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DEA’s Own Hiring Policy Admits Marijuana Is Safer Than Other Drugs


dea marijuana hiring policyThere is a lot of hypocrisy, confusion, and ridiculousness when it comes to the federal government and it’s policies towards marijuana.  The fact that marijuana is a schedule 1 controlled substance would be one example that comes to mind, considering the obvious medical benefits that marijuana possesses. Another example would be the DEA’s own hiring policy, which treats marijuana as being less harmful than other drugs.

“Under the DEA’s hiring rules, an applicant for any agency position who admits to or is found to have used narcotics or dangerous drugs is not considered for employment. Any past use of heroin, LSD, cocaine, or even Adderall without a prescription immediately disqualifies an applicant for a job at the DEA.” states the Huffington Post.

According to the DEA hiring policy, “Drug testing is required for all positions and continues throughout your career at DEA. Applicants who are found, through investigation or personal admission, to have experimented with or used narcotics or dangerous drugs, except those medically prescribed for you, will not be considered for employment with DEA. Exceptions to this policy may be made for applicants who admit to limited youthful and experimental use of marijuana. Such applicants may be considered for employment if there is no evidence of regular, confirmed usage and the full-field background investigation and results of the other steps in the process are otherwise favorable. Compliance with this policy is an essential requirement of all DEA positions.”

Am I the only one that finds it sadly ironic that a DEA applicant can get an exception for marijuana use, and then is expected to go on duty and bust as many marijuana consumers, growers, and sellers as they can? It’s OK if a DEA agent has tried marijuana in the past because it’s not as harmful as other drugs, however, the DEA treats marijuana like it is one of the most harmful things on earth. I can’t wait for a day when the DEA no longer has a budget, and has to close up shop instead of enforcing the failed war on drugs. That day will be a great day for science, for logic, and for the American taxpayer.


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  1. you seem to have no knowledge of baby boomers at all we were smoking and growing weed before you was sh$#ting yellow

  2. paulmagillsmith on

    But the pharmaceutical industry takes in $1 trillion a year, $500 billion in the US alone, and is “free market” capitalism. It is a pittance, hardly worth consideration to them, to designate a few billions to bribe Congress & governments worldwide for drug policy that favors their continued growth, with little sanction for pushing many poisons on the public.

    No medical benefit? Give us a break for not all being illiterate ignorant fools. If everyone in the US (and world) viewed this video even once policy would change quickly based on evidence, NOT propaganda or errant ‘opinion’:


  3. The baby boomer generation smoked pot before you were a glimmer in your mother’s eye. The average age of a med marijuana patient is 57 years old. Now get off my lawn!

  4. Public Entertainment Channel (PEC) Announcement:

    Buy hemp products.

    (Well, that’s all, go back to what you were doing…)

  5. Tom Christensen on

    But that’s no fun.
    It’s much more fun running around as US soldiers with machinguns, bulletproof jackets, helmets, goggles and scream like idiots, kicking in doors, scare the hell out of people and children, shooting their dogs an act like nazis in their “war on drugs”.
    It’s almost as scary as being in Afganistan, Irak etc, but almost never meeting a “foe” that is a real threat.

    When that’s said, I’m very agreed with your point’s of view.
    One must wonder whats going on in a head that finds it useful or at all acceptable to behave like that against fellow humans.
    I mean, It’s like US soldier’s should go purely after the civilians in Irak, Afghanistan and other countries they have been involved in, and everyone know it’s wrong. But if you see an american with a green plant in his own homeland, you can treat him as a terrorist, take all his assets, and ruin he’s hole family and all in the name of? Fucking what?

    It has also created the second most profitable industry in world, the most powerful cartels and mafia in the world, and both contributes, together with the Police and the DEA all over the world to billions of dollars to the weapons industry. At the same time they “take care of” the pharmacology Industries interests of annoying competitors.
    What a wonderful world.

  6. See that picture, below? Yeah, don’t do that.
    Brought to you by the Public Entertainment Channel (PEC)

  7. While it is hard to believe that there is not a single DEA agent that smokes pot, regardless of the rules, one can see how these rules would create a blind (and conformist and non-innovative and, quite frankly, boring) culture within this organization.

    Anyway, you can’t work in any facet of the drug industry without being exposed to the truth about marijuana. DEA agents need to be retrained to treat a joint like a beer and an ounce like a six-pack. I mean, are they running around the world busting illegal alcohol operations?

  8. iGrowTheBest420 on

    The DEA is a joke. It makes no sense cigarettes and etoh(alcohol) are legal and they kill millions but marijuana which helps millions isn’t. I grew up ridiculed for being a pothead but my sister who was a drunk never received the same ridicule. once the baby boomers die off I can put my life on marijuana being legal in all 50 states. The younger generation knows the truth about the plant and will not be brainwashed by the generation before us. We live in a free country yet we are told we can’t smoke or use a plant that hasn’t killed a single person ever. We are in this fight together brothers and sisters and we will win. Our brothers and sisters in Colorado and Washington proved this. Good luck America!

  9. I like that – “In my perfect world, the DEA’s only guiding principle would be to save as many lives as possible.”
    The DEA should not carry guns – but man help line phones, ambulances, and stretchers. Support group leaders, needle exchange admins, poison control centers…

  10. Wow look a truthful article that isn’t based on false accusations, propaganda, and lies…. amazing

  11. LOL! — Great find that really pulls the curtain back on the DEA’s public denial of the truth.

    The DEA is a dinosaur sinking in the tar pits.

  12. Perjury remains the basis for the Controlled Substances Act, from demonstrably false claims in testimony before Congress in 1937 to “parallel construction” in which the DEA instructs local police to eliminate references to Constitutional violations made in the process of creating drug cases.

    That law was conceived by a president who drank heavily on the job and written by a pill popper who went on to be a Chief Supreme Court Justice.
 From Vietnam era heroin to Iran-Contra and Venezuelan cocaine to Fast and Furious Mexican border drug wars, the DEA watched and made few to no arrests as compartmentalized and corrupt elements of our government imported tons of illicit drugs into the United States.

    The drugs invariably make their way to street level dealers who become pawns in an ever expanding game of bank owned prison profit centers. No speaks up for the torn apart families, robbed of their young adult males who were systematically denied jobs and mathematically forced into the drug trade even as their white counterparts are groomed for easy baby sitting jobs as prison guards and drug cops.

    Rare is the person who recognizes that the loss of votes, education and human rights represents an actionable opportunity for an entire class of Americans if only they would stand up . . . and sue the crap out of these corrupt bastards.

    Drug war IS crime.

  13. I’ve had it with DEA hypocrisy. I can’t even find the irony here the slightest bit amusing.

    Let me say this.

    Since the inception of the DEA, drug overdoses have steadily INCREASED to the point where overdoses have overtaken both firearm deaths (32k per year) and vehicle/traffic deaths (34k per year) as the #1 cause of death due to injury in the United States, at an appalling 36k deaths per year. 15k of those deaths are from prescription painkillers, ALONE. And who approved a 1200% increase in production of Oxycontin while these numbers were rising? Right — it was the DEA!!!

    Not a single cannabis death, yet. Not one. We all know this.

    In my perfect world, the DEA’s only guiding principle would be to save as many lives as possible. Some people say that’s their guiding principle now… but look at those numbers! Overdoses are now the number one cause of death by injury?!?!? Prescription pain meds are responsible for the largest percentage of those deaths, and yet you DEA brainiacs approved *increased* Oxy production? And they’re still propping up this ludicrous fiction that cannabis is dangerous while their hiring policies acknowledge that it’s relatively benign?

    Get your priorities straight, DEA. You suck at your job.

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