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DEA Heads Oppose Marijuana Legalization, But Why?


Former DEA heads have come out, again, against marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington. Radical Russ Belville goes behind the headlines to discuss why the former DEA heads feel the need to urge the federal government to go against the will of the voters in Colorado and Washington.


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Johnny Green


  1. Can I get a transcript of that program listing the former DEA heads and the ties that bind them to opposing legal marijuana?

  2. These old white guys can’t stand the idea that they wasted a good part of their working lives arresting people who weren’t doing anything bad. Although they are willing to say and do anything to make sure they don’t look like complete fools in the history books, it is a losing battle.

  3. GhettO1stamendment on

    Money, Money, Money- they don’t want to retire! So to pay for the golf club fees and the second families they have,LOL, they need to tell the president why the reason for the extension on programs with deep OK infinite pockets that keep driving this country into a shit hole.

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