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DEA Raids Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Denver


dea denver medical marijuana raidsBy Phillip Smith

DEA and IRS agents backed up by Denver and other state and local law enforcement raided a number of Denver area medical marijuana dispensaries and grow operations Thursday. The US Attorney for Colorado’s office confirmed the raids were taking place.

“The Drug Enforcement Administration, Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations, the Denver Police Department and state and local law enforcement are today executing lawfully obtained search warrants and seizure warrants,” said Jeff Dorschner, spokesman for the US Attorney for Colorado’s office in a Thursday statement[Editor’s Note: The statement now seems to have vanished; it was no longer available online as of 2 p.m. Mountain time.]

“Although we cannot at this time discuss the substance of this pending investigation, the operation under way today comports with the Department’s recent guidance regarding marijuana enforcement matters,” Dorschner added. “As this is an on-going investigation, no additional information will be made available,” he said.

Dorschner was referring to an August 29 Justice Department memorandum to federal prosecutors that said the Obama administration would not interfere with marijuana legalization provided certain boundaries were not crossed. US Attorney for Colorado John Walsh laid them out in his own statementthat same day.

“Of particular concern to the US Attorney’s Office are cases involving marijuana trafficking directly or indirectly to children and young people; trafficking that involves violence or other federal criminal activity; trafficking conducted or financed by street gangs and drug cartels; cultivation of marijuana on Colorado’s extensive state and federal public lands; and trafficking across state and international lines,” Walsh explained.

The Thursday raids come less than two months before state-legal marijuana retail stores open for business on January 1.

The Denver Post reported that the number of sites hit was “about a dozen,” while the alternative weekly Westword put the number at fewer than 20, although that number is tentative. Among businesses mentioned by “reliable sources within the scene” to Westword are VIP Wellness, Cherry Top Farms, marQaha, and Swiss Medical in Boulder. Westword printed a photo of police cars in the parking lot of maqQaha, while the Post printed a photo of piles of uprooted marijuana plants lying in the snow outside Swiss Medical.

Westword also reported that the owner of Swiss Medical told it that the raid there was prompted by one person among multiple tenants using its space, but that the raiders seized all the plants belonging to anyone who had a grow there. That’s similar to what happened at Cherry Top Farms in 2011, when federal raiders targeting one grower seized all the plants on the scene.

“We do not yet know the details of these latest federal actions, so it is too soon to say what inspired them,” said Denver-based Marijuana Policy Project spokesman Mason Tvert. “The Justice Department said it would respect states’ rights to regulate marijuana, and that it would not go after businesses as long as they are complying with state laws. We hope they are sticking to their word and not interfering with any state-regulated, law-abiding businesses.”

Tvert emphasized that at this point he does not know whether any of the businesses struck are accused of violating state laws.

“Colorado has demonstrated that regulating marijuana works,” Tvert said. “Those businesses that are in clear compliance with state laws are meeting the needs of the community and not causing problems. As a result, they have not faced much in the way of federal interference. If a business is suspected of violating state laws, they will likely face increased scrutiny, and if they are found to be in violation, they will likely face consequences. That is how our society treats alcohol, and that is how we expect to see marijuana treated.”

Denver-based attorney and marijuana activist Rob Corry was less diplomatic. He told the Post the Justice Department was acting like a bully and targeting “mostly mom-and-pop businesses.”

“That is true to form, the DOJ, behaving like the classic schoolyard bully picking on the little guy,” he said. “The DOJ needs to explain in a logical fashion why they are picking and choosing, going after only some of these entities when every one of them selling marijuana is running afoul of the federal law.”

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  1. The raid happens in Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Denver, which is sad! When Federal govt has allowed to break the rules as in, allowed to use of Medical Marijuana, why the hell state govt is keep interfairing ? Get to know more details about Medical Marijuana: – http://www.weedlynx.com/

  2. “decent” = polite, moral, and honest

    “descent” = Hereditary derivation; lineage

    please learn to spell. Similar-sounding words can have very different meanings, yes?

  3. leave this space, please! your hate-talk is spoiling an attempt at expressing grief and distress over yet another broken treaty by the DOJ, as it makes war on its own citizens with its police-state soldiers and tactics.

  4. If the Federal gov’t is allowed to break the laws of states, why do states have the right to enact them?

  5. Steven Hulbert on

    Marijuana cultivation is a federal offense, that’s why the DEA conducted the raid. Working in criminal intell we had hundreds of cases involving mj raids throughout California. The federal law will not change because there aren’t enough votes to legalize it federally.

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  7. Their “lawfully obtained warrants” are based on the Controlled Substances Act, a piece of shit not worth the paper it’s written on. Seriously, that document states that Cannabis has no medicinal value. It’s wrong and should be thrown into the garbage.

  8. Lawfully obtained warrants? The law in question being the Controlled Substances Act? Is there anyone on the planet that rationally denies medicinal benefit is available from the plant? Rational being the critical component of the argument, of course not. Putting cannabis on Schedule 1 of the CSA is a boner of immense proportions. Stick it up the DEA’s ass.

  9. Robert Dewayne King on

    Crawl back into yer hole , narc !!! Does this place have moderators and if so , why aint they doing thier job ?

  10. Robert Dewayne King on

    Crawl back into yer hole , narc !!! Does this place have moderators and if so , why aint they doing thier job ?

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    Fact is, this world is going to keep on spinning — long after you check out. So I say to you, sir or miss, take YOUR hatred to another blog. Nobody on this blog wants millions of people to die and suffer, horribly. Only the “faithful” sadists like yourself want that to happen.

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  15. in defense to the raids , dispensaries are a rip-off …but on a higher note they are THE SAFEST place for those who cannot do themselves to pay a little extra for safety and comfort when donating for medicine and YES dumbshit JEWISH DAVE it is just that , i don’t get any of this argument except for the people who are getting discarded in the situation , SO YES THE CRIME RATE WOULD GO UP WHERE THE FEDS BUST DISPENSARIES BCUZZ IT LEAVE THE PATIENTS VULNERABLE TO GANK HOOD STREET PEOPLE….. I’m from DETROIT and i know what the fuck I’m talking about …. any negative replies are welcome , and ill make you head feel like it you got stomped

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  28. I am a woman and proud of it, I didn’t vote for Obama, and I don’t like Kool-Aid.
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  30. MR.PC

    I typed Bush2, and I meant Bush1. And yes, the Mena operation was real, Google it. Every one living in Arkansas at the time knew Clinton was a coke fiend, and took large amounts of cash in the Mena Operation. The Bush and Clinton families are like Mafia Families, but bigger, and badder.

    And don’t call me a paranoid lunatic. Not a good career move.

  31. Dave:

    The State does not own my body, and I can put into it what I wish. Any jackboot that thinks otherwise is in for a big surprise.

  32. Dave:

    I suggest you stop making threats. Only young boys with too much ego and not enough real world experience are so stupid as to be internet tough guys.

  33. Trolls can be fun sometimes, I spent quite a lot of time early this morning scaring away a homophobe on Bloomberg and on Allen West’s website (gross). But in the end, all I did was attract another homophobe. And hours later, I feel a little like a bully, but prejudice really makes me angry, so what’re ya gonna do?

  34. Oh, he’s talking about the Discovery Channel series from last year, or was it this year? I thought he meant it was a separate channel. (It’s been so long since I slept, what year is it anyway?)

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  38. You are beginning to make some sense Mr. Mowers, I think we are all having a positive effect on you.

  39. Dude, the “uneducated” ALREADY have access to medical cocaine and heroin.
    Man, where do you live, under a rock?

  40. You’re kinda funny, in a polluted, weird way. After all this NSA noise, you’re going to threaten someone with IP tracking? Really?

  41. Ah, I see — you think that cutting and pasting non sequitur quotations is the same thing as making a point. That’s cute. By the way, I’ve reported you to IC3 for making threats on the internet.. They’ll have your IP within an hour.

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  43. By the looks of things, you’ve been hanging out on this article *ALL* day, David.
    It only took me 20 minutes to rip apart your talking points and drive you away. How very disappointing.

  44. That is very interesting. Clinton was governor of Arkansas between 1978 and 1992. During those years G.W. Bush was in the oil business, then an owner of the Texas Rangers. It’s surprising to learn that the governor of Arkansas and a baseball team owner were involved in a highly-illegal operation to fund a rebel group in Nicaragua. You couldn’t possible be a raving paranoid lunatic, could you?

    FYI, my actual initials are “PC” if it makes any difference.

  45. Legalizing Marijuana: Some Lessons from The Netherlands
    by Erik Voeten on November 8, 2012

    “Policy makers in other countries have pointed to increases in petty
    crime and localized opposition as an argument against further

  46. If you want to jump from city to city, I’m glad to oblige. Here’s a lovely document published by the city of Denver, comparing crime rates from January upward, comparing between 2012 and 2013. The only crime rate that has doubled was bribery, because there was only one case in 2012 and two cases in 2013 (a 100% increase!!!). None of the violent crimes you say have doubled have doubled at all. Most have remained largely the same.


  47. Colorado Springs homicide investigators look for answers after deadliest year ever
    -The Denver Post Jan. 29th 2012

    “There were 32 homicides here last year — a 33 percent increase over 2010 and four more than the previous record, set in 2007.”

    …interesting how legalized marijuana happens at the same time.

  48. Denver police: Gang-related violence nearly doubles this year
    -The Denver Post May 5th, 2013

    “The number of gang-related violent crimes in Denver has nearly doubled in the first
    four months of this year, despite a police program aimed at encouraging
    gangsters to lead more peaceful lives.”

  49. “We have never come upon a marijuana grow op that did not involve illegal sales and organized crime from multi-State sales.” -Pot Cops Discovery Channel

  50. Won’t save you pal, threats against Jews are taken very seriously your name and IP will be in a database if you threaten us.

  51. Seeing as how that’s from her LinkedIn profile, I doubt the libel case will get far. And I noticed that you did not (would not, *could* not) address the fact that crime rates in LA have *fallen* contrary to your nonsense post… Care to comment, David?

  52. stellarvoyager on

    I use my First Amendment rights to critique your posts and you threaten to track my IP? Oh, that’s rich. Like I said, a bully.

  53. stellarvoyager on

    LOL! My family routinely travels to Israel and is active in the ADL, and yes, we stand up to bigots and bullies.

  54. stellarvoyager on

    A self-hating Jew I see. The worst kind. Wanting people to be your slaves reveals your true nature as an authoritarian.

  55. Jana Wolfgang, the author of the article you cut and paste, is a consulting manager for drug testing programs for employers. In other words, she makes a LOT of money keeping cannabis illegal. She’s not an impartial source. BTW — none of those points are true. That’s checkable information. For example, here’s a link to all of LA’s crime rates for the last 15 years:
    *EVERY* category of crime from assault to burglary to robbery — all have steadily DECREASED over the last 15 years in Los Angeles. Your article was junk.

  56. Cognate with, “Let us descend into a third-world nightmare of crime and rampant drug use!”

  57. Uh oh it’s starting just like it was in California!

    Slight increase in crimes near Denver medical-marijuana dispensaries
    -Denver Post

    “Nearly one-third of the crimes committed in Denver occur within 1,000 feet of a medical
    marijuana dispensary, according to new statistics provided by the city Wednesday.”

  58. Godwin’s Law!

    P.S. I am Jewish so I cannot be an anti-Semite unless you want to call Jews bigots. We believe you goyim are useful so we are not bigoted towards you…you clean our clothes, do our dishes, wash our cars, fund our stock investments, cook our food; you make great slaves.

  59. So why don’t we fix it all by legalizing recreational drugs use then? Sure, methamphetamine, crack, heroin, pills, LSD, peyote, mushrooms, add all that to alcohol and America should lead the world again in no time!

  60. stellarvoyager on

    Dave Mowers:

    I have read your posts and you are an anti-semite and a bigot. You disgust me. Go spew your Nazi BS somewhere else.

  61. Marijuana dispensaries have no place in Oregon
    By Jana Wolfgang & Zane White September 15th 2010

    Los Angeles is now shutting down the 1,000 dispensaries that sprung up
    since California passed its medical marijuana program in 2003. LAPD
    provides the following crime data related to marijuana dispensaries:

    –200% increase in robberies

    –52.2% increase in burglaries

    –57.1% rise in aggravated assaults

    –130.8% rise in burglaries from autos

    –Use of armed gang members as “security guards.”

    In addition, the California Police Chiefs Association notes that 86
    California cities and counties have passed bans on marijuana
    dispensaries due to the following problems:

    –”Dispensaries have been tied to organized criminal gangs, large grow operations and multi-million-dollar profit centers.”

    –”Because they are repositories of valuable marijuana crops and large amounts of
    cash, several operators of dispensaries have been attacked and murdered
    by armed robbers both at their storefronts and homes.”

    –”Drug dealing, sales to minors, loitering, heavy vehicle and foot traffic in
    retail areas, increased noise, and robberies of customers just outside
    dispensaries are also common ancillary byproducts of their operations.”

  62. You must find purchasing high grade marijuana from front businesses funding street gangs in L.A. amiable? The blood of their drive-bys is on your conscience then.

  63. News Flash: They were made illegal because companies were putting them in everything you ate and drank.

  64. MrPC:

    The government is THE cartel. Bush 2 and Clinton smuggled drugs into Mena Airport in Arkansas while Clinton was Governor. These drugs were sold by the Cartel to pay for black ops activities and fund the Contras. Educate yourself, and drop that wanker PC title.

  65. Randy;

    Stop licking obama’s boots. Romney would have been a dreadful President, but he said that marijuana regulation should be left to the States. And yes, your boy has locked up more drug users than that moron Bush.

  66. Dave Mowers:

    There is no more American Productivity. 46% are on permanent government welfare, the rest are working part time jobs, and a few at the top do will. The jobs are gone aren’t coming back. The US politicians made China a superpower, and sold out the middle class.

  67. Dave Mowers:

    If you are a Conservative, you bring shame to the title with your statist position. Do you enjoy licking the boot on your neck?

  68. Wow you are uneducated Mr Mowers on the whole subject thre already is medical cocaine sced 2 federally and medical Heroin they call it methadone or dilalulid or oxy contin

  69. Johnson and Johnson and R.J. Reynolds own all the patents already. If it becomes legal at the federal level all dispensaries will then be violating their patents and be shut down by U.S. Customs.

  70. We’re not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic. Prohibiting an herb that has medicinal qualities that actually helps people is a crime against humanity, like the 17th century witch hunts, lynchings and slavery. The person who needs cannabis to alleviate their suffering is not feeble minded. A person who wants cannabis to unwind is no more feeble minded than a person who takes a sip of wine. Only psychopaths want people to suffer needlessly and be caged like animals for ingesting an herb that is beneficial.

  71. Ten years from now the uneducated will demand access to medical cocaine and medical heroin and you can say goodbye to American productivity and Hello to the rise China-world.

  72. Legalizing drugs to stop feeble-minded Americans from demanding a higher lifestyle is the more heinous act. It will go down in history as an economic crime against democracy.

  73. My reply was directed to your comments justifying prohibition and belittling people who dare to point out that it doesn’t work. Prohibition is the devil’s workshop.

  74. Riiight…except here we have an example of large-scale organized crime moving into Colorado. You obviously have never experienced a federal investigation, if you had, you would know that feds don’t play games. By the time they raid you, they got you on something with irrefutable evidence. Ask anyone who has ever been charged.

  75. Here is the rule to avoiding federal prosecution with marijuana; don’t deal it. Grow your own pot in your own home and be happy you have pot for free. Deal pot, go to prison, doesn’t matter what the reason your dealing it is; it is illegal to sell drugs under federal law without a D.E.A. license.

  76. I’m waiting for the raids on stores selling unlicensed, unregistered food products infused with drugs because that in itself is illegal. D.E.A. and F.D.A. have jurisdiction over any product made with marijuana in it under current federal laws. The fine for making marijuana-laced candies is 3 years in prison and ten grand a day for every day of operations. Hope you make a lot of money, every dollar you guys earn helps keep federal taxes lower when the take it from you.

  77. There you have it folks. Do background checks, issue licenses and guess what happens? Guys in nice sharkskin suits from Colombia come up and buy 1/6th of the entire market out in cold hard oodles of cash so they can add those “background-checked, legal” marijuana operations to the portfolio of organized crime from overseas.

    Then, after a few years, they start moving their families and street thugs and reorganizing Colorado into a haven for criminal empire all brought to you by idiots who say things like, “..prohibition doesn’t work, I need my medicine and alcohol is bad!” When the gangs break down your door and hack you and your kids up with machetes, know that you brought this on yourself.

  78. “you don’t understand black comedy.”

    This statement is coming form a white boy, who apparently thinks he knows all about blacks.

  79. Dude, she’s not advocating violence, that’s all in your head. She’s saying that if some nitwit puts out a black lawn jockey, he’s got real mental problems, not a problem with her.

  80. No, I don’t like cops, both because of my own experiences and due to what I read, and I am not excusing her behavior, more like trying to explain it. I am not an expert on police procedure, so I don’t have an opinion on if the cops handled things correctly or not. But you are assuming that she bolted only because she didn’t want to pay the fine, and I don’t think we know that yet. You call her son a “thug,” which makes it seem like you are also reaching and maybe making excuses for the behavior of the cops.

  81. You are just reaching and trying to make up reasons to excuse her behavior because you don’t like cops. Normally I’d be there with you but when someone is wrong they are wrong. She didn’t want to pay that fine and tried bolting. As soon as she did that she was screwed and then she and her son tossed gas on themselves and lit matches with their actions. Shooting at them was over the top but not by much after the thug son attacked a cop who was alone. The trigger happy cop should get a written reprimand but the woman and her son should be locked up doing time.

  82. I’m watching the news like a hawk for anything that involves weed,Colorado and/or Washington. They are the pilot programs for legalization and the example for the rest of the country. If that article is really what is happening then I’m okay with it. Colorado enforces its laws regarding marijuana and it throws the local feds some bones to keep them happy. Colorado shows the dot bongers they will stomp on anyone who strays and they show the feds they mean to keep the new industry clean….as clean as anything that involves politicians can be anyway.

  83. So, the feds caught the guy in Florida months ago, and his business “associates” in Colorado were just going about their business, thinking nothing was wrong? These criminals don’t sound too smart… (thanks for the link)

  84. We have all seen the video of what happened, but my question is what happened before all of this? What caused her to act that way in the first place? I mean, if she’s read about women getting stripped searched for drugs on a public highway, or how CPS takes kids away for no reason when cannabis is involved, or if her ex-husband is a police officer out to get her. Perhaps her son had been forced to come to her defense before, and to the boy it was just instinct. Yes, she behaved erratically and incorrectly, and she could be a kook, but…

  85. That sounds quite ominous. I’m not advocating black lawn jockeys but I don’t advocate violence against people who have them either.

  86. She ran a long time before the cop got excited and overly pushy. He was typical cop, maybe less so since he was going to overlook her suspended drivers license and just give her a speeding citation. The officer was alone and she is argumentative/uncooperative and has her tall aggressive son hopping out of the car attacking the officer at one point. I’m first to jump on cops in the wrong but that women and her son instigated everything that happened,

  87. The DEA and IRS busted some Columbian cartel guys who apparently were in Colorado to gain a foothold in the first legal cannabis market. The Feds say they were sending the profits back to Columbia. If all that is true, I’m definitely glad to see it. Take your bloodthirsty cartel BS and go home. And I’m just fine with Obama, thank you very much.

  88. I don’t think you understand Black comedy. Perhaps you should stop watching it, just a suggestion.

  89. I sure would like to find out why she was so scared, but considering how cops treat anyone with pot, I think she had a right to be scared, even if was a small amount and a couple of pipes. People who have a lot of fear can act irrationally.

  90. if they tell you all you can only grow ten plants then only grow ten plants you all come so far don’t fuck it up now

  91. bluecollarbytes on

    Wow, how does a drug investigation into possible cartel/cartel figures have anything to do with patient rights or rec-user rights? It has nothing to do with it. It looks like Colorado cannabis may have been illegally diverted to outside the state- interstate transport, for starters.

  92. There were two choices in the election and If you seriously think Romney would have been easier on weed, you are deluded. Obama has been a coward on marijuana issues, but I guarantee a Romney administration would have taken Colorado and Washington to court. At least the Obama’s administration has given us the Cole memo and tried to ease up on mandatory minimums.

    Also I’m sick of hearing people complain that Obama is busting more dispensaries than Bush. It’s not a fair comparison. There are many many times more dispensaries in America today than in 2008. Feds bust a smaller percentage of the open pot shops today than they did during Bush’s presidency.

  93. Hate Obama’s War on Drugs? Give out cold hard facts that exposes Obama for what he is? YOU’RE A RACIST!!!!!!!

    I just LOVE neo-lib logic.

  94. Obama voters are too busy scapegoating Obama’s actions for the past 5 years, blaming the “evil republicans” for every action he does. If that is the case, Obama is a spineless coward demagogue at best.

  95. They’re too busy making sure you don’t have access to a non-toxic, medicinal plant that gives you a 1-3 hour mild sleepy buzz, so they can protect their cartel (Big Pharma).

  96. Wow i didn’t see any racism there until you said “. We condemn obama not for his skin color” then was like david was the only racist

  97. Ray Di Nitto says:

    “POS indeed.”

    Mr. internet tough guy, perhaps you should go to youtube and watch the Chris Rock Video “I hate Niggas”, and then come back and tell me who is the racist.

  98. Where I live there is an ordinance that all Lawn Jockeys have to be white or you get fined and the cops confiscate the lawn jockey.

  99. That woman endangered her kids by Fleeing the officer. All he wanted was for her to sign a speeding citation and she and her son escalated the whole scenario.

  100. Sarijuana:

    No they do not. Obama has locked up more drug users than Bush (who was a dreadful President).

  101. Disturbed:

    I am not a Republican or a Democrat (actually the same party.) Nixon and Reagan started the war on drugs, and every President has expanded it. They are all guilty, including the lawn jockey for Goldman Sachs called obama.

  102. “Boris you are a typical rascist asshole, go fuck yourself twice.”

    Every coward who cannot discuss always resorts to calling others “rascist”. We condemn obama not for his skin color, we condemn him for his policies which are destroying Armerica. Now, I suggest you step off, take some time out, and educate yourself before you attempt to address me again.

  103. Disp Owner Denver on

    SO Colorado Has rules. If you don’t follow the rules, you get in trouble. Pretty simple. Just follow the rules!

  104. This is disgusting, they will never be able to keep it out of the hands of individuals their lies will never be taken literally anymore, there’s too much proof that this war on drugs has been and continues to be a waste of our effort, money, and time.

  105. At first I jumped to conclusions that the feds were just doing this to try and force the issues and screw with people but after I thought about it for awhile it wouldn’t surprise me if some folks were trying to make a play to earn some extra cash before the recreational stores open up. I’m really hoping this is just “growing pains” and colorado is throwing people who aren’t in compliance with state law to the feds to show they are going to be tough on enforcement of the new laws and guidelines.

  106. If Gary Johnson was a viable candidate, I would have voted for him, but I thought my chances were better with Obama than Romney, and I’ll stand by that. The Republicans, thus far, have a worse record on this than Dems, including Obama.


  108. “If a business is suspected of violating state laws, they will likely
    face increased scrutiny, and if they are found to be in violation, they
    will likely face consequences. That is how our society treats alcohol,
    and that is how we expect to see marijuana treated.”

    –LAst time I checked, if a liquor store is out of compliance, the authorities do not bust out windows and smash and remove the store products.

  109. We wouldnt even have this “war on drugs” if it wasn’t for R-Nixon and your boy R-Reagan.

  110. I’ve read everything I could find about this last night. It appears there have been no arrests yet, no cease and desist orders either, nothing but confiscations. VIP wasn’t a ma/pa operation, and one of the owner’s other grow locations had already been raided earlier this month.It will be interesting to hear the details as they emerge, but don’t assume that the targets of this were all in compliance with Colorado law. There will always be individuals that push the law over the edge. For good or bad there are very stringent regulations in place in and many in the marijuana community wish for the rule-breakers to be rooted out and the whole program to be legit. Holding my breath and waiting to see if this was the case.

    I want Colorado and Washington to succeed with their programs, and as trail blazers, they will be losing players along the way who believe they can find a better route to success without regard to the laws or the reputation of the program as a whole. If I had a legal grow operation in Colorado (or anywhere), I wouldn’t share my space with ANY other grower, not knowing what they or their employees are doing that could bring the wrath of law enforcement down on me. This is just common sense, really.

  111. Ok obama voters. How do you feel now that your boy is a fanatical drug warrior, and locks up more drug users than Bush?

  112. Sounds like the state needs to grow a pair of balls and stand up for the rights of its citizens. But of course big brother is a bully and little brother is still too scared to stand up for himself. Figures.

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