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‘Dear Dad’ By The Marijuana Policy Project


By Mason Tvert, Director of Communications, Marijuana Policy Project

Just before Mother’s Day, we released a video titled “Dear Mom,” which portrayed a young woman writing a note to her mother to let her know how she feels about marijuana. The goal was to demonstrate how easy it is to start a conversation about the issue with loved ones who might still have qualms about making marijuana legal for adults.

With Father’s Day coming up tomorrow, we’re launching a similar web video, aptly titled “Dear Dad,” which depicts a son starting a conversation about marijuana with his father.

I hope you will take a minute to watch the 30-second “Dear Dad” video, share it with others using the buttons below it.

He explains to his father how they’re a lot alike — they both work hard and have good jobs — but at the end of a long day he prefers to use marijuana instead of having a drink. It is these types of conversations that are going to build the support needed to end marijuana prohibition.

Please check out the short video and then share it with your dad, grandfather, family, or friends and get the conversation started today.

Thanks so much for watching and sharing the video.


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  1. Start by telling your Grandmother. Chances are if she is over 75, then Cannabis was legal medicine during her lifetime.

    When I brought it up to my 101-year old Grandmother she was all ears. Perhaps I’ll bake her a special treat for her b-day this year.

    Begin the dialogue.

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