but that was after imbibing 3 other entheogens, and it took nearly a year before i could enjoy cannabis again factually

  99. in all fairness it is my opinion that all strains should be mentioned so that all are aware
    there is a strain out there that for me made me think cosmologically,and my intention is not to scare
    it was a strain of beauty that I had beheld
    it was a sativa that held the gift of amazement, and is a sin to be withheld
    don’t you suppose that a possible scenario exists
    that back in biblical days that a plant existed that still exists
    the entheogens used back then for teaching purposes were to said to have the ability to make it look like Jesus was walking on water its written
    back then, I believe that people used entheogens to boost their cognitive abilities, the prohibs of which is just not a gettin’
    that explains to me why when Jesus said this is my blood and all, he was speaking cosmologically I believe
    he had no reason to deceive
    there is another entheogen that I tried in the late 90’s, the effects of which made it look like I was peering through a triangle of sorts through my eyes
    and all my imaginary thoughts could be seen in that triangle of my own mind, I imagined I could see sparks comuing from my finger tips, just like was in the lyrics of that song hotel california and tyo my surprise
    I saw them, and so, when I thought I might have caught a glimpse of Jesus who was living and just feet awaty from me, I felt I was on some sort of Holy Ground
    My heart pounding with adrenalin aty what I had saw, I prayed to God to let me sleep as it was too much that which I found
    the realization that the Bible and all was talking about entheogens and that while there is a tie in with our imagination
    there is also the reason to keep our thought pure all across the nation
    for if i were to imagine unpleasant thoughts under the altering of my mind at the time
    I really doubt that my thoughts would have looked so divine
    so now what do we do about preachers who tell us that all they do not understand
    about the consciousnesses of man
    or that satan or evil or some other ill
    haven’t we had enough of the hatin’ child like minds of the war loving swill?
    they speak of an altered mind as some thing bad
    why haven’t they the reasoning to use the brains God gave them, and know the Holy alter may reside in their minds if they were not so bad, instead of wallowing in their fears and be mad and bad and sad
    enough with your wars you ill fated dotes
    heaven really is found in your hand if you take a heavenly toke
    no joke

  100. Guy on shortwave was talking the other day of the whoredom that the usa has become
    he is known to be a little extreme in his opinions, and yet are we not all whores to money, if we ever believe one life should be lost to gain any?

  101. Its just that the ignorant man in a suit does not know the truth, so he draws his conclusions on what he does know, and he gained his information from the united states government and they are paid to lie to us all concerning cannabis
    the fact that the word ufo is somehow tied up into meaning some sort of secret code for the cannabis community is proof of the government cover up
    but what do they cover?
    and why
    why is the government just a big lie
    what else do they lie about to instigate war
    is high treason the only crimes the government of ignorance is guilty of?

    Last nite when i went into town to go to krogers for something to eat, people were looking at me strangely, and I could not see why, and not til I got home did I see why…candle wax was spilt all over my coat
    I suppose they may have thought that I had a bad lol sneezing accident or something
    Someone gave me a lot of candles that were burned up so bad that I
    could hardly light them, so I thought I would melt them down and make
    new candles out of them, but somehow, unbeknownst to me, I had spilt candle wax all over my coat and it is the lack of understanding that is I suspect due to most wars around the globe

    how are we as a people ever to put a stop to all war when we are prevented from studying the words of God in all churches without not Satin, but peoples’ ignorant evil hatin’ infecting everyone with its ill dis-ease

  102. My silence about the mean preacher with a non developed prefrontal cortex I fear could make his kind think that I am in submission, and I am not, his words of Satin, which is in reality ignorant words from his hatin’ needs to be pointed out
    He said paraphrasing something like “imagine, anybody on MARIJUANA studying the word of God”
    I find that kind of thinking quite odd
    I never in my life wanted to study books too much including the Bible
    it wasn’t until I toked the breath of life from Cannabis that I gained an interest in the written word, and I find it strange that a grown up so called preacher believes he has the right to instigate war on the Cannabis community with his libel
    I thought that I would be able to sue the mean guy in a court of law
    somehow I believe that ignorant people must be in the courts too and all that blah

  103. to my delight in today’s sight
    i since the beginning of spring
    the miss of the bright summer breeze won’t be much longer not seen
    there are those that indicate a fear of more severe weather due to unequal global heating perhaps due to the japan spill?
    just a possible scenario, who is to know for sure, not to think ill
    as I listen to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoG4XmEZsXc I am reminded of something that I heard on the radio a bit ago –
    i believe that everyone is aware
    that an I.Q. is a measure of ones ability to parrot others’ beliefs, not that that is all bad
    but just because one may not want to learn from others their opinions on this and that
    and decide that they would not like to chat
    to those not liking this world, they just want a spat
    with their neighbors
    would you think of that?
    really, I have never been the smartest person in the world
    even before imbibing the nectar of vapory goodness, i wasn’t all that quick witted and smart
    cause i f I were i would have imbibed the nifty herb and learned all its scientifical, religious esoterical arts
    it was said on the well meaning, yet spiteful and harmful to ones constitutional rights radio show that sponsored a verbal attack on the cannabis community a few hours ago, on a CHRIST-ian radio station? huh? that, due to warring on their very own neighbors intelligence, and constitution, laughably suggested that using Cannabis reduces ones i.q.
    isn’t that laughable, to think that if a person wants to be themselves that some group of mean people think they have the right to dictate to others how to live, really i see no treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated as you shoot each other iwith your guns of high treasonous ignorance, if you have taken an oath to protect everyone’s’ INALIENABLE RIGHTS, how can you allow slander , defamation of character and such to continue
    prohibs have severed their connection with the spirits, and the spirit world and some on the church radio think cannabis is but fiction and the stupid and know only of dictation and war
    no wonder high treason loving prohibs are always down and sore
    there is a better world than the one they try to portray
    what can i say
    they are not all mean
    some surly knows similar visions i have seen
    they also then know the world is really fun and keen
    and know that warring on our neighbors for any reason is just mean
    for some like myself has found a benefit of using cannabis and know that all use in not abuse
    but trying to reason with an unreasonable ignorant traitor to their very own constitution that their very own countries’ soldiers fought and some died for, oh whats the use
    this think may go into litigation
    I know using cannabis does not make one guilty automatically of any crime
    but until my trial, i will for now on be silent, and wait for the verdict of the nation
    do i get to stay in my own state and openly be me?
    or do i have to move to a free state in the divided states of america, and leave my family and friends, some very dear to me
    i will not however stay and be bullied by these high treasonous laws or any church station that allows it
    so whats it to be
    i will wait and see
    until then i will stay toked
    that’s no joke:-)

  104. I just sent in this letter to the white house…
    I was going to sue r. michael young for warring on the cannabis community in Indiana which is high treason, but it seems higher up might be the better way, wish me luck…
    Michael Young is not motivated to carry out the oath he swore to up hold, and I am sick of the terrorists in suits terrorizing the cannabis community with threats of non employment in anything other than burger jobs, as the politicians are not above constitutional law

    I wish to sue the Government for warring on the Cannabis Community, which is high treason, what form should I use?
    The claim for injury or death form? and
    Who do I submit the tort claim too if it is indeed the proper form?
    Thank you. I wish to take the money from the settlement, and resettle in a state that is not unfriendly to the cannabis community, and open up a shop so that I could sell to those in need of the all healing herb

  105. People suffering need the all healing herb
    instead we hear of how justin bieber is so absurd

  106. Actually, I think its disgusting that people have to talk cryptically like that to avoid what? the truth?

  107. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGopUELFC-I
    I heard last nite somewhere on the radio that the Beatles were originally a skiffle group, does your chewing gum loose its flavor? Lonnie Donegan on, again, another nifty from the Dr. Demento show from Lonnie Donegan, my Grandad used to have the 78, he I remember had a few others he would play us kids, one was oh betty larkin, and another was the Donkey Song, and 10 mins library is to close they tell me…

    This weed :-) – and this song!, we must not lose the love of life ever, life is too short for that, even if it really is eternity lol, cause we can not lose love for the life that we have or we are not gonna be happy are we, ok, I’m off to youtube land:-)

  108. and dont forget that cannabis used to be prescribed to infants for colic too, so i wish they would stop hiding be

  109. But in all seriousness, I really believe that if people want the best protections for the kids, they would tell them the truth, not lie to them, cause doing so loses their trust, and then, they might find that since the government lied about cannabis, that it lied about all other drugs, and then they may experiment with stuff that could kill them, and it is shown that the dea is paid to luie to us, do we want the people to grow up believing that lying to one another is the thing to do? and do we really want kids to grow up thinking that it is ok to kill people to get their way? Thats what the government does with their wars, and not only that but the way the two groups of politicians behave, and mock each other, and each of them lie at each other and or exagerate, even on talk radio, I heard a liar, I won’t give his name, as he is a person that I would rather not hear, cause he is a very evil man, but he was heard saying, as i scanned the radio, no way would i listen to the treasonous filth, but just yesterday, he said that people on foodstamps are lazy and will not work, now the jerk fails to mention that he is for the high treasonous laws of discrimination of the cannabis community in this nation, he I am sure believes that it is impossible for anyone to work with cannabis in them, perhaps for some that is true, I do not know, I only know about my own self, what a jerk that guy was for lying and saying that – oh, out of time at this library, so i must ride my bike home on the ice, now how do you suppose a person with thc in them can balance themselves like i do with no accidents? The way they lie about us, oh out of time..

  110. Maybe the folks in d.c. haven’t learned their ABC’s, maybe that’s why they do not know what the Oath that they swore to God to keep means… Maybe if we approach this a little differently, how about this:
    One of these things are not like the other, one of these things do not belong…
    I believe we can all agree to be agreeable, however if a politician or the president is found telling falsehoods, that type of talk is not conducive to establishing an orderly well respected Government is it…
    President Obama said, paraphrasing, in part, that there is nothing he can do about the treasonous law which wages war against the cannabis community, and that is a lie.
    President Obama said there is nothing he can do about the treasonous law which wages war against the cannabis community, and that is a lie, because according to:
    Executive orders have the full force of law.
    So why is he not speaking the truth, and what use is the government when instead of being for the people and by the people, it appears, it is for only some of the people, the constitution didn’t say anything about “some” of the people will have rights to their spirituality WITH CANNABIS if they choose to do so…
    Look at what the government did:
    They eliminated the protections preventing problems in banking with “glass steagall”
    Then they attempt to tell us in the cannabis community that for us, the Constitution is not legal
    Just like these dots, the government rarely gets it right the first time
    Incidentally, why do you suppose their was a wizard on the number seven?
    12345 678910 11 12, hey, I forgot how nifty the show is, and anyway, any organization that hires an animator called Bud Luckey is ok in my book, no matter how old I am, umm, which is not that old;-)
    which reminds me of other stuff, including http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqwHLQ1azyo

    wait, off topic, ok, what ever:-)

  111. You would think that the Federal Government would present themselves without blemish
    instead they come off like bullies, and they know that warring on the cannabis community is against the law and yet they do that very thing
    oh well, the CANNABIS I had cured me almost of this flu
    this tip, from me to you
    there is a near cure for the common cold and the flu
    the cure is administered via lung inhalation, but the cannabis MUST have a skunky smell, and no, you can not use a real skunk and get the same effect, my point is that it must be fresh for the magic to work
    and stay away from all no life jerks
    no sense on a buzz kill
    sicko prohibs always feeling ill
    best to stay away from them
    in my fine opinion!:-)

  112. I heard someone, maybe on coast to coast am say that the FDA gets funding from the dea, and a comparison, something like if a game was held, and the referees were paid by the teams, no team would allow that, conflict of interest is what it is, probably payola like
    what we all are witnessing is probably what it was like when prohibition of alcohol was what the anti-constitutional ones were after, and all the gangsters, only the gangsters i fear are not the ones in the streets, it is the ones with high treason in their ill heads in d.c. in wherever rock they craw out of

  113. Oh, I am fully aware
    I have toked with some of you that cared to share
    Was even in a church for a while
    was the secrecy I could not cope with concerning cannabis, making me feel defiled
    why there is esoteric, or esotericicity in any church is showing that the same message is not presented to all equally
    I heard that long ago, only kings were able to read the Bible, probably why Jesus was shunned for sharing it with other folk besides kings unequally
    as I see it, the Holiest church anyone can have in each of our hearts as we communicate directly with God
    it appears that churches today have become due to esotericity, a club, of nice people sometimes true, but any club that with holds evidence for heaven on earth from my family makes me feel blue
    that is why I find colorado’s anti-slave, pro-constitution laws concerning cannabis so commending
    maybe I should go there, and open up a shop of my own, and stop being so down and condescending
    its just that I had no idea of how evil the states are to the cannabis community until I noticed my inability to hike down my trousers to pee into a cup, to feed my face
    this country is a disgrace

    got to be more to offer the cannabis community than “do you want fries with that?”
    as the oh whats the use

  114. President Obama said there is nothing he can do about the treasonous law which wages war against the cannabis community, and that is a lie.


    All Presidents of the United States, the commander and chiefs, all they have to do to end treasonous war in the states, is to sign into law through an “Executive order” banning people from pulling down our pants and making us pee into a cup to seek out work, Obama could ban also all forms of unconstitutional discrimination, a book should not be prematurely judged by its cover, and nor should a cannabis loving sister or brother

  115. oaths promises and olive branches of friendship-
    1 million arrests last year makes it look like some folks’ promises do not hold much water-
    make the change d.c., evolve and be fair, it is no fun to be a sower puss forever, why you enforce censorship-
    instead of the countries true highers values, which should be the countries true focus and bother-
    a bother that is a fun one to have-
    where hard work become easy-
    due to the all healing salve;-)-
    Who are the real pretenders?-
    love out to the good folk –
    and to the tormentors-
    I have nothing for you-
    you admire unhappiness, so there is nothing I can do for you-
    until people value human life and despise war-
    people will continue to be sore-
    seek out though, and you will find-
    the niftiest fruitiest skunkiest herb called kind-
    amazing stuff that-
    ok, enough of the random chat:-)

  116. parking meter wars
    repo shows
    watching people being made to behave
    prospecting for gold
    others looking for mineral jewlely, the kind rare and costly i am told

    some one gave me the flu, and I am no slave
    some tokage made the symptoms almost not noticeable
    so I suppose now my new found hunger lol needs to be met and yet the foodstamp allotment date has mysteriously been moved up to the 15th? how despicable
    Oh well, with faith, we all will survive
    hopefully GOD willing, with cannabis in our third eye:-)

  117. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oath_of_office#United_States

    Presidential OATH of OFFICE:
    I do solemnly swear (or affirm), that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent on me, according to the best of my abilities and understanding, agreeably toTHE CONSTITUTION, and laws of the United States. [So help me God.]
    All President Obama has to do is carry out his OATH, to prevent more TREASONOUS activity, and sign into law wording that will protect the cannabis community

    Federal Judiciary Oaths

    In the United States, federal judges are required to take two oaths. The first oath is this:

    I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as (office) under the Constitution and laws of the United States. [So help me God.][67]

    The second is the same oath that members of Congress take:

    I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. [So help me God.][66]

    Federal statute specifically says that the latter oath “does not affect other oaths required by law.”[68]

    What part of the OATH did Biden not see?
    I saw him on google smiling as he flagrantly skirts the law, and committed perjury on his oath, and sided with the high treasonous crowd, which, in effect commits war on me and all like me of the cannabis community, I should not be forced into taking medication in pill form, that does nothing for crohns, It should be everyone’s right anyway to consume cannabis for medical, as well as spiritual use, which reminds me, I am off now to do just that…
    So the government of the divided states of amerika should be ashamed, and they believe THEY will be in heaven some day?!

    No can really say, except GOD almighty, and yet how could GOD almighty possibly pardon them for what they have knowingly done, for what they are knowingly doing and what they plan to do?


    High Treason = “…Participating in a war against one’s native country”…


  118. Vice President Joe Biden Not High on Marijuana Legalization

    he is taking part in high treason then and should suffer the punishment of not keeping the oath he swore to uphold, is everyone in government just a no life creep?



    FREEDOM to practice our religious faiths
    Freedom of searches and seizures
    Freedom from slavery, as we all have rights, not just the pill and tobacco heads
    maybe a class action law suit would MOTIVATE the high treason addicts into doing their job, and stop being treasonous prison loving slave making snobs

  119. So I googled to see how to sue the federal government for not protecting my, “a Proud Cannabis Consumer’s” rights:


    And I am reminded how evil they are, cause it is high treason to participate in a war on peoples in the country of the UNITED States of America, how are the states united, how can the states ever be united, truly, if one side is warring on the other, so irresponsible, to war on the cannabis community, and yet the hate laws in effect do just that

    which reminds me, I really should come here to the library well canna-medded, as the news is too much to bear without it- so I am off to cannamed, so I will feel the heaven of the earth in my head, while the loser prohibs can’s wait to die before they reach 120, the lovers of the dead

  120. Well, ok then, that works for me
    I really am not one to like to dish out such unpleasantries
    John Hartford I am not http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gfT0xkSm1Y
    but to get the politicians’ attention
    perhaps to “motivate” the true criminals to do the right thing, maybe a look see at all the illegal activity the politicians are guilty of will keep people out of the PIG PEN
    I know, not the best of rhymes,
    but my parking meter is running low, and I am out of quarters and dimes

    Around a million people were arrested for cannabis last year
    somehow it must stop, and yet they do not want to listen or hear
    so I say whats the matter with a class action lawsuit
    it may be the thing that would end the high treasonous laws of evil pursuit

  121. we agreed on what must be, you’re far more versed on this than me, I’ll defer to your point since we both feel we need the same result.

  122. You don’t want to smell it?
    Well, I am sick of smelling the corpses burn in the nearby crematariam, from most likely people who wish to die before the age of 120 years old, due to not having the cannabis oil in them perhaps, the ancients knew how to live for hundreds of years, and yet the constitutional high treason loving prohibs will have you believe that we all must die and rot, to find heaven

    Off the chain?
    Maybe I wish not to be chained in the first place

    better spokesperson?
    I am a better tokes-person than you, so there;-)

  123. This bitch, and those who support her obviously have to be fired, and replaced!!! Let her go play her miniature violin @ home once she’s unemployed, now while she’s on the job, and making a living @ our expense!!!

    All we need are these public nuissances running around giving opinions on things that affect hundreds of millions of people!!! This is what happens when you don’t properly vet people for positions, and hire any joe shmoe off the street to take these important jobs!!!

    Hodgson is a human turd…the gateway drugs are, and will always be: alcohol, nicotine, and prescription drugs…they’re man-made drugs that are legal, and do more harm than Marijuana!!! These turds are all up in arms about legalization because for decades they’ve been on the American taxpayers’ tit by getting millions $$$ from the federal government to militarize their departments, purchase assault weapons, buy new vehicles, technology, etc. to destroy even more Americans’ freedoms, and their cash cow $$$ is going away once Marijuana has been legalized!!!

    If there were police officer who died fighting against Marijuana, they’re morons, and deserve what they got,,,especially for following human turds’ orders!!! People with common sense know that Marijuana has more legitimacy to the planet than Humans do…it existed before Humans did!!! You can’t ban, or make illegal something that has more legitimacy to the planet than you do!!! These human pieces of shit need to be made extinct!!!

  124. Ted, you’re a little off the chain in my opinion, “but” should pot be legal, of course!! It should for thousands of reason, it’s illegal for past political reasons. I don’t like it myself, never have, never will, I can’t smoke “:anything” but I’m a better spokes person than you, the governments war on this still have the drug lords rich and powerful and many good people in jail. The stuff don’t hurt anyone, making pot illegal is senseless, so we agree on that, but all the “rights” you speak of goes too far, I’m certain legalization has the majority of the peoples support too, (I just don’t want to smell it myself) my opinion is that it’s so natural, if I don’t like the smell, that I should be the one to leave the room. Ted, you don’t need the soap box you pretty much have the President, the Tea party and most politicians behind you.

  125. In a view we all understand, he stance isn’t popular among the majority of the people, and is one of a few if not the only one that our President has majority support. The Dea Chief hasn’t won and will not win the war, but what we do know, is her position benefits the drug cartels and as we have recently seen, DEA involved in Drug distribution, (I tried to make this short) The president is right on this in judgement, but apparently the politics are keeping him from acting in a way that will be best for the people, but he’s still in the game. I don’t agree with the President much at all, (I hate pot personally) but he’s right this time.

  126. I think Leonhart has it backwards, she DOES NOT understand the science enough. By any objective measure, marijuana is less harmful than alcohol… It is irresponsible and unacceptable for a
    government official to say anything different.

  127. Me, too. He does sound a lot like those dunk tank clowns that just beg for it by hurling insults, doesn’t he?

  128. TorontosaurusEx on

    Playing a ‘softball game’ with “pro legalization groups” ??? ,,,wow, really ?
    More like ‘playing hardball’ with citizens’ lives… that would then allow for her funding and salary for her and her cronies…. Time for Leonhart to pursue a new career path… or perhaps continue her education.

  129. Why do you believe your treasonous war loving attitude deserves any legal merit?
    If you have any thoughts please share it

    They used cannabis to cure baby’s’ colic
    Are you happy that it is legal to be an alcoholic?

  130. It is a shame that any one who lost their lives due to the treasonous war against our constitution, anti-christ hates love, and good thoughts, just look around, defomation of character, etc, the criminals are not of the cannabis community for the most part

  131. She certainly showed her ignorance…….the war on drugs IS STILL going on and needs to go on, just not on pot anymore.

    I guess police officers who lost their lives prosecuting the drug war of heroin or cocain cartels are now meaningless when pot went legal. Pretty shallow.

  132. just remember there’s a large Christian following in favor of cannabis too. we’re not all against it.

  133. cops would lose 80% of their probable cause to create revenue for the judicial system if they couldn’t sniff.

  134. Anthony Cincotti on

    Her other stumbling block is that her Ego is too big to allow her to admit to wasting 33 years of her own life. Too bad she also destroyed thousands of others lives along the way….

  135. it really suck that we live in a time were people still have their views based on stupidity. Thats why i just continue to follow the rules of my life legal or illegal (weed).

  136. Black marijuana use 18-25 years old 2001-2010: 28%
    White marijuana use 18-25 years old 2001-2010: 32%

    Black arrest rates for marijuana 2001-2010: 700 per 100,000 population
    White arrest rates for marijuana 2001-2010: 190 per 100,000 population

    Race has nothing to do with it?

  137. Last nite, I was scanning the radio, and came in on some guy on a church radio station saying something about do not do drugs, really, I believe his kind probably believes Jesus’ last name was Christ, he must not even know what
    Christ means, and he probably does not know that CANNABIS used to be in the Bible either, before either ignorance, or hate for the nifty plant, or who knows, maybe feeble minded dotes removed it, but it originally was in the bible, and JESUS used pounds of the stuff to heal people…and as technically, Cannabis is a drug, how dare HIM of all people come on a radio show touting CHRIST-ianity, and be against CHRIST, it is telling of how dumbed down this society is, and it is all due I believe to the prohibition of all of our constitutional rights to practice our religious beliefs the way we want, including US in the cannabis community, however lol, DO NOT BE FAINT HEARTED!

    Chris Bennett has compiled some interesting nuggets of niftiness about the bible, and the meaning of Christ, and no, Christ is not Jesus’ last name…


    And no, I do not go around using that name, as doing so would be not only arrogant but just wrong, back then the name took on a much more spiritual meaning, to where the disciples actually were on entheogens as they were learning all they could about life, they used entheogens, I believe, not for partying as the heathen do today, as the COMMON types indulge in stupefying drunkenness and unruliness, I believe the biblical folk used entheogens for real enlightenment, oh, I suppose they used it for lots of things too, but and the disciples, I believe, back in the biblical days were rumored to have seen due to their entheogenical imbibation of Cannabis, and who knows what else, perhaps mushrooms, and who knows what else to get the effects they achieved, they were believe it or not, they it is written believed Jesus looked like he was standing on water, but I believe that they’re vision’s acuity was heightened to the point that they could see a few inches into everything, making it look like the floor was water, that is my belief, and I have the right to interpret the Bible as I please, just as any one else should have, and yet the anti-chist lovers, the haters of what Jesus used, which was CANNABIS, the haters of our constitution, the idiots who would have Jesus in a prison, if he were here today, the treasonous scum, but I believe Jesus used Cannabis, and God to heal the sick, and I believe that the treasonous hate that the prohibs have for what Jesus used should NOT rule over every one elses beliefs, because we are all supposed to have freedom to believe in our religion any way we want, I tell you the prohibs of the USA are the DESTROYERS of the USA’s souls, and perhaps our bodies as well, as it is also written in the Bible that back then people lived a thousand years, one person is rumored to secretly be living according to a google search

    Pleasant toking;-)

    I say to the mean people on that church radio, that their mean words of filthy war loving hate means “Pachalafaka”, which I heard a long time ago on the Dr Demento show, which means NOTHING, they are nothing but irritants, like a bur in ones side, an annoyance, and soon I hope they will stop their slander, we are all on this globe together, let us all get along, and toke a bong if we wish…
    In know I will ;-)

  138. One more thing, on the radio here in bloomington indiana, there is a stupid commercial that goes something like “don’t do drugs, cause you will wind up like a thug” etc….
    Prohibitionists of everyone’s constitutional rights, you know, the real thugs who support “high treason” that love to war against the cannabis community in their own country, are the real THUGS, well, they are wrong to paint everyone with such stupid remarks, and I believe it is unlawful, I am no lawyer, but isn’t it slander, or defamation of character or something?

  139. The women spent 33 years of her life FIGHTING drug use, which is a constitutional right, and the hate laws against the cannabis community is treasonous, see for yourself:


    Cut it out mean lady, will you?

    It appears to me that the people need only to carry out the orders given them through our very own constitution, and convict all who take part in warring against the people of the cannabis community, here in bloomington, indiana, it is appalling the crap that they sell, and pass it for weed, I would not be surprised to find any adulterant added to it, and yet the governor of this state is so irresponsible, that he makes sure that there is no safe guards like testing, and safe places to purches the cannabis, I tell you, it is the only thing thaty helps me with my crone’s disease, and another thing…
    Wiki “Conflict of interest”, and see if there is a tie in with ely lilly and the current governor and the last named mitch daniels, and is practicing in a conflict of interest, is that a felony?
    The criminals are not the average cannabis consumer, I was always told that quitters are losers, and yet even the church shows are knee deep in treason, they NEVER have a cannabis consumer tell of the benefits of their cannabis use, always bring on people that say , oh, I used to do all kinds of drugs but gave all that up, losers

  140. TO BE Continued on


  141. made my boy even more suicidal than when we first began, so if Az and the rest of the naysayers could get smart he could have indica for his obviously genetic panics… in the meanwhile no script works for our “condition” ( that allows us to drive the next day anyway) so he lives through it the best he can with suffering it’s a dreadful world when weed aint free

  142. When i got the reply it said it was being moderated i clicked on show comment but then later it was here…good ole’ disqus!

  143. You are thinking inside the box. This is going to take place in steps. The principal of legalization and regulation applies to all drugs. The problem isn’t the drugs, It is how we help those that have a problems with drugs. Lets help people instead of criminalizing them.

    painkills2 isn’t that far off. There is a better way and it doesn’t involve the DEA.

  144. Mr. Bogart, you seem to have used your beliefs to color your response. Choom Gang mentioned nothing about the history of slavery, or anyone “owing” a repayment for past harm. And if you think the drug war isn’t racial, then you need to do some more reading on the subject.

    You may be tired of the race card, but America’s institutions are not.

  145. JKC: How’d you get past the disqus censors? I’ve tried to post a response here that included the g-word like 5 times, and I can’t get past the moderator.

  146. JKC: It’s weird that, when I stand up for G people within a “Christian” thread, I am always “accused” of being gay. I don’t think they believe me when I say I’m not — in fact, it doesn’t matter to Christians if I’m living any kind of “unnatural” lifestyle, as long as I stand up for G rights, then I’m just as “bad” as they are. (And hey, how did you get past the disqus censors without some fancy footwork? I had to post this comment like 4 times to figure out a way to say the G word.)

  147. JKC: It’s weird that, when I stand up for g-a.y people within a “Christian” thread, I am always “accused” of being gay. I don’t think they believe me when I say I’m not — in fact, it doesn’t matter to Christians if I’m living any kind of “unnatural” lifestyle, as long as I stand up for g-a.y. rights, then I’m just as “bad” as they are. (And hey, how did you get past the disqus censors without spacing out the letters in the word?)

  148. Jamie: That is so awesome! So few personal injury cases ever make it to court, let alone win.

    I took Prozac, way back when, and out of all the anti-depressants, that was the only one that really had any noticeable effect. Of course, it felt like I was living outside of my body, if that makes any sense, so I didn’t take it for long.

  149. I think we should make marijuana legal , release the people in prison, and make some room for child molestors rapist and politicians that take money from the private prison owners.

  150. LMAO you are so great! Life is the gateway hahaha its all about learning to keep the latch closed huh? My cousin just got paid some bank because “prozac was safe for pregnancy” in 90’s. class action lawsuit for her kid & others with bad hearts determined they were wrong… hmmm?

  151. and the money. don’t forget some sheriff’s depts are FULLY FUNDED BY ASSET FORFEITURE LAW.

  152. the enforcers have too much to lose. How many of these nighttime ninjas that kill pets, vandalize property and terrorize citizens are going to be looking for work as marijuana is slowly gaining mainstream legitimacy.
    Even conservative america is beginning to see the death, the theft and the corruption that goes on in this morality war on ppl.

  153. See, when you use Outlook, Microsoft computers read all your emails for the purposes of direct advertising.
    So, I’m thinking that using Outlook for illegal purposes is, probably, just not a good idea.

  154. President Obama is only one voice, but to many, he is an important voice. (Like Dr. Gupta, etc.)

  155. See, I’m looking into the future. I mean, look at the ATF now. This agency has been purposely underfunded to the point of being almost non-existent. When we begin to treat addiction as a medical condition, instead of a criminal one, this will help the process. It’s evolution, baby. (That’s from a song, I’m not trying to flirt with you.)

  156. Stephen Stillwell on

    GMO’s probably helped, and pollution, but prohibiting a plant that humans have had a close relationship with since before recorded history, with out having a notion of the results is stupid.

  157. Stephen Stillwell on

    Point being that herbal medicines are not controlled by the FDA, that is why they all carry the same disclaimer, are officially called supplements, and have no business being scheduled.

  158. People use that term “gateway” all the time, but it is a de-bunked theory. I mean, you could say that life was a gateway to drug use, because as soon as we are born, the “drug” use begins. I believe it starts with Tylenol (a recent study suggests its early use might have ties to autism, of all things).

  159. Mr. Magarian: I believe you will need a topical cannabis medication to treat skin cancer.

  160. Her job is to commit treason, of course she’ll get upset when her boss is starting to realize having that role under him is becoming massively unpopular. Her entire life, she has worked on becoming the best tool for justice. That she can only serve injustice in regards to ONE SUBSTANCE of literally THOUSANDS that they monitor, well it might demonstrate that the base of their operation is geared towards harassing marijuana. She not only destroying a relatively harmless (not harm-free, and it is relative to alcohol) economy of recreational and medicinal sales of cannabis, but she is upset about essentially being told to stand down on it – because the people have decided. So it is that ‘We The People’ are the final arbiters of Justice.

  161. Robert Ireland on

    this is much more than a plant and you are right it is not a drug. what we find in cannabis is over 130 VITALNUTRIENTS that if they were across the board in our entire food chain would in one generation put a giant dent into not just our national healthcare budget, but the entire world! yes I said it, over 130 VITAL NUTRIENTS and 120 cannabinoids, only found in cannabis!! all of them fulfilling the role only they can in cell regulation and more. Just look at the correlation between the prohibition and the precipitous rise in all nasty illnesses, that have been happening at increasing rates and in ever younger population groups, i.e. children.

  162. Dude go put your race card back into your back pocket. It is not a race issue it is a humanity issue. Tired of people always wanting to use race for everything.

    I don’t owe you or no one anything from what my ancestors have done in the past, so stop thinking like anyone owes you anything.

  163. Really? “hey are themselves under staffed and no researching capabilities of their own.” They have better computers than you have and with a lot more information than your lame comment. Get a grip.

  164. Guess you never heard of the phrase, Self medication lol. It is medication and far better medication than a lot of those big Pharma drugs, that they keep pushing down peoples throats with real; bad side effects.

    You don’t always have to have something that is prescribed by a doctor to call it medication.

    Marijuana is a drug, it is a medication, it’s also a plant and it does help those who use it and I for one benefit from the use of marijuana.

  165. Cannabis, is the tree of life to me

    me too

    heard the nifty song from the latest episode of cannabis common sense on youtube! yay!

  166. Sorry, but the DEA isn’t going anywhere. It will be in place for many centuries to come, for the real facts that Cocaine, Heroin, and Meth will still be around and those drugs need to be reinforced at all costs.

    In addition, new drugs are already out there to take Marijuana’s place, once it has been reclassified. So to say that anyone will lose their jobs thru the law enforcement is plain ridiculous!

  167. I agree with Dan Riffle 110% on his statement! Plus having said from Barrack Obama, to me doesn’t mean squat! He should have taken this stance and followed thru with it in his 1st election like he said he would do but didn’t. To me Barrack Obama has been too late on this subject, so i could care less what Obama says from here on out.

  168. we the people need to take our country back and quiet sitting on our a## the only way things are going to change is to get out and vote and call our congressman

  169. Why am I not surprised the Sherifs support her, they are risking loss of employment if they can’t arrest pot smokers.

  170. I would’ve upvoted it except for that first sentence. He left out alcohol which i’ve had access to since age 7 when gramps was making it in a washing machine in his yard. Now That was MY gateway to everything…huh?

  171. legalizenow420 on

    Youre an idiot. “Its not medicine, its a plant with medicinal properties.”
    Cough syrup isnt medicine. Its a liquid with medicinal properties. Just shut up and go work for the DEA.

  172. We have to stop this criminalizing people who ARE NOT criminals because of harmless pot. It’s is sick that this is even something anyone is against. Wake up and smell the pot people.

  173. because it’s not medicine, it’s a plant with medicinal purposes, but not medicine. If we want medicine then that’s what we will get. Something controlled by dr’s and pharmacies. It’s a plant, should be able to be used by whomever, whenever, for whatever. It doesn’t “always” kill cancer cells either. I smoke it daily several times a day and have had skin cancer removed 3 times.

  174. Leonhart is probably suffering from a bad case of marijuana ignorance. She’s been on the wrong side of the issue for too long. She’s concentrated on the lies and propaganda for 33 years and now she’s an old dog and won’t learn any new tricks.

  175. From Wikipedia:

    “When the Volstead Act, which established prohibition in the United States, was repealed in December 1933, the Unit [ATF] was transferred from the Department of Justice back to the Department of the Treasury where it became the Alcohol Tax Unit (ATU) of the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Special Agent Eliot Ness and several members of The ‘Untouchables’, who had worked for the Prohibition Bureau while the Volstead Act was still in force, were transferred to the ATU.”

    Bu-bye, DEA, we ain’t gonna miss ya…

  176. Must you use the “f” word? I mean, I think you’re giving g a y people a bad name by calling DEA agents that…

  177. Almost every day i log on i see a piece about the medical benefits of good old marijuana. All this crap about the evils of this plant really disgust me to no ends. Why wont these aholes open up their eyes and realize that within 5 or 6 years from now over half of our states are gonna go the route like Colorado & Wasington! It’s even been proven that hemp can provide many uses that could benifit our nation, but the authorities wanna play games to get their big budgets. Build more jails and don’t harm the oil industries (hemp can be used to make fuel) is their creed! It’s also a renewable green source. Our founding fathers of this nation smoked it and i wanna smoke it too!

  178. The Idea that This is still an issue is Gross to me, Legalize, and create a nation of Freedom and Freedom of Choice. Why is the Government so Blind to see… like Really….

  179. Vincent McClain on

    First off, we Americans live in a “free country” where a plant is deserved to be illegal that saves peoples lives everyday and has never killed anybody in are recorded history and that has been around longer than countries and rules itself, yet we deem it bad because of a one sided arrogant man with too much power (Richard Nixon) who made this organic thing illegal because people didn’t approve of racism, war, and torrment. We need to stop living in the regretful past and live in the power of the present. We need to outlaw are own mistakable laws and reform into a once prosper and free country.

  180. Who gives a fk what the cops see as anything….. They are themselves under staffed and no researching capabilities of their own…… They are police they do what we fkn tell em to do……. just like we have to do what they tell us to do (After we tell them its alright to do) Wish they would stop using but we lost lives fighting that….. Alot of them are hard done by wankers just throwing their power around

  181. Thankfully, many folks who have never tried marijuana don’t think like her. Not every non user is a disingenuous, lying, stain.

  182. Ms Leonhart and the sheriffs have been carefully trained to hate every “drug” and everyone who has anything to do with them. It might be impossible for some of them to re-consider their opinions, even in the face of abundant evidence to the contrary. In her case, she needs to retire and write a book or something. She has caused enough damage for one lifetime.

  183. Hmm — Gil “The Liar” Kerlikowske is on his way out as Director of the ONDCP, whose bloated annual budget is $26 billion tax dollars, wasted, to fight our failed drug war. They provide the federal funding for infamously dishonest lettered agencies, such as the NIDA and of course, the DEA. Firing Michele Leonhart would make for a very nice double combo.

    Then fire Melinda Haag for the hat trick. And then throw a pie at Kevin Sabet — just because.

    I think, at the very least, Michele has blown her chances to replace Gil. Which is such a darn shame…

  184. I wonder what it’s like to be a black sheriff in a room full of racist sheriffs?
    With blacks and latinos arrested at many times the rate as whites, this is a race issue.

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