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Dear Media, Please Ask Obama To Explain His Escalating War On Medical Marijuana


DEA evilBy Scott Morgan

Monday morning’s DEA raid of Oaksterdam University is making major headlines, but there’s one detail missing from the coverage: why the f#$k is Obama at War with Medical Marijuana in the first place? Seriously, why is any of this even happening at all?

Under this administration, the idea of raiding state-approved medical marijuana facilities went from being “not a good use of our resources,” to being a very popular pastime among federal police and prosecutors. They’ve been going completely berserk for the better part of a year now, and while they weren’t exactly diplomatic before that, they’ve been acting lately like they won some kind of drug war lottery and are trying to spend all the money before they die.

Raiding Richard Lee is arguably the most audacious play the feds have ever made in the War on Medical Marijuana for a few reasons. He’s in a wheelchair and exemplifies the image of a legitimate medical marijuana patient/provider. He runs a school that promotes professionalism in the medical cannabis industry. And most importantly, he was the driving force behind the Prop 19 campaign that nearly legalized marijuana in California.

If you’re thinking all of this explains exactly why they want to take him out, well…yeah, but it isn’t nearly that simple. Everyone knows who Richard Lee is, and almost everyone supports him. To go after him now, after everything he’s done, is to manufacture the most perfect martyr ever to emerge in the increasingly ugly War on Medical Marijuana in America.

I could spend all afternoon speculating as to why the Obama Administration would choose to escalate a policy that’s already so deeply unpopular with the American people. But I shouldn’t have to. It’s Obama’s turn to tell us what the hell happened here, and it’s the responsibility of the press to demand an answer.

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  1. My theory is this, it has everything to do with the election this year. Either his people are so focussed on the up coming election that they don’t want to be seen as pro cannabis for fear of losing votes from dipshits from hicksville or the dickheads at the DEA know that Obama has his plate full trying to get re-elected and is highly unlikely to step in and slap them upside the head for being such a bunch of tools. If Obama defeats Romney to get a second term I sincerely hope he uses the opportunity to push through significant reforms in these currently woeful federal drug laws. American presidents can only have 2 terms in office so after the mid term election he wouldn’t really have to worry about votes and such and could show the world where he really stands on this.

  2. I have been trying to figure out why President Obama has done a complete 180 from what he said during his run for president. There seems to be only one answer I keep coming up with. He has decided that as the first African American president that it would look bad for his legacy. You can hear the media already running with something like that. I have to wonder how.many other people have thought about this in that way.
    What I am hoping for is that if Obama is reelected he will go back to what he had sad originally. Unfortunately one never knows what is going with this administration. Someone has told him that this could very bad for his running.g for a second term. I certainly hope that’s what this about. If it is I think we will see a change of heart from President Obama during his second term. Let’s all hope so.

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