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DEA Targeting Medical Marijuana Physicians In Massachusetts


dea emails marijuanaDoctors Working with Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Told to Give Up Their Position Or Give Up Their License Will the Tactic Extend to Other States?

Less than two weeks after the House of Representatives passed a measure that would defund Drug Enforcement Administration raids on medical marijuana dispensaries, reports have begun to surface of the DEA intimidating physicians trying to work with state-legal dispensaries in Massachusetts. MassLive and the Boston Globe report that several physicians have been told that if they continue to serve in an advisory capacity for medical marijuana dispensaries, they will lose their DEA license to prescribe certain controlled substances. Already, some doctors have been forced to resign their advisory positions with the dispensaries, which Massachusetts voters agreed to allow in November 2012, possibly delaying the opening of some dispensaries.

“I cannot think of a worse use of law enforcement resources than to undermine a democratically enacted law by intimidating professionals trying to ensure a program designed to help the sick operates as well as it possibly can. This is a gross example of the confused, immoral logic of prohibition gone awry, and frankly, it disgusts me,” said Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), executive director ofLaw Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group of law enforcement officials opposed to the war on drugs.

“Medical marijuana dispensaries are not required to have medical advisors and these actions are likely to have a chilling effect,” Major Franklin added. “They’re not preventing the dispensaries from opening. They’re merely preventing those who run them from doing all they can to ensure they’re as safe and effective for patients as possible.”

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed the right of physicians to recommend medical marijuana to their patients but that decision carries precedential value only in the states under its jurisdiction. Advocates fear this tactic may spread to other places trying to comply with state laws.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is a group of law enforcement officials who, after fighting in the front lines of the war on drugs, now advocate for its end.


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  1. Philip Daniels on

    How many ways, do we have to board up the DEA and Leonharts’ power, before the last of prohibitionists on marijuana give it up ?

  2. What kind of assholes use strong-arm Gestapo shit to keep medicine away from sick people? I guess next they’ll start tripping blind people and taking their canes..

  3. So far only the House has voted on that issue. It still has to pass the Senate and then the president has to sign it into law. But all of our congressmen make something like $150k+ a year with benefits no matter what they do, so they’re not in much of a rush to vote on anything, even if it’s to save lives.

  4. Mafioso tactics. Late night visit to doctors homes. Probably sat down in the kitchen – told them “this is how it’s going to happen…” asked him how his job was going, how’s the family, kids, grand kids. How’s your 401k doing. Offered to open his closet where his secrets are kept. Despicable behavior. They dishonor themselves by their actions.

  5. Who is paying them ,I thought the funding was cut from the DOJ . iS THIS THE BUDDY SYSTEM IS THE DEA AGENT PAYING HIS FRIENDS. What judge signed the warrents maybe he should be held accountable,..It is already known that government is not suppose to (interfear)challenge states legal weed laws

  6. There are still a fair amount of your peers who view you as “dirty hippies”, though.

  7. The DEA needs to be dissolved ASAP ! And every DEA officer needs to be arrested and put in Prison for breaking a Federal Law

  8. Maybe it’s the passage of time that has distorted our detractors. I mean, when the polls track 64-75 year olds (or whatever it is), they are still thinking that we came of age in the MCarthy 50’s, not that we are the Woodstock Generation. The 54 year olds of ten years ago are the the 64 year olds of today and will be the 74 year olds in another 10 years. I hope this makes sense.

  9. It’s OK for former Law Enforcement and Congressmen officials to open a Marijuana-Drugstore…..Ask Mr. Delehunt. A former Massachusetts prosecutor who put thousands of people to jail for possession of Marijuana and as a Congressman helped pass mandatory minimum penalties for Marijuana…..Now he IS the Drug Dealer ! WTF ?

  10. This is the typical “It’s my (DEA) football and you can’t play unless I’m the quarterback”
    I say take it to the streets with protest as we did in the 60’s and early 70’s.
    Maybe the occupy Wall Street people used the baby boomer position. It worked back in our day.
    Ps. almost all the Boomer’s are of the Woodstock Generation, now with walkers and canes. There should be no worries what so ever on our yes vote in any state. I truly dislike when I see posts that elude to our age group as dis-connected,, you have no clue as to our thought process ,, we just stay quite about it.
    “My Pop-Pop smokes MJ, his 67 years old ,, looks like 50”,,, quote by my G-daughter ,,, lol

  11. This is absolute BULLSHIT! If the 9th Circuit is a FEDERAL Court, why DOESN’T their ruling effect Federal law? Shouldn’t it effect Federal Law up to and until the SCOTUS were to take it up and issue a decision? Isn’t that the REASON we have “Lower Federal Courts”? To make decisions on Federal law so that the SCOTUS isn’t making EVERY decision on Federal Law known to man.

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