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DEA Says The Feds Need To Grow More Medical Marijuana


uncle sam marijuana federal charges landlordThe federal government recently renewed its agreement with the University of Mississippi to grow medical marijuana for research and distribution to the four remaining medical marijuana patients in the federal program. The federal government has been growing medical marijuana this way for decades now. This has always seemed hypocritical considering that the federal government’s official stance is that marijuana has no medical value, which is why it is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance.

At the beginning of each year, the federal government estimates how much medical marijuana it will grow. Last year the federal government has ramped up production. It sounds like the same thing will happen this year. Per Tom Angell’s article on Marijuana.Com:

In a proposal that will published in the Federal Register on Wednesday, DEA Administrator Michele Lenohart says that since first signing off on a plan for the feds to produce 125,000 grams of marijuana in 2015, the agency has become aware that “research and product development involving cannabidiol [CBD] is increasing beyond that previously anticipated.”

Interest in CBD-rich strains of marijuana has skyrocketed as media coverage featuring children who use the drug to treat severe epilepsy has spurred a growing number of states to pass laws allowing for limited access.

DEA now says the feds should produce 400,000 grams of marijuana this year, more than three times what it initially anticipated.

The fact that the federal government grows medical marijuana, and distributes it, but busts others for doing the same is unacceptable. If the feds can do it, other should also be allowed to do it if they live in a state that has a legal medical marijuana program. There is also no logical reason why marijuana should be classified as a Schedule I controlled substance. There is currently federal legislation that would make significant reforms to medical marijuana laws. I encourage you to talk to your federal Reps and Senators about supporting reform.


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  1. Eric K. Johnson on

    Here lay the way?… to de-schedule/end cannabis prohibition?

    Justice Sutherland of the Supreme Court of United States adopted these words in Funk v. United States:

    “… cessante ratione legis, cessat ipsa lex … This means that no law can survive the reasons on which it is founded. It needs no statute to change it; it abrogates itself. If the reasons on which a law rests are overborne by opposing reasons, which in the progress of society gain a controlling force, the old law, though still good as an abstract principle, and good in its application to some circumstances, must cease to apply as a controlling principle to the new circumstances.”

  2. What I’m suggesting is that they may intend to sponsor research that is aimed at finding only negative results…

  3. Don’t kid yourself, they can do anything they want to. Just look at the NSA crooks. With the Citizens United ruling government is no longer responsive to what the people demand.

  4. Perhaps the DEA wants to test it on their agents for post narc disorders. When stoned they can laugh about everyone in jail for marijuana possesion.

  5. Don’t get your hopes up. According to 21 US Code §1703 (b)(12) they can’t expend money on research that is intended to prove any schedule 1 substance should be legalized; for medicinal purposes, or otherwise:

    [the Director of ONDCP] shall ensure that no Federal funds appropriated to the Office of National Drug Control Policy shall be expended for any study or contract relating to the legalization (for a medical use or any other use) of a substance listed in schedule I of section 812 of this title and take such actions as necessary to oppose any attempt to legalize the use of a substance (in any form) that—
    (A) is listed in schedule I of section 812 of this title; and
    (B) has not been approved for use for medical purposes by the Food and Drug Administration

  6. The federal government has been trying for over 40 years to find some negative medical evidence that it could hold it up and parade around with to show how evil pot is but they kept rolling snake eyes. Snipe hunt? This reminds me of Bush-lites hunt for WMD’s in iraq, the findings were identical. Trying to get a government official to do or say something logical is as fruitful as trying to thread a needle on a bronco bulls back.

  7. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Thank you, Thinking Clearly, for saying so much truth in so few words–and for posting a perfectly fitting image. I had concurred with you in a wordy previous comment that for some reason was “removed.” But that’s OK, because the good folks at The Weed Blog keep rock!

  8. Marijuana doesn’t need to be federaly tested.It should only be tested by independent non partial personal. This is only a stall attic on part of the DEA. Marijuana has been tested by 20% of the world. There is nof other drugs including pharmaceutical that has been tested longer. This testing that The DEA wants is only so they can keep their high paying jobs over $74,000 yr after 4 years I believe.

  9. Doc Deadhead on

    OMG, that is 881.85 POUNDS!!!!!

    About 220 lbs. per person in the program.

    One hell of a lot of research there Lucy!

    Oh, yea, street value of 4 million, that will pay for a few raids since the funds have been cut off, right?

    They will just grow more pot to fund what the senators took away.

    Brazen hypocrites not even trying to hide this middle finger to the people.

    As plain as the nose on our faces.

  10. From a legal aspect, I cannot understand why the number one defense that should be used for the common people charged with any marijuana related crime should be that the Federal Government does the same thing and it not exempt from the same laws it burdens on the people. The government is a collective representation of the people (at least that is what the Constitution said it should be) so in essence the Federal Government is acting as an extension and on behalf of its citizens. Yet takes a double standard by jailing the same people that have granted government representation rights for committing the same crime. On the simple merits of fairness and decency, any judge who decides the cases strictly on merit would acquit damn near every defendant. But let’s be honest, attorneys have the same desire for changing the law as the police and DEA. It’s easy money for representing clients.

  11. Seemed hypocritical? It is hypocritical and is evidence that the continued scheduling is not only a farce, but should be deemed a criminal act and subject to some jail time for those who persist in supporting the scheduling.

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