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DEA Proposes A New Drug Code For Marijuana Extracts


dea drug enforcement administration extracts codeThe butane hash oil (BHO) phenomenon has resulted in a new request from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to create a new drug code for marijuana extracts. At a time when support for recreational marijuana legalization and medical marijuana legalization is at an all time high, the DEA feels the need to step up the war on marijuana. So much for the will of the people.

Per the United States Federal Register:

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is proposing to create a new Administration Controlled Substances Code Number (“Code Number” or “drug code”) under 21 CFR 1308.11 for “Marihuana Extract.” This Code Number will allow DEA and DEA-registered entities to track quantities of this material separately from quantities of marihuana. This in turn will aid in complying with relevant treaty provisions.
Under international drug control treaties (administered by the United Nations), some differences exist between the regulatory controls pertaining to marihuana extract versus those for marihuana and tetrahydrocannabinols. DEA has established separate Code Numbers for marihuana and for tetrahydrocannabinols, but not for marihuana extract. To better track these materials and better comply with treaty provisions, DEA is proposing to create a separate Code Number for marihuana extract under 21 CFR 1308.11(d)(36): “Marihuana Extract meaning extracts that have been derived from any plant of the genus cannabis and which contain cannabinols and cannabidiols.” Such extracts of marihuana would continue to be treated as schedule I controlled substances.

You should contact your federal representatives and senators to let them know that this is a waste of time. We should be dismantling the United States drug code, not expanding it. I dream of a day when the DEA no longer gets funding. It’s on my bucket list.


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  1. sounds like a bunch of assholes , what do they think they are accomplishing. Oh wait i know…….NOT A FUCKING THING!!
    and the best part we pay taxes on everything to help these assholes bust us,,,,,,,,we the people might as well turn to ANARCHY , not pay taxes to anyone , and live the way life was intended to be ……….FREE

  2. How interesting a stand in oregon where marijuana was changed to a schedule2 drug on june 16 2010 for state laws

  3. A new law will work in tandem with this new drug code, that is the one President Obama recently signed about regulating compounding pharmacies. Now, while this sounds like a great idea, I’m wondering what kind of effect these regulations will have on dispensaries that make cannabis extracts. Something to consider.

  4. “Marihuana Extract meaning extracts that have been derived from any plant of the genus cannabis and which contain cannabinols and cannabidiols.”

    So this would include hash?? What about the kif from a sifter grinder??

    Ridiculous imo.

    UK toker

  5. Extracts have less smoke and carcinogens! Also many extracts are edible! This is a ridiculous suggestion that puts consumers in harms way. What they could do is stipulate that no extracts can be made by a private citizen using BHO as people blowing themselves up is the concern. There are certainly better ways than BHO. Concentrates either way are healthier than raw flowers, you consume less smoke and carcinogens!

  6. my mom is 97 and was given cannibis teas and in fruit at age 7-10 became a nurse raised several children on her own And as i said is 97 now AND GUARENTEED IN BETTER HEALTH THEN MOST 69 YR.OLDS AND NEVER HAD TO TAKE ANY MEDS FOR NOTHING !!!! GET OVER IT,like the other ad said KEEP BIG PHARMA OUT OF THE PEOPLES HERB ! THEY WANT IN AFTER POISINING YOU 4 DECADES PHARMA ,MONSANTO,PHILLIPASSHOLEMORRISS ,KEEP EM OUT 1

  7. The DEA was established right after Nixon started the war on drugs. Its purpose is to keep marijuana illegal. To think that it cares about facts is a fairy tale.

    On March 21, the day before the Shafer Commission released its report, Nixon
    said, “We need, and I use the word ‘all out war,’ on all fronts … we
    have to attack on all fronts.” Nixon and his advisors went on to plan a
    speech about why he opposed marijuana legalization, and proposed that he
    do “a drug thing every week” during the 1972 presidential election
    year. Nixon wanted a “Goddamn strong statement about marijuana … that
    just tears the ass out of them.”

    Nixon’s private comments about marijuana showed he was the epitome of
    misinformation and prejudice. He believed marijuana led to hard drugs,
    despite the evidence to the contrary. He saw marijuana as tied to
    “radical demonstrators.” He believed that “the Jews,” especially “Jewish
    psychiatrists” were behind advocacy for legalization, asking advisor
    Bob Haldeman, “What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob?” He
    made a bizarre distinction between marijuana and alcohol, saying people
    use marijuana “to get high” while “a person drinks to have fun.”

    In 1969, President Richard Nixon announced that the Attorney General, John N. Mitchell,
    was preparing a comprehensive new measure to more effectively meet the
    narcotic and dangerous drug problems at the federal level by combining
    all existing federal laws into a single new statute. The CSA combined existing federal drug laws but it also changed the nature of federal drug law policies, expanded the scope of federal drug laws
    and expanded Federal law enforcement as pertaining to controlled substances.

    The Drug Enforcement Administration was established on July 1, 1973 and signed by President Richard Nixon on July 28. Until the US Congress stops them, the DEA will always do what it was meant to do: “tear the ass” out of marijuana users and prosecute an unreasonable and unrelenting war on drugs – especially marijuana.

  8. You know, I follow hemp news too (just not as closely), but you’re sweet to give me the link, thanks. Dixie Elixirs is a Colorado-based company that only sells to patients in that state’s MMJ program. I don’t see where they are allowed to ship anywhere except within the state.

    Somewhere, in the black pit of despair that is the DEA, there is a memo about THC levels. I just know it. Sorry to hear about your brain thingy. Hopefully, the two sides will come back together in a friendly, non-violent way. :-)

  9. do they actually think they can ‘t die or be killed by masses of people who are sick of their shit

  10. Irmgard Alderman on

    The whole problem the Pharmaceutical Industry and their lobbying of congress.. MMJ is their biggest curse right now. As of January, the legalization of recreational marijuana in some states will allow people, who are willing to do their own research, to find a strain that will help them medically without the side effects of pharma. This is worrying the hell of the pharmaceutical industry. No more gouging the heck out of uninsured, or even the insured. No more prescriptions of this to counteract that. Now more than ever, users of marijuana , whether for medical or recreational, need to realize that it is their behavior and keeping it away from minors and keeping the street sales out of the industry.
    People are looking for any excuse to take this away from us. Don’t give that excuse to them. marijuana users need to police themselves, stay within the boundaries, but at the same time start leaning on alcohol and pharmaceutical abuse, which cause deaths of the users and innocent victims. Right now, with prescription drug abuse at an all time high, it is beneficial for the proponents of legalized marijuana to point out that, the danger is not with this industry by with unscrupulous pill pushing doctors and purveyors of those potent meds, and even those patients who are sharing and or selling their meds, charging them to insurance companies or Medicaid.
    The industry needs more of the research to get into MD’s hands, also. So much of MMJ research id not geared to the RA specialists as well as others docs that are looking for backing to send their patients to MMJ instead of other toxic meds.

  11. The Times They Are A Changing,,, N J just entered the race as have other states And I do believe it’s really becoming a race in the $$$$ sense. . https://www.theweedblog.com/new-jersey-assembly-committee-approves-industrial-hemp-legislation/. As for the FDA,, they do not reg. OTC herbal supplements. They say it’s up to the manufacture.(so keep buying those cut rate vitamins) Remember just last week Canine Med’s just hit the market. It has negligible amounts of THC, also check out Dixie exliars (sp). Some Items they can ship anywhere . As for what the cut off is, all I can find so far is that it’s below 1%. Maybe someone can jump in on this. My Corpus Callosum is a little off today.

  12. Okay, so hemp is imported, that must mean that there is a legal limit somewhere on the THC in hemp. Or the low levels of THC in other things, if there are such products. Would it be the FDA that says hemp has to have a certain low level of THC, or do they even care? Or would it be someone in the Department of Agriculture? I was just wondering if somewhere, there was a “legal” level of THC on the books that was acceptable and how that came about.

  13. We cant grow it, but this country ” legally” imports a hell of a lot of it.
    An imported agricultural product that grosses in the Billions. There is something really, really wrong with this scenario. You can buy various hemp products at any decent health food chain. We are the only developed country (so called) that does not have / grow industrial hemp. But it does come here and various companies “legally” process it for numerous things.

  14. the prohibitionists will not go away from their cash cow quietly … they have lived off of the lies and needless suffering they have promoted concerning cannabis and it is time to end their power over the people and cannabis..

  15. “A distinct variety of the plant species cannabis sativa that contains only minute (less than 1%) amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana” or industrial hemp, extremely, very low THC.

  16. In AZ all concentrates are illegal, therefore people especially children who have seizures with valid med marijuana use cards cannot get safe access to oils and concentrates to safely and efficiently control dosage. Are children expected to smoke or vape actual buds…i hope not. i doubt you can eat an edible very effectively while choking on your tongue. However the state of Utah has determined that oils are an acceptable way for giving cannabis to children. Seems to me like politicians and cops making the rules is getting in the way of true help for those who need it most. Do they realize in AZ that Marijauna and Cannabis IS the same thing? I bet if you showed a rose to a botanist he would call it first by its scientific name and then say “more commonly known as the rose”. Tylenol and Acetaminophine are the same thing. seems to me like warmongers will always be warmongers and the plant will never be truly freed as long as rule makers can argue about it. Nature put our medicine here to help us in any way we so choose to ingest it.

  17. i dont think its ‘health’ issues they are against ..
    what if …….. the populous took oil as medicine ,and everyone started puffing joints ..
    the end of this bullshit system would be really on the agenda big time…they know that only too well ,
    their biggest fear is that we all start thinking at the same time ..together ,,,,
    now that is dangerous ….if your a ruiling elite who has kept the public in chains through lack of information & shit laws ….
    you will fear free cannabis legislation

  18. Why don’t they go bust the biggest drug importers in the land, a.k.a. the CIA? Oh right, because they’re both in on the take when it comes to prohibition of cannabis. Buffoonery of the highest order. That’s how these corrupt cats roll.

  19. Why don’t they go bust the biggest drug importers in the land, a.k.a. the CIA? Oh right, because they’re both in on the take when it comes to prohibition of cannabis. Buffoonery of the highest order. That’s how these corrupt cats roll.

  20. It isn’t just the DEA. Even in WA state where there is medical and recreational the new law regarding the recreational side prohibits ANY concentrated products unless it is part of an edible. Even local governments are doing everything they can to keep this natural medicine away from the people! We elect them, tell them what we want, and they just find other ways to keep it illegal and keep their jobs busting people. Dispicable!!!

  21. Why is the DEA, an agency that doesn’t even use the scientific name cannabis, have any say in what schedule a drug belongs in? They have already proven that the conflict of interest is too much for them….

  22. It’s not based on scientific fact, the classification of cannabis invalidates the whole thing.

  23. Indeed. I tear into this act (and tear it down) in a just-published revised edition of my book, Letter to a Prohibitionist. It’s available exclusively at Amazon.

  24. We shall continue to repudiate the damned lie that is “Schedule I Cannabis” and enjoy it as we have been. Wax, BHO or RSO. Get over it, DEAthugs!

  25. Correct. I understand even smoking joints of marijuana has its benefits and helps, and isn’t even comparable to tobacco, but it still has a drawback of burning plant material and just not having as much cannabinoids.

  26. “…to better comply with treaty provisions.” Right. A lot of UN members have signed the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961, but some reserve the right to disregard parts they don’t like. If the DEA is suddenly so concerned about adhering to a UN treaty (which we more or less imposed on the world), we could follow Nepal’s example: “His Majesty’s Government of Nepal in accordance with article 49 paragraph 1 of the said Convention hereby reserves the right to permit temporarily in its territory:
    i. the quasi-medical use of opium;
    ii. The use of cannabis, cannabis resin, extracts and tinctures of cannabis for non-medical purposes; and
    iii. The production and manufacture of and trade in the drugs referred to under (i) and (ii) above.”

  27. Myo N Cat MrKiefbox on

    that would mean anything that is taken off the plant …. kief , hash oil , anything that is a prosess to extract it ,

  28. It’s BS! The DEA is a renegade agency funded Big Pharm Corps. The one’s in control of the DEA are sphoning $…end of story.

  29. Since when does an agency of government suggest legislation? Folks it is time to end the charade.

  30. 4/20/2014 needs to take place in EVERY city/town/village in America to deny Law Enforcement the ability to alter from their true job as Peace Officers.

  31. Part of the problem is RACISM and CLASSISM. Because most “successful” people are racist & classist, but they can get as much weed to smoke as they want through illegal means they have no urgency to legalize it. They would rather just keep it quiet…like the RACISM & CLASSISM. It is mainly the blue collar, fixed income, and generally “fair & equitable” person who wants Prohibition lifted. The rest are screaming to Tax & Regulate it to PAY FOR THEIR OVERSPENDING. Typical America. Victims. Blame others. Kick the can to the future. Never admit anything. Never fix anything. Never solve anything. Just sell Version 2.0.

  32. “Marihuana Extract meaning extracts that have been derived from any plant of the genus cannabis and which contain cannabinols and cannabidiols.” Such extracts of marihuana would continue to be treated as schedule I controlled substances.”
    Help me out here,, if I interpret this correctly,,does it not mean that Herbal Meds that are now legally sold (no THC) like the creams and meds for dogs, etc, will be over and made illegal. ????

  33. You are exactly correct. These guys are getting away with what they can. It is all about “shame”. They know parents are ashamed to say they are thinking about getting their kids high, but they can’t grasp the concept because: 1) They mixed alcohol with pot in high school and got sick 2) They mixed alcohol with pot in college and got raped 3) They mixed some other substance with pot, AND their personal experience relates this as pot being the cause. What we need is a parade of survivors. Not anecdotal stories, but faces. If you know anyone who has cured/healed/felt better from Cannabis please have them email me info [at] I Am Cannabis [dot] org. I created this site expressly to “put a face on the medicine”.

  34. They get huge budgets and wined and dined by gadget company who sell them gadgets. It isn’t their money.

  35. Actually, there are at least two studies that show “smoking a joint of weed” will leave your lungs with a “Net Benefit” above and beyond if those same lungs never took in the carcinogens AND the neuro-protectant cannabinoids which repair the carcinogenic damage better than new.

  36. Exactly. Everything was going according to plan when people could only get small dosages. The Third Hemp Revolution (1776, 1860, 2014) is about to begin.

  37. (to jump on your last couple of sentences – Matt) &why wouldn’t the DEA say all the chemicals/”extracts” from pharmaceuticals for the extension of “pain relief” from chemotherapy? I vote conspiracy. I vote a

  38. They like to call it the “crack” of marijuana. Maybe they’re looking to pass mandatory minimum sentencing laws all out of proportion for it like they did with crack.

  39. Eating this oil orally is a lot better for you than vaporizing it. However, vaporizing it is still far better than smoking a joint of weed.

  40. Just orally ingest 1 gram a day of high quality, decarboxylated hash oil as a medicine for a couple of months and your diseases and problems will go down. The DEA is aware of this and they are doing everything they can in light of legalization to suppress this wonderful oil and try to keep it hard to acquire, expensive, and out of the public’s eyes. They want you to believe the only way of smoking is smoking joints of marijuana buds and leaves. We must expose the public to hash oil and educate them faster than they can throw their lies.

  41. This extract is a bigger deal because you can actually cure diseases with it, like cancer, and not just “get high” and treat the symptoms of disease like you do when you smoke joint of marijuana buds. Clearly, there is a conspiracy to keep marijuana illegal because of its health benefits. Why wouldn’t the DEA say these extracts are better for you to inhale because they contain less plant material and you don’t have to inhale as nearly much? They’re all about profit and protecting their cartel, Big Pharma, so you can keep buying their infinitely more poisonous and intoxicating synthetic garbage that doesn’t heal us 1/100th as much, and in some cases may cause death, unlike cannabis. What utter hypocrites and liars.

  42. I see this as a sign of good things, actually. They can’t win and are losing ground with their rhetoric about how weed is bad, so they had to find something new to latch on to. Dabs – they’ll make it into dab-maddness now.

  43. People we are just blowing smoke here. It is time for us to stand up and go to the streets with this. It does not cost anything for parade permits. We need to have parade’s all over the United states to show the government the support we do have. Then after the parade’s to gain support go to Washington DC. with a big march.

  44. Immortal Illumined on

    the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!13

    seems like just yesterday my norcal senior classes were pushing prop 215 in our first vot ever, 1996, almost 20 years now….this country is almost 2 decades behind cali, sad and scary…long live my cali families


  45. Im usually a peacful person but truth is I’m fed up with these clowns and hope they would all just have a gosh damn stroke and die already!

  46. Well, there you have it, folks. Take a good look at your government doing what it does best. While the Attorney General’s office releases memos talking about how they’ll no longer interfere with a state’s decision on cannabis, their bastard child, The DEA, pursues other avenues to rape citizens of their god given rights to use a freaking PLANT!….A HARMLESS PLANT!….WHICH HAS NEVER KILLED ANYONE……EVER!!! What’s taking us so long to revolt?

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