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DEA Head Warns Of Risks Of Marijuana Legalization


michele leonhart dea marijuanaBy Phillip Smith

DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday to warn of the dangers of marijuana legalization and affirm her support for mandatory minimum sentences.

Her testimony put her increasingly at odds with the administration that employs her. The Obama administration has made clear that it is not going to interfere with legal marijuana in states that have approved it—unless some of its eight listed enforcement priorities are in play—and it has made it clear that it views mandatory minimum sentencing as a failed policy.

Leonhart mentioned two of the enforcement priorities—the leakage of marijuana to non-legal states and the use of the herb by minors—in her statement to the committee. She said she is worried by an increase in marijuana trafficking in states surrounding Colorado and that the same thing could happen in Washington state. She also worried that increasing acceptance of marijuana would lead to increased use.

“The trends are what us in law enforcement had expected would happen,” she said. “In 2012, 438,000 Americans were addicted to heroin. And 10 times that number were dependent on marijuana.” But she did not provide any evidence tying the number of marijuana users to changing attitudes or laws.

The DEA is indeed concerned about marijuana legalization. Three months ago, DEA chief of operations James Capra called legalization in the states reckless and irresponsible and warned of looming disaster.

“It scares us,” Capra said during a Senate hearing in January. “Every part of the world where this has been tried, it has failed time and time again.”

Except that marijuana legalization has never been tried anywhere before Uruguay, Colorado, and Washington made the leap too recently to cite. In the Netherlands, where authorities turn a blind eye to sales at cannabis coffee shops and which is often cited as an example of “legalization,” life goes on and marijuana use rates are well with European norms.

Leonhart continued singing the same old tune Wednesday, warning that emergency room visits related to marijuana increased by 28% between 2007 and 2011.

ER visits may be up, but it’s the quality, not just the quantity that also matters. Marijuana has no overdose potential; most marijuana-related ER visits are panic attacks or anxiety reactions, not life-threatening events.

Leonhart also had kind words for mandatory minimums, even though her immediate boss, Attorney General Eric Holder has said they create cruel, disproportionate punishments and contribute to federal prison overcrowding.

“Having been in law enforcement as an agent for 33 years [and]a Baltimore City police officer before that, I can tell you that for me and for the agents that work at the DEA, mandatory minimums have been very important to our investigations,” said Leonhart, in response to a question from Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa). “We depend on those as a way to ensure that the right sentences equate the level of violator we are going after.”

Leonhart is a holdover from the Bush administration. It is unclear how long she can continue to fit in under an Obama administration that is moving forward on drug policy reform.

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  1. Skrunklesthepig on

    How would you know assumer? Have you seen their wages for their lifetime? NO! Technically they didn’t put anywhere near what they receive vs. what they actually contributed. But that involves math and investment skills that you obviously are clueless about. AS well as being just a uninformed slug.

  2. Skrunklesthepig on

    So termite brain…did you notice anything unlawful yet going down on our border states to the south or is this something you missed while pretending to be smart in your parents basement?

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  4. Skrunklesthepig on

    You are the one who avoided discussing monetary policies, The Fed, and everything specific I brought up…is your mind that baked that you can’t recall and read previous comments???

  5. Skrunklesthepig on

    What is more pathetic is your inability to gleam any relationship with history and those issues I brought forth regarding what is occurring today…as well as your avoidance in dealing with the topic and terms that you tried to pretend you had knowledge of…goodbye liliputian.

  6. I think it’s hilarious that invoking Hitler and Naziism is the favorite last resort of paranoids of all political stripes, even though it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to with our country, our politics or this century. Pathetic.

  7. Skrunklesthepig on

    Profound corruption that is obvious, is not something decent people sit idle about sheep. You sound like a perfect little brown shirt from the Hitler youth brigade.

  8. Skrunklesthepig on

    As mentioned, you don’t know squat so you go off on a personal rant….again, dazzle us with your acumen on how, if at all, fractional reserve banking has made the US dollar better…or worse. “Posse comitatus”? Are you a child or just someone with a very low IQ and a very low information level as well? You may have the last word…

  9. Does the Posse Comitatus pay you for these lunatic rants, or are you free-lancing?

  10. People are corrupt, not governments, and some always will be, regardless of governmental form – aristocratic, authoritarian, democratic, whatever. No? Please name a place that is without corruption. Perhaps the church? Hahahahah!

  11. Skrunklesthepig on

    You dont know squat bout monetary policy (or the investment/capital markets), the Federal Reserve, or fiat based currency production. “Modern currency” ?monkey…what was implemented due to the 1913 act signing into law the so called “Federal Reserve” is the same fractional deposit lending scheme that has been in existance since scheming started in banking. How is it turning over the printing of currency to a privately owned bank, free of audit and superior to common law, who is able to charge us interest is better than say the yuan being fortified by tonnes of bullion? Why is the dollar in place globally as the settlement currency? Keep quiet regarding your simpleton understanding of currency and what our dollar really is today vs. what it was.

  12. Skrunklesthepig on

    Not obvious the government here isn’t corrupt? Continue grazing sheep.

  13. Your assertion that the government is “bloated and obviously corrupt” is questionable. In relation to the size of our population and economy, it’s not any more bloated than it ever was, nor any more corrupt, and we’ve somehow managed to muddle through for a few centuries. And your reference to “fiat money” indicates a fairly extreme view, in which we all decide to carry around gold coins and trade sheep for vegetables. While we might descend back into the third world, it will be because we poisoned the entire planet, not because we have a modern currency.

  14. Skrunklesthepig on

    WE didn’t agree though to a bloated and obviously corrupt government and that is what needs to be reduced. No one argues that we want to protect people from living like that in a third world but at this pace and the attack on the dollars through fiat money, we are heading there fast.

  15. Skrunklesthepig on

    LOL! Sounds to me you could stand to benefit by reading less comic books and more text books so you gravitate away from bigoted nonsense, including your perverted thoughts about my pecker and how you envision using it in your mind. Look at the length you speak of it as well and what does that say about how much you sit around thinking of masturbating and other men? Enjoy your life sheep boy.

  16. The fact that Leonhart has as much power as she does is simply terrifying. The only argument she’s offered against legalization is the same prohibitionist jargon thats plagued the world since the 1930s and a few vague, apocalyptic warnings of how the sky will fall if cannabis is legalized. Either find a valid reason to support your argument, or kindly step down and let someone who’s actually qualified fill your position.

  17. Barbara Hermann on

    I am neither but you do call yourself “Donkey”. Hence, I call you an ass. If the shoe fits.

  18. john I meant be helpful…I blew it. Plz’ accept my apology? Check this out.

    This is very simple and takes absolutely no special tools..The gel capsules are availible at health food stores.
    If ppl are leaving marijuana on your porch I wouldn’t worry too much. If they know you’re supossed to smoke it they’ll be fine. If younger children run across it I doubt they could figure out what it is or want to eat it. IF… it was in edible form..cookies ect., the child would become very very very sleepy but it won’t hurt them in any significant way. Don’t worry.
    Have less pain.

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    First: You use the word “your”.
    If U mean “I am” a Democrat, then “your” needs to be corrected to read “you’re”.

    Second: The phrase “lack of literacy” is….
    Never mind U git’ my drift I’m sure. I wasn’t trying to impress anyone..but if YOU were, I think you did a piss-poor job of it, judging by the way you have structured these sentences.

    > I figured you had a hard time with it >
    Obviously YOU are in a position to “help” me out with YOUR brilliance. (Did you notice how I was able to correct YOU?)

    > So instead you attack the messenger.
    No. Where are these “facts” I need to site before I resort to attacks? Up your ass that’s where…

    I saw not one factual statement in your comment. If I am mistaken sir, I suggest you git’ ta copyin’ & pasting that shit back at me! It doesn’t count if YOU use this:
    > you who voted for Obama twice

    I don’t “believe”..in satan or god…..and it soundz’ just like god & satan ta’ fuckin’ wage war…its just the silliest thing I ever heard someone type sir…i’m not buyin it…
    I see a statement of fact followed by an opinion.

    > Can’t follow it? It is a convoluted set of ideas and profoundly serious ones at that. Reread it.

    Who attacked whom first sir? Throwin’ out yer’ line there & YOU thought YOU hooked ME? I would advise against using condescension for bait in the future. I saw what YOU were from the gitgo. A TROLL.

    I reiterate..I do not believe in your “it”. Your “it” is based on fantasy in my opinion. I wouldn’t attempt to understand what I consider to be nonsense. It’s non-productive for me.
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    I know the exact definition of convoluted, but for me..in this instance, it has a negative connotation in that it’s TWISTED NOT COMPLICATED… into so many knots it’s not worth my effort to untangle it. I do not believe in deities or god so it would be a waste of my time to do so.

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    I just wish ppl like you & Bob Munck didn’t find so much pleasure in pointing it out to me. It’s personal, mean & creepy.

  21. Yup…they have ta’ keep swimming….
    We may be here awhile…huh?
    Warding off sharks?

  22. Skrunklesthepig on

    You sick pig behind a keyboard…you’re nothing. You have nothing intelligent to offer.

  23. I was so angry I didn’t mention the oil…I make coconut infused oil & put it in capsules..I rub into my hands & muscles in my back & hips..you can make edibles of course.
    I don’t know how strong they are..but I’m off all meds except cannabis after making everything I can think of with this oil. I wish I had done it sooner. I missed an opportunity to mention this in my anger. Barbara I owe you many thanx..
    It’s no excuse. I saw his comment & no reply from anyone. Then I was an asshole & didn’t give him the info. He needed.
    My apoligies. This is no joking’ matter.

  24. You are right. I also pay my share for the roads I drive on, the air traffic control system that allows me to fly safely, the testing for safe foods and drugs, the clean water I drink, and the military and police that (mostly) keep us safe. We all pay for these government programs, and we all make use of them. If anyone wants to live without government, there is plenty of room in some of those African countries that live in anarchy. Go for it!

  25. LArcdeTriompheOnTiEsTo on

    LOL: “my firm”– you should pull down your temple underwear while you say that and waggle your peepee around for full effect at “my firm,” where all kinds of special knowledge apparently exists lol.

  26. LArcdeTriompheOnTiEsTo on

    Dimunitive comments, skrunkles, as well as questions about the legitimacy of the W*red magazine article, do nothing to diminish the obstructive and parasitic nature of the Mormons, both here and elsewhere. In concrete case after concrete case, you muster nothing but attacks on ethos with no evidence to support your wild gesticulations about “global forces,” whereas I provide evidence from an outside source that, while not peer-reviewed, is mainly descriptive in nature and a far cry from anything of value that you wrote. Why? Because you provide NO evidence at all– only personal attacks. At least couple your attacks with some sort of evidence so we can pretend you’re not a raving fool. Of course tantrums when evidence slaps a Mormon is nothing new: The last time it happened they fired the BYU professor who showed them that DNA DISPROVED the Mormon origin garbage for North Americans. Too bad you can’t dismiss evidence here in the same way, huh? Lol. You can, but saying you don’t believe a source WHILE PROVIDING NONE yourself means you have nothing to offer. Except, of course, my entertainment.

    Oh, and I’m fine with that IQ range– your assessments are so far from reality, demonstrated by vagaries and bizarre “global forces” comments, that I’ll take it with a smile. Perhaps you should go to KOLOB and find some evidence for the Mormon lunacy, for fair counter to my claims about Mormons and govt gency recruitment, and how the Mormons are NOT in bed with Dick Cheney and the Family Research Council. This would go a LONG way to improving your case, rather than making the ultra-lame comment, “I don’t believe your outside sources and make attacks on ethos because I have no actual counterarguments.” Cuz that’s all you really got. Now go run along and maybe take a towel so you can wipe your palms after you finish your “economics” analysis, which I’m sure will somehow be relevant to the discussion of Mormon teatsuckers, the CIA, the FBI and the NSA. LOL!

  27. Barbara Hermann on

    This is the last I’m going to reply to this thread because I am giving it no more of my time BUT…
    you have been brainwashed and your mind has been stolen. Get the hell away from who or whatever has managed to fk you up and become a real person instead of a bot. Good luck to you.

  28. Barbara Hermann on

    Have you tried oil rather that smoking. Also I have a dr. friend who makes some kind of cannabis tincture and freezes it in ice cube trays. He puts it in his tea. John you should be ingesting cannabis, not smoking it. Best to you <3

  29. Skrunklesthepig on

    I see your a “demacrat” by your lack of literacy and other uninformed ignorant replies like “whay the fuck…” I figured you had a hard time with it so instead you attack the messenger. No wonder America is so divided when on one side there are those like you, so profoundly undereducated and ignorant, easily manipulated and made into the useful idiots those like you are, and then there are good people who try and elevate their understanding of what is going on with our government and social engineering, which is ruining America, thanks to dimwits like you who voted for Obama twice. That pretty much says it all. Twice people voted for the “con in chief.”

  30. Skrunklesthepig on

    Since I am in economics, I don’t get my important statistics in anyway from third party opinions, let alone “Wired” magazine, I retrieve them from the source directly or I compute them myself or that of my firm. Moron, you have cemented a point in nothing but hearsay and ridiculous, absurd nonsensical notions and accusations and again, no substance. Wrong thinking again Lilliputian. “Global forces” proves you don’t even understand my comment being that your IQ probably sits around 100-109 right? Be honest termite.

  31. Angalee Jones on

    These small amounts waste resources like gas and time. Also, keep people driving running to the medical dispensary every single day boy we sure cannot accomplish anything doing that…good little non-achievers… I thought they didn’t want MJ users driving this encourages it…Good way to catch MJ users under the influence just watch the comings & goings of the customers buying. This is wasting everyone’s time & energy. We wanted the MJ law repealed it’s safer than aspirin and Tylenol even coffee. They refuse us our rights which rights cannot be taken unless we let them…but then use our tax dollars against us to enforce laws we don’t want that protect the monopoly of Big Pharma & business interest. It’s in Gov. interest for money from us and these restrictions keep Big Pharma and other businesses kissing their butts for enforcing keeping this plant from us. Meanwhile we are exclude in it all except in forking over money. These bills are more laws not less law enforcement. We want the law repealed. MJ is it’s own separate issue from other drugs MJ is good for eyesight for example but do we want to wait till we are blind to use it? I think not…that’s what medicial MJ is doing separating our rights by disease & doctor & state & this and that Gov. and what they want or decide to do. Not to repeal the law was done to keep us all bickering and unsatisfied and unhealthy & still go to prison and still forcing synthetic drugs on us. Plus, keep us busy so they can pull off things like the TPP etc. We are being had once again. No wonder they think they are superior. They’ve kept MJ from us for 75 yrs. bet they are all laughing how long they can f— with us and continue this failed drug war. The Government puts us all on a treadmill and we mice run all day accomplishing nothing.

  32. I can’t reread it…it’s not important.

    I don’t “believe”..in satan or god…..and it soundz’ just like god & satan ta’ fuckin’ wage war…its just the silliest thing I everheard someone type sir…i’m not buyin it…
    >>> Smack >>>

    I am a demacrat…so whay the fuck would you comment ta’ a satan worshipin’ globalist?
    And…stop skrunlein’ that fuckin pig!
    It can’t B good…….

  33. LArcdeTriompheOnTiEsTo on

    Nice try at a brain sh*twit….try W*red magazine 2012 for a full detailing of the wildly disproportionate number of Mormons that comprise these spook organizations. They have EVERYthing to do with the obstruction of secular govt in a variety of matters. They suckle on the tit of government while making the US government a mouthpiece to articulate their sometimes idiotic notions of right. We haven’t even gotten into how Mormons and Dick Cheney did some Rosy Palming together in The Family Research Council to get a YOTTAbyte facility in Salt Lake, which now allows it to guzzle millions of gallons in the high desert to record more or less everything. Their Mecca is about 3 miles away…..this group has huge stakes in private prisons and want to churn as many low-level offenders like MJ possession through the doors as possible. Mormons are a tedious and anachronistic part of American history that should be archived in a cage where thinking isn’t needed. Go smoke your “unfettered” global forces and find something more concrete, if not testable.

  34. Skrunklesthepig on

    Wrong and very small thinking at best…no insult meant. Way off base and notions about Romney, Bro, the left and right are both controlled by globalists and now control USA Inc. unfettered by our laws through various organizations they operate through. Or haven’t you noticed yet?

  35. Skrunklesthepig on

    Can’t follow it? It is a convoluted set of ideas and profoundly serious ones at that. Reread it.

  36. Loenhart > “.How many does cannabis kill again??”
    Today I read that vaping hash oil is “Dangerous”. That’s just one article. I read several.. so many….if fact… I don’t know where the article is stored! Lost it…
    Cannabis has been atributed to ZERO deaths. Bears repeatin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Kindness can kill…believe you me…..
    They all have this sicky sweet smile..it’s vacant like eyes sometimes are….
    I’m hypnotized…but I can still think. I think “wtff? I can’t believe that mouth is sayin’ those words..must be a bot….robot? I’m happy…Then I snap outta’ it….damn they do it every time!

  38. Leonhart is my hero! on

    In the U.S., deaths directly attributable to alcohol number almost 100k, and tobacco kills nearly 500k a year (according to the relatively conservative CDC). How many does cannabis kill again?? Mandatory minimums lead to a country having the highest incarceration rate of ANY in the world. USA: roughly 5 percent of the world’s population, over 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. “Land of the Free”

  39. What an uninformed , biased lady.Pitiful that she heads the DEA.
    No underage person should use anything til their brains are formed..its a fact, but dont tell adults that pot is worse than alcohol , just ridiculous.

  40. Exodus 3:1-15
    There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush. Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up. 3 So Moses thought, “I will go over and see this strange sight—why the bush does not burn up.”

    I wonder what strain of cannabis that bush was, must have been primo. It must have been really high in THC for him to hallucinate like that.

  41. She probably spends too much time getting her information from preachers instead of teachers.

  42. From what I have seen of your posts your brain seems to be in fine shape and you sense of humor seems to be intact.

  43. john…thank you for your comment..
    This Country needs to wake the EFF’ up! Hang in there. I know from personal experience that those pharm meds R probably causing you more suffering when U consider the side-effects they produce. BUT…Relief is relief…Take that shit if it’s helpin’ you! Marijuana legalization is coming…unfortunately too late for too many Good American Citizens!!!
    Power to The People……………….

  44. About alcohol, lmfao, our officals dont do anything without a drink first, thats the only way they can probably deal with being a known killer of children and our sickest citizens! Im allowed fentinoyl patches, oxycontin pills, now moriphine pills and liquid moriphine with bottlesvof valium n xanax.when on pain management, I had to pickup my medicine, now, its delivered like pizza only quicker…danielle my love who was pregnent with our baby obtained cancer, within 3 months she went from 155lbs, down toher death by starvation weight thats was 69lbs, you killed my family in 2005, im not going to die without trying

  45. I have lung and throat cancer, marijuana helps a great deal but im not allowed to legaly use marijuana? I am however given bottles of moriphine, jars of moriphine pills, xanax pills for nerves, valium to stay calm, anti syco medicines god knows why and where did I find all these drugs a month ago when all cancer treatments stopped, on my front porch, left on a chair where many kids play. So there maybe a war on weed, but theres no war on drugs as long as you use drugs the polititions have stock in! The government will allow one to suffer, before they will sllow marijuana uee to help cancer patients!!! There is corruption on our highest floors.

  46. At least the smiles will B Identical!
    I think all the cannabis I injest reversed the aging process for me a bit….My skin & eyes have a certain “Glow”… My brain function is a whole Nuther’ Story…..

  47. I agree NG could join and they would look like and act like triplets.
    BTW I think that all ladies look good unless their brain interferes. The brain completes a women and ditzy brains make me want to run away fast.

  48. I think Nancy Grace would round things out nicely………
    Bitches B Crazy……
    I nearly killed myself with Pharm Meds! I am 90% improved after 8 months of injesting Homemade Cannabis products ….. after 20 yrs of mounting side effects & “drug” changes I was unable to live a normal life. Now I feel pretty good & I’m very productive considering my health issues.
    I LOOK GOOD too!

  49. Skrunklesthepig on

    Those of the Lucifarian Path of Light shine outwardly, while acting in harmony against humanity and God. They also let you know in advance of their actions when they involve taking away liberty, causing fear, sacrificing, hurting or killing children and adults so to “consume” the emotions of those they intend to affect for spiritual ascension. People, use your God-given wisdom and powers of observation and recall, in the way He intended and all will become obvious. The war for your souls has already begun and your families and children will pay for your willful ignorance if we don’t stop the Satan Worshipping globalists this next time…run away from both GOP republicans and all democrats this next political cycle (of trash).

  50. Stephen Stillwell on

    I think they need to put the whole lot of zealous fanatics to work at rooting out fraud and corruption.

    Using their devious and repugnant tactics for good instead of evil, would be nice.

  51. GravityChanges on

    I believe you are mistaken. I don’t know the statistics, but I sure find it hard to believe that 42 out of every 100 people go to the ER each day, year, or whatever… (Maybe in their lifetime!)

    There are just too many people who never go to a doctor, but also I work in the medical field and our facilities can’t support it and our medical service in the nation would seemingly grind to a halt if it had to service half the population. I’d imagine most folks go to the ER once or twice in their life, but I don’t know the statistics.. just that yours and the moral pulled from it don’t seem correct to me.

    That said, I suspect cannabis users may be less likely to go to the doctor than the general population, yet slightly more likely for 1/10 or 1/100 users to have panic attack at some point (which could lead to a pointless visit). I just don’t see the harm. Especially considering the quality of life or benefits that can be had with cannabis over other medical process.

  52. Get the Naacp involved to ask obama about leonhart and she’ll be gone mandatory minimums and weed laws are racist in their initial implementation. the question the naacp needs to ask obama is leonhart helping or hurting families of color

  53. PresDwayneElizondoMountainDewH on

    Close all FED programs. The tax payers don’t want them anymore.

  54. PresDwayneElizondoMountainDewH on

    From what i hear….2oz per day residents, 1 oz per day non. Per shop.
    If you don’t like the smoke, you can get edibles, as well as vaporizing, which heats it to a vapor, without combustion. Your best bet, if you move there is to get a card. You will be first in line for quality product and that type of facility can help get you the effects you are after, and the ones you want to avoid. Good luck!

  55. A hold over from the Bush administration are you kidding me. Get rid of her. This is the cause of most of our problems, We need people loyal to the party in key position not someone with out dated and out of touch contrary views. She needs to be replaced or she needs to resign of course the chances of that are slim since she get her nice monthly pay check for the government (our tax dollars at work, what a waste).

  56. She’s spent her entire adult life as a cop. To admit she was wrong about marijuana would force her to question everything she’s done. Obviously, she prefers to continue to live in denial, and that’s okay. The unfortunate part is that she is in a position to impose her irrational view of reality on a lot of other people. She needs to be put out to pasture.

  57. Dear Craz: You’re being way too logical. Remember the calibre of brain we’re discussing here. The vacant eyes…..

  58. Ted Mishler on

    actually, i waited two whole days before i went to the hospital, and never did i realize how difficult life is with out both feet to get around

    but thankfully, cannabis kept me from getting down
    21 more days until i break free
    lol to the random person today who said as i passed them breaking away, as that is exactly what i plan to do, nothing to do with the movie, how to get there, which route to take? or should i take a bus? we will see
    breaking away had some good footage of bloomington before it has changed so
    for that movie, they remodeled the commons at the union, and removed the nifty revolving door
    now why did they want to go and do that for?
    that had been there for as long as i can remember
    oh i could go on, but i must look for some canna-med
    for my head

  59. Ted Mishler on

    one of the springs which held together the solid tire I was working on as i was riding it, the tire in back
    got caught in my chain in low gear, spinning the peddle around and really gave my foot a whack
    i didn’t think much about it, that is not until it swelled up after a few hours in the joint of my big toe
    making walking on it impossible, i really thought it might be broke, what a blow
    so i went to the emergency room and after xrays were taken
    i found that it was not broke, that the trauma from the bike incident brought on a flair up something they called gout, which stemmed from some form of arthritic thing and that the trama to the foot brought on a flair up of gout , nothing was broke, i was mistaken
    it made me realize how much i take my own mobility for granted, never had to use crutches since grade school due to 3 different sprains
    after 3 or so days of staying off the foot, and of course toking up canna-med, the swelling went down, and all is fine, and i thank God and cannabis for the healing and the lack of pain
    at the emergency, they gave me a “PILL” for pain, so of course, at first, I started not to take it, but then cause i knew their is better stuff than stomach pills to make the body feel good
    i laughed at them when they told me it was gout, cause i remembered that laurel and hardy episodes sometimes showed hardy’s foot wrapped in a huge bandage, I was toked up at the emergency room, and thought the name sounded funny, but it now feels as it should:-)

  60. Science has shown that cannabis has value as a medication. To simply deny people access is a violation of thier most basic liberties. The laws have to change and make accomadations at some level; otherwise then we have a failed system?

  61. And you’re still liking your own comments. I admit no such thing, Donkey.

    And you know fully well it cures cancer. You’ve known for two years. Whenever someone produces the bibliographical information for those clinical studies, you change the subject. Or in the case on Huffpost, you wilted away with your tail between your legs. I’ve also looked at your comments. Others keep giving you what you ask for, and you just ignore them.

    You’re a drug-dealing troll, who isn’t trying to prove a point or argue for truth — you’re simply still too butt-hurt your business got shut down to let it go.

    I still remember how you were trying to make unregulated, “person to person” sales legal for anyone over 18, just because you wanted to keep your customer base. No one buys alcohol from drug dealers, despite the drinking age being 21, do they? It pleases me to no end you’re living in precisely the world you feared.

    Such a laugh!!! TWO YEARS you’ve been throwing the same temper tantrum! Even children eventually grow out of it, Donkey. So just to ice your cake a little bit more, here are those clinical studies (for at least the 20th time) proving cannabis cures cancer. Not that I expect you to read any of it. I just remember that you always got even MORE irrational when confronted with facts, and watching you unspool brought me endless joy.

    Brain Cancer

    Lung Cancer

    Breast Cancer

    Testicular and Pancreatic Cancers

    Prostate Cancer

    Ovarian Cancer

    Blood Cancer

    Skin Cancer

    Liver Cancer

    Cancer in General

  62. I think you need to burn one and go to your room. You’ve already left the land of the living.

  63. Ralphie331 is on the ball. Maybe Leonhart would do better in a nunnery. While shaking my head, I stock my pantry and ammo cans and prepare for the Big One in whatever form it’s going to take. Stupid will die. When the death throes end, Smart will step up. Patience, and keep paying out the rope.

  64. Justsomeguy151 on

    Once again, you lie and pathetically try and make it about me and NOT about SCIENCE. Forget me, why don’t all scientists believe in yr religion of evolution? That means YOU have an utter lack of understanding of TRUE science. Do any scientists reject the laws of electricity? Why not?

    That’s just it, scientific illiterate, it DOESN’T work. I know that you fantasize that some animal, that no one has ever seen or found evidence of, gave rise to mammals which PROVES that you believe in FANTASY. Or provide the evidence you fantasize exists.

    Here’s another self embarrassing example of yr incompetence. You actually try and present refuted “missing link” Tiktaliik, as evidence. LMAO!!!! You lie and say the sites I refer to are BS propaganda sites then turn right around and do what? Link to BS propaganda sites!! LMAO!!!!! Hypocrite much? Yr the last one to question anyone’s intellectual honesty, scientific illiterate.

    Classic refuted evo example of evolution. After all those mutations that the bacteria goes thru, IS IT STILL BACTERIA? Then you FANTASIZE that mutations will magically transform one kind of organism into another completely different kind of organism. So now you have to have a degree just to discuss yr religion? Then by yr lying false standards, even Darwin couldn’t discuss yr religion. Darwin had a theology degree which makes perfect sense.

    Yes, there are thousands of scientists that KNOW that global warming is a fraud. Some won’t admit it, like those Libtard scientists that went to the South Pole to measure how much of the ice shelf had melted and then got locked in by the Antarctic ice. http://www.climatedepot.com/2014/01/01/clitantic-ship-scientists-trapped-in-ice-claim-expanding-sea-ice-caused-by-global-warming-but-data-and-studies-refute-claims/ Yes the guy who claimed the earth is flat IS AN ATHEIST. Unfortunately for YOU, yr forgetting that a majority of brainwashed dishonest greedy secular scientists dependent on funding who lie about evolution, does NOT equal TRUTH.

    This is an oft repeated lie, “Abiogenesis is not a part of evo theory. That’s a bald faced lie. I’ve watched professors using a textbook teach the lie of abiogenesis on school. The very foundation of evolution is abiogenesis. Evos want to cheat and start w/ existing Life.

    I could lie and say that it makes me sad that you feel like I’m no longer worthy of being brainwashed but you have proven to be a lying scientifically illiterate zombie who doesn’t even know his religion.

    Referencing the Whore of Babylon, the Catholic Church, as some kind of authority on truth, only reinforces my faith that God created all and that secular liars like you and the high priests you worship will do anything to convince us that Life can create itself and that reptiles can lay eggs w/ mammals inside.

  65. Ralphie331 on

    The bitch sucks the big one. She should be at home making babies or cleaning the drool of old Uncle Ed. She is a mindless female with no ability to rationalize anything. It’s people like her that makes the rest of the world shake their head.

  66. An excerpt from the National Cancer Institute’s website:

    Studies in mice and rats have shown that cannabinoids may inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death, blocking
    cell growth, and blocking the development of blood vessels needed by tumors to grow. Laboratory and animal studies have shown that cannabinoids may be able to kill cancer cells while protecting normal cells.

    A study in mice showed that cannabinoids may protect against inflammation of the colon and may have potential in reducing the risk of colon cancer, and possibly in its treatment.

    A laboratory study of delta-9-THC in hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) cells showed that it damaged or killed the cancer cells. The same study of delta-9-THC in mouse models of liver cancer showed that it had antitumor effects. Delta-9-THC has been shown to cause these effects by acting on molecules that may also be found in non-small cell lung cancer cells and breast cancer cells.

    A laboratory study of cannabidiol in estrogen receptor positive and estrogen receptor negative breast cancer cells showed that it caused cancer cell death while having little effect on normal breast cells.

    A laboratory study of cannabidiol in human glioma cells showed that when given along with chemotherapy, cannabidiol may make chemotherapy more effective and increase cancer cell death without harming normal cells.

    Sorry, you’re an idiot.

  67. All that maryjane has damaged our brains so we can’t think clearly. If we were coherent, we’d want to go out, drink beer until we throw up on our shoes, then pledge allegiance to that nylon thing you mentioned.

  68. medical user on

    True, I would like to see a discussion where someone is speaking the same way about alcohol.

  69. So you admit that Stoners Habitually LIE when they make such absurdly FALSE claims as the laughable nonsense about Betsy Ross making the first U$ flag out of hemp, or that the first U$ flags were made out of hemp.

    So the question remains — why do stoners LIE so much?

    … and why do their fellow stoners believe such absurd lies?

    What next? … marijuana “cures” cancer?


  70. Besty Ross didn’t make any U$ flag out of hemp. The whole Betsy Ross flag nonsense is a laughable myth fed to grade school children.

    The first U$ flags were NOT made of hemp. Nearly every flag of that era was made of WOOL bunting.

    Why do stoners lie so much?

  71. LArcdeTriompheOnTiEsTo on

    Leonhart talks about this issue because it is a GIANT MONEYTRAIN for right wing religious ideologues like Mormons and other groups that comprise up to FORTY percent of the DEA, NSA, and FBI. These groups have gigantic financial losses and ideological losses, if they stop the fight. There is a reason why Romney stated that he would fight MJ “tooth and nail”– all of Utah and the private prisons systems that Mormons operate directly benefit from its illegality! Be very afraid of these groups, for they represent a monied interest with ZERO interest in science or fairness…it’s about the ideology and the MONEY.

  72. Boyd Griffin on

    love to smack that bitch’s face. Just read an article on here saying new studies show weed helps heal the liver…please please let me heal my fucking liver you c%nt!

  73. Wow, you’re *STILL* a jerk. But I’m glad you’ve surfaced once again, so I can keep my promise to you.

    I promised that, when A64 passed with flying colors, I’d rub your nose in it.

    Well, it passed. Keep crying your tears of impotent rage, mister drug dealer. Though I’m guessing you probably just switched to harder “products” to bring to market, now that the fate you feared so much has befallen you. I remember telling you how you’d be flipping burgers within a year of A64 passing. So tell me… on average, how many people DO want fries with that?

  74. LOL… “Donkey Hotay” was banned from the Huffington Post for trolling “stoners” on the stories that involved cannabis. He’s a CO-based drug dealer who was rabidly AGAINST legalization because it was going to cut into his drug trade.

    No kidding, his brain is a bag of cats. His temperment would swing back and forth between calling all A64 supporters “stupid stoners” and trying to extole the value of the product he was offering. It was wildly hypocritical.

  75. That is soooo true. Thats how judicial system roll. Inform and take a chance at being Killed in prison, or inform and be killed in the streets. TAKE YOUR PICK INFORMANT. how absolutely sad is that?!

  76. bibletumper on

    Also, like my brother says , God days, it was very good.So as the law of God daid eat of it all. Except from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
    Curious to see what other christians have to say. I’m a christian, I would much rather see people smoke pot then take narcotic drugsand drink alcohol to Ease thier pain.

  77. Exactly, I can never understand people that think we need a nanny to watch over us and feed us our medicine. I think it should ALL be available over the counter to adults. Why should some asswipe in congress be able to control how much or what kinds of medicines I decide to put into MY body. How do conservatives square their war on drugs with their constant faux cries of liberty? In fact how do they square ANY of their policies with todays world?

  78. Good point and accurate. I also add in the word God there is nothing new under the sun. So my point that marijuana was then and is now.

  79. It's not 5oclock here on

    I wonder if the DEA administrator knows how many lives have been taken by alcohol. I wonder if she knows how many ER visits are ETOH related. I wonder if she knows the cost in terms of health related cost! How about in terms of family destruction. How about increase in automobile insurance rates. And she is REALLY worried about marijuana!! Come on!! How stupid can one be? I don’t smoke pot, but the numbers in terms of dollars spent for alcohol related issues is in the BILLIONS!! If she wants to do something beneficial do something about ALCOHOL SALES AND USE!!!

  80. For those of you thinking of taking this deal DO NOT!! A lot of times these kind of ploys are under covers trying to bust your ass for stupidity. The other times the person ends up fucking you over in the end. If they offer to mail it to you or deliver it to your door just say no. If they offer to meet up its up to you on if you want to do it but id still be careful. Just think of it this way: if you send them money and in return they send you a brick (literally not just bricky weed but a fuckin actual brick) what can you do about it? You have no information about them and not only that but you cant go to the cops and complain about someone screwing you over on an illegal deal. In the end you just end up getting caught with your pants around your ankles and your willie hanging out.

  81. You are wrong on

    1) He said “Betsy Ross’s first flag”. Not at all implying she made the first flag. Nice try?

    2) The first “U$” flags where made of hemp fabric. Don’t believe the rest of the world? Well then you probably belive the moon landing was fake as well, but simple search of “What where the first flags made of” will prove they were indeed made of hemp.

    Why angry anti marijuana people lies so much??

  82. Chas Holman “Betsy Ross’s first flag, and every flag that flew over the Capital until the invention and implementation of Nylon (which is still not as strong as a hemp flag) was made out of the very hemp”

    More stoner LIES and laughably false nonsense.

    1) Betsy Ross did NOT make the first US flag

    2) The first U$ Flags were made of Wool Bunting, just like every other flag of the era.

    Why do stoners lies so much??

  83. I quit reading at ““It scares us,””..

    You know what scares me? These DEA folks..They carry guns, have all the power of God and yet have such little actual knowledge. A ‘little’ knowledge is a dangerous thing. The DEA is full of dangerous people hell bent on tossing 30 percent of the population behind bars if they had their way, when they themselves are not gathering at the local lounge to imbibe in the most deadly drug in the world, and relish in their stories about rounding up peaceful grass smokers.

    Skrew em, Leonhart is a menace and a certified idiot who is ‘afraid’ of the nations top agricultural crop. Someone get her a nice rubber room and let her live out her delusions and fears in peace.

    I knew she had mental deficiencies when she said seeing a hemp flag flown over the Capital Building on July 4th was the LOWEST moment of her law career.

    Totally devoid of the fact that Betsy Ross’s first flag, and every flag that flew over the Capital until the invention and implementation of Nylon (which is still not as strong as a hemp flag) was made out of the very hemp that one had to grow by law if they were an original settler, and the very same hemp the State Dept declared in Dec 1941 was the second most essential resource we needed to win WW2.

    Leonhart doesn’t even know her own countries history.She has been too hell bent on destroying many GOOD peoples futures to worry about honest reflection or any honest soul searching.

  84. So…I found this article from 2003 about her while trying to find any other stories on this hearing.


    This is effectively her dream job, and she was a huge supporter of an informant who repeatedly lied under oath because he was such a good tool to the DEA, just like mandatory minimum sentences giving the choice of “inform or life ruining prison”.

  85. invisible man on

    Cannabis: A Biblical perspective.

    According to the Bible, there are three profound changes that occurred at the beginning of our world; Creation, The Fall of man and The Flood. During each of these events God took time out from all that was going on at the time to instruct man on a diet consisting of a green seed-bearing herb that was to be used as meat.

    1) Creation. Genesis ch1. During the Creation account: Genesis 1:29 – “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” vs 31 – “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” KJV

    2) The Fall of man. Genesis ch 3. After Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate of the forbidden fruit, God said to Adam in ch 3:18 – “Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field…” Obviously this herb survived the curse from the fall of man that came into the world.

    3) The Flood. Genesis 9. After Noah’s arc had safely landed in the new world – 9:1 “And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. 9:3 Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.”

    Not only did this herb survive the Fall, it also survived the Flood! Here in Genesis 9 God changes mans diet to include (certain) animals. Along with this drastic change we see God once again instructing man on continuing on with the green herb as a part of their diet.

    Do you know of any Bible believing Jews, Muslims or Christians who use a green seed-bearing herb in the way God intended – as meat?

    The Chinese have been using cannabis sativa as one of their 50 herbal remedies for thousands of years helping quite literally billions of people. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/50_Fundamental_Herbs#50_fundamental_herbs.

    Consider what the New Testament says about the people who continue to keep God’s green herb out of the hands of the people.

    1 Timothy 4:1 “Now the Spirit expressly says, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

    3 … and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.”

    A good cross-reference Bible will link the word “meat” in 1 Timothy 4:3 to the word “meat” Genesis 1:29, back to the seed-bearing herb.

    It’s also worth noting on the DOJ government website http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/schedules/orangebook/e_cs_sched. that marijuana is not categorized as a narcotic.

    But, for more on the powers that convened in 1961 to further demonize cannabis as a narcotic please see the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_Convention_on_Narcotic_Drugs.

    As of May 2013, the Single Convention has 184 state parties. The Holy See plus all members of the UN are state parties, with the exception of Afghanistan, Chad, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Kiribati, Nauru, Samoa, South Sudan, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Who lobbied for this outlawing of cannabis? Did big Pharma play a role as many believe? Revelation 18:23 says “…for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries (Pharmakeia) were all nations deceived.”

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Many believe Kaneh Bosm or cannabis, is the sweet calamus, one of the few essential ingredients in the formula of God’s Holy Anointing oil as found in Exodus 30:23. This would explain why the men of the earth seem so possessed with keeping this herb not only out of the hands of the people, but also out of God’s Holy Anointing oil.

    “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil…” Isaiah 5:20

  86. Once again, your last line of “you’d be honest and say that no one has EVER seen one kind of organism give rise to a completely different kind of organism.” and thinking that actually counts as a point to you shows, once again, that you have a complete lack of understanding of evolution.

    I agree, there has never been an organism that “gave rise” to a completely different organism. That’s not how it works. Reptiles don’t just shit out a mammal. You want me to prove it? I just did. That’s the BASICS of the theory and you don’t even KNOW them.

    As for the websites, if you actually look, THEY HAVE the proof there. Anything from genetics to fossils (tiktaalik for example) that are transitional fossil lines. The websites you’re talking about that “disprove it” are BS propaganda websites that have the same tired old arguments that have been debunked time and time again. Again, since you’re showing yourself to be firmly in the “I don’t think it’s true” camp, I doubt you’d be intellectually honest enough to go onto a website refuting all of those false claims

    As for evolution, it’s been done in a lab with bacteria. Get a degree in biology and some relevant credentials and you’d be able to get your hands on a line of (I believe) E. Coli that evolve the ability to digest a source of food that was previously in-edible to them.

    And as for those “scientists” that say it’s a fraud, sure. There are also some scientists that claim that climate change is a fraud and that the holocaust didn’t happen. Hell, I even heard a scientist claim that the earth was flat. Unfortunately for you, you’re forgetting the 99% of OTHER working scientists who DO accept the theory.

    Also, once again showing serious lack of knowledge in the science, abiogenesis IS NOT A PART OF EVOLUTIONARY THEORY.

    This will be my last response to you, because I know for a fact that you won’t actually change your (stupidly ignorant) mind just because I link you to fossil lists and other evidence.

    But just in case…






    Spend some time reading up on what it is… Even the catholic church admitted that evolution was pretty much undeniable. They just think that a god kicked it off.

  87. i think the real reason that “it scares us” is because once #mj is legalized the DEA won’t have anyone else to harass. then, how will they stay employed?

  88. Justsomeguy151 on

    It its wrong, genius, PROVE it. Its that simple.

    What’s seriously ignorant is that you don’t even know yr own religion and are desperately trying to extricate the fantastic unscientific fallacies that are the absolute the foundation of evolution (abiogenesis, an utter lack of transitional fossils, species magically transforming into other completely different kinds of species WITHOUT evidence).

    Don’t list websites, I could list just as many that refute yrs. Present FACTS. That’s funny, you strike me as someone who isn’t remotely interested in FACTS, but in defending yr religion. I have a brain, you should use yrs, what’s left of it.

    This is another lie. So because you repeatedly lie and claim that i don’t know yr religion, I don’t understand evolution? Typical evo BS. Its not about me. Many other scientists know that evolution is a fraud. Do they just “not understand”? YOU don’t know the basics of yr own faith, if you did, you’d be honest and say that no one has EVER seen one kind of organism give rise to a completely different kind of organism. That is ridiculous fantasy.

  89. Get over the hate and lies that are rife in the bible. It shoud be renamed TBBOBS (The Big Book Of Bullshi~t)
    Use your brain, it is much more than a vessel for receiving antique bullshi~t.

  90. Hello, I live in IL. where weed was legalized for medicinal purposes on 01-01-14 yet nothing has materialized. I have cancer & I had the chance to try it and I had no projectile vomiting and a major decrease in pain for which I am prescribed narcotics for. I do not like to smoke though the difference in my stamina,nausea, pain is truly like night and day.If I were to come to Colorado, as I read out of state residents can only purchase 1/4 oz. Correct? Once purchased, how long before another 1/4 oz can be purchased? Are the people that work in the shops well versed as to what they could suggest for my particular issues? Any additional information would be helpful, Lastly, are all shops the same price for that amount. I’m a real newbie about this. Thanks

  91. No, I don’t need to refute your statement because it’s almost entirely wrong. The only thing you got correct is that reptiles lay eggs and you used a full stop to end your sentence.

    If you truly need evidence to refute your (seriously ignorant) claim, I could list dozens of websites that will explain how evolution works in anything from children’s biology 101 to actual peer reviewed article lists if you really need it. But of course, you strike me as the type who isn’t going to change his mind regardless of any evidence I show you, so I’m not going to bother (If you really care to understand it, you have google and a brain).

    Also, I said you don’t know anything in the context of evolution. The fact that you said “A reptile can lay an egg with a mammal inside” is enough evidence that you don’t know even the basics of evolutionary theory and prove my claim that you don’t know anything.

  92. Justsomeguy151 on

    No need to refute yr statement= “I can’t refute yr statement”. I knew that already. My pastor never spoke about evolution but that’s all yr evolutionary high priests talked about. Of course, you’d just add another lie. I “don’t know anything” because yr scientifically illiterate. OK.

  93. There’s no need to refute your statement, it does that itself.

    You obviously don’t know a thing about evolution beyond what your pastor told you. All I can say is that, going off your comment, you know nothing at all.

  94. Ted Mishler on

    there is more to say, including my brush with the hospital, involving crutches, and all that cliff hanger stuff, but all is ok, so ok, ltr folk

  95. Ted Mishler on

    actually, i sometimes forget
    that not all folk in the clergy think alike, not on radio, tv, or the net
    and actually some in the clergy i seems to have noticed some sort of connection
    i believe there are lots of folks on a similar wavelength, or a goal there to I reckon
    even if they may not use the entheogen known as cannabis, maybe they do
    i know it never leaves me feeling sad and blue
    the clergy it seems is needed and i meant no offense
    to the good folk really doing good in the world and really wanting to instil peace umm, in their much deservadly’d self defence
    what a nifty day it turned out to be to DAY!
    sun shine wam, and i finally found out how to make a solid bike tire and it is simply to, for a 27 inch rim, just purchase new 1/8x1x10 feet of flat metal stock, and wrap it first around a smaller rim to make the thing take on a curved shape, then drill holes in the stock, and the rim, it keeps the rim from cutting into the rubber like a pizza cutter would do, and to prevent the weight from being a whole inch across, today i purchased a 1/2 inch piece of metal stock, to be used as a middle bead to raise the bike tire up, decreasing road rubber drag, and noise, i might need to add more rubber, not sure, got to go, love out to the good good folk, non tokers too lol, anyway:-)

  96. Of course she’s singing the same old tired song. If she didn’t and moved for legalization she would be putting herself out of the job. No bureaucrat ever wants to advocate for anything that might put them out of a job.

  97. Justsomeguy151 on

    That’s not true. Light in itself, is not radiation. Is a fire radioactive?

  98. Justsomeguy151 on

    “As we THOUGHT we knew her”, says what you think I didn’t say. The fact remains America was unique and became a world power because of it.

  99. Justsomeguy151 on

    Actually YOU are stupid. Refute my statement or just stop lying. NO ONE argues against science except hypocritical evolutionists like YOU. School? You should try it, scientific illiterate.

  100. I’d like to peek in Ms Leonhart’s home medicine cabinet and have a look at her monthly bill at the liquor store. Clearly, whatever she’s using has affected her ability to form rational thoughts.

  101. I was agreeing with you right up to the “America as we thought we knew her, is dead” bit. America as we thought we knew her NEVER existed. She has ALWAYS been by the rich, for the rich. Any other vision was sold to you by them. At least now they have to pretend they care, 90 years ago they were free to treat you like property openly. People used to be beaten to death for trying to join together so they had some power against inequity.

  102. ….AAAAAaannnd yet another creationist argues his own stupidity about science as “proof” that science is stupid. Go back to school please.

  103. Umm… bro if you blocked all harmful radiation there would be no sunshine

  104. Justsomeguy151 on

    Too bad we don’t have a strong president??? You mean too bad America’s been taken over by the Banksters/Federal Reserve. Our political system, legal system and financial systems are FRAUDS. America as we thought we knew her, is dead. You need to wake up and smell the coffee. Its all about to collapse.

  105. Justsomeguy151 on

    The long lives of the pre-Flood people was due to the firmament/vapor canopy that shielded all life from harmful radiation. It also made the earth completely tropical. Its a fact that there are forests flash frozen by the Food water when the poles shifted.

  106. Ted mishler on

    prohibition of the cannabis communities constitutional rights is not right
    law enforcement is a great thing, but when law enforcement takes part in enforcing unconstitutional law, that should then be grounds for an indict

  107. Justsomeguy151 on

    Mindboggler? Well, first you’d actually HAVE a mind. You sound like an evolutionist. You know,the kind of geniuses that fantasize that a reptile can lay an egg w/ a mammal inside or that Life can create itself.

  108. Ted mishler on

    Cannabis could have helped me as a kid
    I as a kid was on the toilet so much due to crohns’, why would anyone forbid
    free country has a ring that is not true
    if you take part on high treasonous war on the cannabis community just to make them sad and blue
    in jr high, i missed half of my attendance
    if only the treasonous ones didn’t lie and allow the slippery slope of pill dependance
    but instead allowed everyone to truly guide their way
    with cannabis if they wanna, what do you say?

  109. To paraphrase: “We don’t want kids to smoke pot, thus the Just Say No campaign must continue (because it’s working so well) and we must continue to keep cannabis sativa Schedule I listed.”

    It does not follow from Leonhart’s “reasoning” that ADULTS should be prohibited from using marijuana.

    Pot is for grownups, like lots of things are (like alcohol is). Kids aren’t idiots, they get it. But when you insist that it’s psychoactive like LSD and addictive like heroin you completely lose your credibility.

    The truth is quite simple: keeping marijuana illegal encourages black markets, and black marketeers don’t give a shit to whom they sell – including kids.

  110. Ted mishler on

    why are prophetic words of the bible written on the warehouse in town?
    how are any prophetic commentary in the bible ever to be openly seen or publically found?
    maybe it is true
    that real religion resides in each one of us, as public religion is false, as it tends to vote out the cannabis community, the good crowd, thats what the common people do not want to see or believe in, except for a few
    are they ever in for a surprise
    to find happiness within beyond comprehension, and to learn that it could prevent their demise
    to find out also that the spirit word does exist
    to know that God does too, the happiness it brings is too much to list

  111. Ted mishler on

    one thing is true
    high treason is not an admirable trait, nor is going along with the common people’s advice to shrug the shoulders and grin and bear your death after 120 years max, have you got a clue?

  112. mindboggler on

    F her and her job, time for some zero tolerance of our own … toss her overpaid dinosaur ass to the curb… she forgets who her real boss is… the American people.

  113. mindboggler on

    And WHAT IF it is NOT true… exactly… what a fool that would make the man that follows such nonsense

  114. Ted mishler on

    what would have been the scenario long ago
    if traitors to God did not remove kaneh-bosm from the Bible to achieve more slaves and cash flow
    WHAT IF it is true what is written when said
    that people in Biblical times lived around a thousand years before they found them selves dead?
    what if secretive people are still alive today
    after having lived hundreds of years, what would the high treasonous war lovers then have to say
    if the constitutional prohibs are indeed through with the punishment of the cannabis community
    what might they think if they discovered their own self death induced idiocy?

  115. Disband the DEA and legalize everything. That doesn’t mean a free for all. It means control and distribution of said substances to people that are addicted but under the confines of safe injection sites, education, and rehab. It could work.

  116. I lived in Iowa 22 years ago and that POS Grassley was there then! There are some real non thinkers in that state.

  117. I think we need to hire a retired person that doesn’t get paid. Then maybe the lies would stop.

  118. Leonhart, Grassley, two people that need mental evaluations. Too bad we don’t have a strong president. She should have been fired 4+ years ago when chicken shit Barry had the chance. This is the outcome when you give into to right.

  119. Logic has Nothing to do with this so stop looking for it. To be effective you have to put your money where your mouth is. This may offend some but Boo Hoo to you. Money talks and Bullsh~t walks. Everybody get together and donate monthly $5,$10,$15,$20, or whatever just DONATE it will all add up to much more than all of the whining and bitching and name calling. And fuck polite, this is the real world and you don’t get what you want in government by being polite you get it by “Pumping More Money” into it than your opponent so stop all of this Hopeful Wishing.

  120. The Cannabis crowd is not as well heeled as the Alcohol Barons so they can not bribe the government efficiently.
    Sadly, it is Mostly still “About The Benjamins”

  121. I bet that Leonhart and Tammy Faye Baker would get along swimmingly, and they have their looks in common.

  122. Working in law enforcement does not mean that you were automatically issued “A Shiney New Moral Compass” It means that your job is to enforce laws, nothing else. It does not make you any more moral than a worm.

    “Having been in law enforcement as an agent for 33 years [and] a Baltimore City police officer before that, I can tell you that for me and for the agents that work at the DEA, mandatory minimums have been very important to our investigations,” said Leonhart,

  123. I agree 1million%. For the life of me I can’t understand WHY she has not been fired by her boss.

  124. If anyone were ever ripe for a firing, it would be this moronic whatever she is. I tuned into one of her last appearances about drugs and she reused to answer the questions over and over an over again. I don’t know why she wasn’t physically thrown from the room.

  125. she is a moron ette, how about all the drugs the DEA are bringing across the border, before I would trust a DEA agent they would have to take a drug test and lie detector test, It would not get into this country with out law enforcement assistance Just busted a Miami Higher Cop for drug trafficking. It’s just a money game for DEA so they can rack up over time hours, Sunrise florida police were selling cocaine if you really want to solve the drug problem get rid of the DEA

  126. Do you honestly think anyone would willingly say? “Yes, my job does nothing positive for the nation. You should fire me from my lifelong career.” The only thing she understands is that prohibition ensures her job. I do disagree with her totally. But I can understand her defense of her job. That’s why someone else needs to come in and replace her with someone more in touch with the American public.

  127. “In 2012, 438,000 Americans were addicted to heroin. And 10 times that number were dependent on marijuana.” Well, that is interesting. Half a million citizens are heroin addicts, most lured to smack by addiction to prescription drugs. And four and a half million “dependent on marijuana.” Wow. What would happen if their supply suddenly dried up? We might have crazed smokers, running down the street half-naked, screaming gibberish about “anybody got a doobie? I’m dyin’ man!” I can hardly wait for the feds to crack down so I can watch that scene.

  128. Stephen Stillwell on

    They seem to think 300,000 or so is a lot of ER visits, but the general population visits the ER at a rate of 42 per 100 people.

    42% of the 16 million smokers, by government estimates, is more than 6 million visits, so doesn’t this mean that marijuana cuts ER visits by 95% to 5% of normal?

  129. could we just replace this dinosaur? wow this kind of backwards thinking hurts us all…

  130. Mark Elrod on

    WTF do these idiots NOT understand? A majority of Americans want it legalized. If the majority of people want something legalized, but the government won’t legalize it, then we do NOT have “a government by the people, FOR the people.”

    Who are they representing?

  131. Heh. Thanks, but I’m hardly the poster-boy for being polite, especially in comment threads. The weed blog has good days and bad. Sometimes it’s as if the Twitter’s toilet backed up and overflowed into our comment section. Other days are more encouraging and uplifting. Personally, I find debunking DEA misinformation more uplifting than ad hominem.

  132. Ted mishler on

    the cannabis community should not in the first place have their constitutional rights voted out
    due to a unconstitutional law to war on them, not meaning to pout
    but warring on the cannabis community
    is an act of high treason, according to wikipedia, so how is the war on the cannabis community, a duly sworn act of unity
    this is the united states that we reside
    so we should stop the silliness, shall we? thanks to the pals for allowing me the opportunity to experience my red eye
    of glee
    cannabis, and good friends, really are key
    thank you God for this moment to behold
    of happiness and thankfulness to enjoy it, along with the thankful feeling of not growing old

  133. You can thank the corporate entities that lobbied for cannabis to be illegal. There the same ones who are planning to capitalize on legalization. But hey dea agents only care about there jobs. Yes some may believe the propaganda, some believe that there is nothing wrong with marajuana but all of them don’t want to loose there cushy job

  134. Vincent McClain on

    I know why your scared the DEA is almost at the end of a crazy rollercoaster ride of lies.

  135. Steven Ryan on

    I bet she drinks alcohol ! So what the difference ?? How many underage kids get arrested for DUI ?? Why is alcohol legal ?? Why doesn’t she tryn stop underage drinking ???

  136. Big Swinging Johnson on

    Her face could be used to deter sex around the world. Bone killin Biatch !

  137. Such are the ramblings of a bloated angry ugly bitch who does not have a valid claim to support her whining and lies. We have to save the kids and the dogs of america from this dangerous and deadly drug. Time to boot this hag!!!!!

  138. All I can say is, I can sleep through the night again, like I did when I was a little boy, because my diabetic neuropathic pain, plus my restless leg syndrome ( not to mention other issues) has subsided almost entirely by this wonderful medicine. What I find disturbing has been the irresponsible government’s attitude all of these years, while millions of folks lives could, and should, have been made more peaceful and painfree. Now we come to 2014 and we are still being enslaved by backwards minded people like Leonhart. Not really surprizing, since not all American’s still do not have their full and equal civil rights, either.

  139. Terminal Velocity Tommy on

    Thank you for the educated and well thought out response. It’s people like you that we need to achieve the goal. Unlike all the mindless idiots that can think of nothing better to comment than calling her a bitch, slut, whore and whatever else their feeble brains think of at the moment. None of that helps, but comments like yours do! So thanks again

  140. Please download Mr. Grassley statement. People eating canabis infused food, hallucinating and jumping out of Windows. I can’t believe this. I live in central Florida. I’ve seen spring break at Daytona first hand. Drunks, fornicating, on the beach, in parking lots. Pools of urine and vomit all over the place. Let’s not forget the dead kids jumping to their deaths, trying to jump from.balconies to balconies. Alchohal is legal and has no medicinal value, yet we stigmatized a plant.

  141. Jeez… Not this trumped up ER stat again!

    Listen to me. Whenever someone ends up in the ER for ANY reason at all, and cannabis is either detected in their system or the patient discloses that they consume cannabis to the physician attending them, that ER visit is magically categorized as “an emergency room visit that involved cannabis.” She’s playing fast and loose with the facts.

    For example, if an innocent bystander becomes an unfortunate victim in a public shooting and ends up at the ER, if cannabis is detected in their blood, that ER visit (despite the fact that the particulars of the case don’t involve cannabis AT ALL) is classified as a visit that involved cannabis. Leonhart should be drummed out on her rear for manipulating information, this way. Just by virtue of cannabis being detected in your system, it is automatically to blame for whatever *actually* brought you to the hospital. Which is total BS.

    The sky isn’t falling, Chicken Little. And I’m getting sick of the DEA saying otherwise just to protect their bloated budget of $2.4 billion per year. Fact is, from what I’ve read, cannabis legalization will REDUCE emergency room traffic. States with medical cannabis laws on the books see impressive reductions in both DUIs and suicides.

    What Leonhart won’t tell you — whenever someone dies, the coroner or the attending physician must attribute the cause of death for the official record. Tens of thousands of people die each year overdosing on LEGAL drugs, according to the people who pronounced those deaths. So far, not a single recorded overdose from cannabis, and even secondary causes of death (like smoking cannabis and falling out of a window) are few and far between — only a few dozen per year. More people fall out of windows sober, quite frankly.

  142. They really just need to start treating her like a child, because she’s incapable of answering the questions that are asked or telling the truth.

  143. stellarvoyager on

    Time to get rid of that old fossil Charles ASSley as well. Hello, people of Iowa?!

  144. stellarvoyager on

    The War On Drugs is an act of treason. The constitution defines treason as “waging war on the United States.” That is exactly what the war on drugs is, a war on the people of the United States.

  145. Sierra Trujillo on

    There is no real real reason here to stop the movement. She has not stated one fact, she is giving her opinion. She stated her “worries” not actual harmful facts about actual marijuana itself.

  146. bobo willams II on

    “It scares us,”. Capra said during a senate hearing in January. “Every part of the world where this has been tried, it has failed time and time again.”

    If he is referring to the prohibition of marijuana, he is correct … it never worked, never will

  147. Doc Deadhead on

    Let the pot haters speak…..so they can prove to the world how uneducated they really are on the subject!

    End the war on pot.

    DON’T end the war on drugs, we need the DEA to go after the dangerous drugs that are killing people every day.

    End the war on pot.

    Never has killed anyone….never will.

  148. basically she is saying if we don’t keep peaceful marijuana smokers in prison then there will be doom and the right thing to do is to keep ruining the lives and future of pot smokers. Michele Leonhart is a terrorist against the people of USA.

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