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DEA Pressures Armored Truck Companies To Quit Working With Medical Marijuana Dipsensaries


armored car medical marijuana dispensaryThe DEA Has Done Everything That It Can Think Of To Make The Medical Marijuana Industry ‘Cash Only’ Without Security Services

The DEA is getting craftier in their war against medical marijuana. Multiple reports came out today that armored security services are discontinuing business with medical marijuana dispensaries, citing ‘pressure from the DEA.’ Most security system services won’t work with medical marijuana dispensaries, credit card companies won’t work with medical marijuana dispensaries, banks won’t work with medical marijuana dispensaries, there’s the 280e tax issue, and now of course you can add armored truck companies to that list.

That is a pretty hard core environment for any business to operate in. Medical marijuana dispensaries can basically only accept cash, can’t store the cash in the bank, can’t have a reliable way to transport that cash safely, and unless you use a new start up ‘cannabis only’ security company, there will be no alarm if someone breaks into the medical marijuana dispensary to steal the cash (or whatever else). All of this of course occurring in states that have state laws recognizing the legality of medical marijuana dispensaries…Why does the federal government hate medical marijuana so much?

From the Huffington Post ,one of my marijuana heroes Tom Angell from the Marijuana Majority:

“The president says he has bigger fish to fry than go after individual users, but at nearly every step, his administration has tried to make it so those users are unable to purchase marijuana through safe and regulated means…By pressuring banks not to do business with dispensaries, the federal government ensures that many of these taxpaying businesses have to become cash-only, increasing the chances of robberies.”

From our friends at MMJ Business Daily

“This is a major threat to public safety intentionally engineered by the administration…This reckless and shameful policy not only puts the lives of dispensary operators and patients at risk, it threatens the safety of thousands of employees, contractors, and state officials who receive payments from our industry every day.”

The DEA’s war against medical marijuana tramples the rights of the citizens that live in medical marijuana states. These states enacted their medical marijuana laws for a reason, and even if one state (let alone 20) had a medical marijuana program enacted by the voters or legislature, the feds should respect that state. In the future Americans are going to look back on this time and wonder how we could be so stupid. DEFUND THE DEA!

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  1. You have to consider how many dispensaries were operating during the bush administration compared to how many in the nobama situation. I know it has more than doubled. and people advertise their dispensaries now where as back then they didn’t even have store front signs.

  2. Steven Hulbert on

    The Contra issue was simply the DEA facilitated the sale of coke to pay for the arms sent to the contras. Worked in intelligence for the criminal justice system. The story published by the San Jose Mercury news was fabricated. The DEA had an air operation depicted in Air America. having worked with DEA agents, I know the guys that were involved were following orders from their Group Supervisors.

  3. bluecollarbytes on

    Yeah, of course, pick the time period that fits your prejudiced disposition, dumbfnck.

  4. How about voting for someone who is openly for legalization, rather than someone who openly lies to us? Gary Johnson told the truth even on Fox where he was condemned for his views…We get what we vote for man.

  5. They actually DON’T want a paper trail. That way they can just STEAL the money from you (call it asset forfeiture) and you can’t SAY shit about it. Trust me…these are the people that I was taught to FEAR… only problem was this shit was being done to those in Russia and China!! Now it’s NOT funny cuz it’s happening here too.

  6. bluecollarbites on

    Really? Historically there were no Libtards or Republicunts and weed used everyplace. How far back would you say the dude should measure the war on pot dumbass? I read his “historically” as the past 40 years of political lynching of pot smokers. If the truth of the matter actually matters to YOU both sides have had it in for us during the whole time and all I saw him say was that the GOP doesnt hide behind lies and half truths. My god reading comp 101 dude.

  7. bluecollarbytes on

    “Historically”, Democrats were the slave-owners, then the Jim Crow enablers. If you pay attention here, now, you will see many conservatives and Republicans who favor legalized rec-cannabis and medicinal marijuana. if the truth of the matter actually matters to you

  8. I Live in Southern Cali If you need sum DANK “Jack Herer”, “Northern Lights”,”Blue Dream”, OG Kush”, Alien OG” Sour D etc.. email me Nfvv@ymail.com and maybe ill give you my number

  9. stellarvoyager on

    How about this: abolish the DEA, and reassign some agents to the Border Patrol, and then just fire the rest of ’em. End this idiocy once and for all, protect the border, and save the taxpayers some money.

  10. I guess I dont understand what I said that was not totally true, as I never said anything about Bush. The GOP has been, historically, 100% against cannabis reform while Obama and crew have changed directions like a drunk on a bicycle, so much so, that I dont trust anything they say anymore.
    I agree that the DEA is creating an atmosphere that makes state sanctioned cannabis businesses appear less than legitimate. If anything needs to be on a HUGE reform platform it is the DEA, NSA, TSA, and so on.
    Anyway I think we are saying the exact same thing. ;)

  11. The SAME THING they said at the END of Alcohol Prohibition… OH SHIT, we better find something else to demonize. The public’s on to our shit!

  12. Not TOTALLY true…. The Bush Administration raided FEWER Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in EIGHT years than the Obama Administration has FOUR. The DEA in this instance is ENCOURAGING a CRIME to happen. If ANYONE happens to DIE during one of these robberies. I’m thinking the DEA’s gonna have to answer for these deaths. It’s time to DEFUND the DEA, NSA, OBAMACARE etc…

  13. Of course they want the medical cannabis business to be cash only. Only a “criminal” distribution system is pure cash with no “legitimate” financial business associates. Besides by being a cash only industry it is much much easier for the DEA and local LEOs to use the famous civil forfeiture laws to steal anything they want to.
    So much for Holders lastest bullshit spewing session about backing off. Kinda reminds me of Obamas bullcrap about letting science decide the outcome of cannabis reform. He would not recognize science if it hit him in the face. I had more respect for the GOP, at least you knew they were out to get cannabis users.

  14. This is not a war against drugs…..this is a war against the Citizens of the United States of America!

    The DEA considers the American People to be “the enemy”.

    Which means the DEA is guilty of conspiracy, racketeering, treason, and numerous other crimes.

    This must stop.

    I say the people of the US must rise up in open revolt against the DEA.

  15. Jack klotzner II on

    everyone should know the GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE, JUST THE MONEY THEY GET PAID FOR OVER POWERING THE CONSTITUTION FOR THEIR OWN PROFIT!!! THEY ” THE BIG GOVERNMENT ” DON’T CARE ABOUT THIS COUNTRY AND OUR RIGHTS TO FREEDOM!!! sorry to say but it is true, they want to waste money and ruin our country!!! IT IS A ” POWER TRIP ” they get off on plain and simple…. now my question is what is the government going to do WHEN EVERY STATE STANDS UP AND TELLS THEM ENOUGH IS ENOUGH WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! ??? THE BIG GOVERNMENT WILL LOSE THIS BATTLE!!!!! just wait and see US the people will get tired of being pushed around and stand up for our FREEDOM!!

  16. The DEA is protecting their turf…they want the money to flow to the cartels..after all can anyone remember the Iran-Contra issue where the DEA flooded LA with cocaine to fund the illegal sale of arms to the Contras…..This is simply corrupt….

  17. hmm seems like they would want to have a paper trail so they can tax it all , big brother needs to be taken down , revamped and give this country back to it’s citizens. this stupid war has got to stop in favor of what we the citizens want, voted for and many of us need to survive without pain and discomfort, and not to experience the horrible side effects produced by big pharma. Our government has turned into a dictatorship with King Obama at the helm. We aren’t supposed to have a king we are not England!! We are the United States and we are supposed to be a democracy but lately I don’t see that happening. TIME FOR A REVOLUTION!!!

  18. This is an obscene and unwarranted use of coersion by the government. Authoritarian government is always ugly.

  19. So let me get this straight….our goverment paid drug enforcment is activly keeping legal taxable revenue from helping states of the US PAY ITS DEBT. What and who are these criminals protecting if we cant pay with what we earn

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