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DEA Special Agent William R. Sherman Claims Marijuana Is Not Medicine


William R. Sherman, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) San Diego Field Division has declared an outright war on medical marijuana patients in San Diego. Without any regard for State law or local regulations, Sherman has commandeered local law enforcement to enforce federal law and has executed hundreds of raids on medical marijuana patients. Through these raids, the DEA has stolen millions of dollars in cash and medicine from patients in San Diego.

Most recently Sherman appeared on NBC television in San Diego to claim that smoked cannabis has no medical value, and to declare war on the remaining safe access that does exist.

Sign the petition asking Sherman to Stop Misleading The Public and to End his War on Patients –https://www.change.org/petitions/will…


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Johnny Green


  1. I guess he hasn’t heard what all the doctors that has done research on Cannabis. He needs to go after the real Criminals, not the people who need help with pain. Plus Agent Sherman is not a doctor. He is listening to all the lies our Government as been telling Americans about Pot. How it is a gateway drug…Not True…how it is addictive…Not True…
    Pot is no addictive than eating cotton candy.

  2. attention… beer is a gateway drink…. it will lead you to wine, wiskey and mixed drinks… and quite possibly in the privacy of your own home…….stay with safe things like cigarretts, prescription pills . I’m so glad the government is concerned about me !!

  3. Johnny oneye on

    why would the US government own patents for THC ? why would the federal government mail joints to the remaining patients in the federal cannabis program?
    why would The UK allow GW Pharma to grow sell SATIVEX while arresting people for healing themselves?
    because they set up the single narcotics convention , lumping all drugs into 1 basket:: illegal drugs
    Cannabis is the safest medicine on the planet! And every state that adapts antiprohibitionist laws removes some people from the MATrix the drug laws in the US have created
    A big scam , a war on the people backed up by 1 lie after another
    And they cant afford to Lock up thousands , but they keep doing it
    and we get to foot the bill.
    people are not that dumb ,when states vote for cannabis laws you see numbers like 60/40 50/50 49/51
    these numbers have steadily increased over the years
    How many people have been effected by these archaic drug laws?
    how many single moms or teenagers have been thrown into the matrix?
    eventually everyone will be effected !
    US DRUG policy is the biggest scam on the people by the Government
    End the WAR ON DRUGS
    take the green pil NEMO

  4. This dude a dumbass he probally never smoked in his life and pot is better then liquor there’s no deaths from pot this dude needs to stop trying to change the law grow up and get with the era

  5. jonny pot seed on

    The DEA is just pissed because they might have to pay for their pot and wont be able to steal it anymore.UP yours DEA

  6. Actually, he was probably one of those psychopathic brats that drowned kittens for kicks when he was young. (Sentence correction).

  7. Actually, he was probably was one of those psychopath brats that drowned kittens for kicks when he was young.

  8. I hope that Special Agent William R. Sherman gets killed by a drunken driver …. soon.

  9. Not only does this fraud not know medical science (Hey Sherman! Try Dr. Donald Abrams, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Dr. William Courtney, Dr. Andrew Weil! Get back to me on that!), but he also doesn’t know our history: Cannabis placed TEMPORARILY in Sched. 1 pending results of Shafer Commission investigation – which Nixon then reneged on, and there it remains. WE MAINTAIN A SCHIZOPHRENIC POLICY on Cannabis world-wide by allowing these KNOWNOTHINGS to spout their lies with impunity. LEOS have completely walled themselves off from the advancing world research as if it didn’t exist. Show me one who can acknowledge medical efficacy.
    Sherman, you should be ashamed to get up in the morning. You should be ashamed to tell your son you are a liar for a living. Does he want to be a liar when he grows up, like his old man?

  10. Sit him down with all the MD’s that used it back in the day. They would have a field day with this moron. To make an idiotic statement like “marijuana is not medicine” you’d have to make up your mind to be completely ignorant of any and all research done to date. Bill Jones, RN, BSN, EC Cannabis cured my cancer but I don’t think he will be accepting of that information anytime soon.

  11. No medical value?? Really..
    Hmmm believe medical research from scientists or Senior Douchebag..
    Tough one…

  12. nygratefulfred on

    I guess it is easier and safer for this moron to bust Medicinal Marijuana patients than Heroin importers/dealers-Meth Labs,terrorists,etc.

  13. If this guy continues to do thing that go against the laws he is being paid to protect than he must be fired. He is a loose csnnon who feels like his whole world and everything he believes in is crumbling at his feet. Get over ut. We the people are winning

  14. Especially in the face of possible “sequester” cuts – perhaps in his own office. He needs money and stealing it from cannabis users is an easy thing for him to do with forfeiture laws on his side. Sick.

  15. Thank YOU!

    Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept – heal the sick.

    Pass it on.

  16. I can not imagine telling a damaging, monstrous lie to keep something going that never should have been. Do these people have no conscience?
    Do they really want to continue imprisoning, destroying and killing people just so they can keep their jobs. You would have to be sick to want that or completely ignorant.

  17. Ken Drogorub on

    The DEA’s William R. Sherman needs to be arrested on charges of crimes against humanity.

    This is completely ridiculous.

  18. San Diego is a military & defense contractor haven. There are several bases and over 15,000 business rely on defense contracts. The feds are trying to protect their interests in San Diego so they are using Mr. Sherman to facilitate this.

    By the time the DEA shuts down all of these medicinal access points for patients, cannabis will be legalized in California (including the defense industry’s precious San Diego).

    What are they afraid of??? In time, I’ll tell you.

  19. Yeah but Jack Daniels is legal right…why so..? It is MORE dangerous than marijuana…double standard dont ya think…oh and how about cigarettes i suppose those are good for you….also legal….keep lining your own pockets…at least pot smokers are not pill heads who claim to need more medication for pain…live and let live for christs sake…dont you have anything better to do?



  21. what freakin planet has this idiot been living on?There’s millions of doctors that agree that medicinal marijuana is indeed beneficial and real.The scientific data also say’s that marijuana is indeed a medicinal aide and a medicine in it’s own right.everybody just ignored the feds etc and started growing and using it they would not be able to take on the entire country and the millions that use marijuana


    Since this guy obviously cant read, I will try to sink to his level. EAT A DICK SHERMAN!

  23. Obviously he doesn’t know anything about it and its medicinal qualities, one being the cure for cancer. Unreal.

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