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Debate On Legalized Marijuana To Be Broadcast Wednesday


kevin sabet tobacco web sites marijuanaGOLDEN, CO—Former federal prosecutor, judge advocate for the Navy JAG corps and Superior Court Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) is in the Denver area this week meeting with media and civic groups and preparing for a debate this Wednesday on the merits of marijuana legalization, regulation and control. Judge Gray is a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group of law enforcement officials who believe that prohibiting illicit drugs only serves to empower the criminal networks that sell them, wastes law enforcement time and resources, contributes to racial disparities in the justice system, saddles people who would be better served by treatment with criminal records and ultimately is ineffective at reducing use.

“The essential question is, would you rather have government regulators and legitimate business owners deciding how marijuana is grown, what it’s laced with, and who can buy it, or would you rather leave those decisions – and multiple billions of dollars in profits – to drug cartels and juvenile street gangs?”

He will be debating Dr. Kevin Sabet of Project SAM this coming Wednesday at the Colorado School of Mines in an event that will be broadcast live here. (http://www.fee.org/seminars/page/is-legalizing-marijuana-a-responsible-public-policy). Judge Gray will also be available for interviews before and after the debate.

“I look forward to discussing with Dr. Sabet the lesson we all should have learned eighty years ago with the prohibition of alcohol: Prohibiting a substance doesn’t prevent its use; it merely makes that use vastly more dangerous to both users and the communities in which they live.”

WHO: Judge Jim Gray vs. Dr. Kevin Sabet

WHAT: A public debate on marijuana legalization

WHEN: Wednesday, July 16 10:45am MT

WHERE: Colorado School of Mines Student Center, Ballroom B, 1600 Maple Street Golden, CO 80401 or online athttp://www.fee.org/seminars/page/is-legalizing-marijuana-a-responsible-public-policy

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is a group of law enforcement officials who, after fighting in the front lines of the war on drugs, now advocate for its end.


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  1. He got a talking too after his outburst, and the best part,,, he looked none too happy

  2. Judge Jim had him groveling haf way through his speaking out of tun to pounding down water

  3. Armed insurrection?

    I think that I will simply continue to grow my own medicine and keep my head low and my mouth shut.

  4. Temporary Sanity on

    I pity Judge Gray or for anyone that has to be in the presence of the lower life form which is known as Dr? “Really” Kevin Sabet. Yes its true he was dropped on his head repeatedly as an infant and a child, “Yes it is true they put pond water in his formula” through puberty and throughout his teens and has continued in his adult life. This is why his eyes do not line up and why he has what people mistake for a smile, thats gas pains from the turds of junk science he builds his bogus, pathetic career on. With his meaningless rhetoric and verbal flatulence, He is a true bottom feeder slurping up funds of the lower echelon ” Mouth Breathus Maximus” to save their children from the evil dangerous destroyer of youth. Marijuana

  5. Took the dogs for a run just to cool off after watching that farse of a debate, and that’s saying something considering its 100 degrees outside. But the one single thought that kept returning was “we need a war on the war on drugs!” Period. If your not aware that those in power have already declared war on you ask your self if you fall into one of these three groups. One, do you sell pot? If you do, expect an armed band of rednecks to kick your door down and hold you and your family at gun point. Two, do you buy pot? If you do, expect to be attacked at gun point leaving your preferred place of business. And lastly, do you know anyone in groups one and two? If so, expect them to be attacked and possibly killed! Period!

    So, if your a gun owner ( I’m not because to do so while I sold pot would have given them all the reason in the world to have murdered me in my living room) and smoke pot and know 99 other like minded people, get together and plan your attack on your local police department! Expect them to fire first and be ready to defend yourself and fight back. This needs to happen all across the United States. We out number the police. We can take the power back from their bloodlusting hands but only through force. The only way to win a war is with the willingness to fight. Ghandi fought a 1 vs 1000 war. We aren’t the entire world here in America but we sure are more than our local police departments! Surround them and starve them out. Those that are willing to surrender we take captive and those that want to fight, we kill. Plain and simple. Do not rest America, get up form your militias! Stop being the blacks of yesterday. When you see your neighbor hanging from a tree cut him down! And get the fools who had the mindset to put him there in the first place.
    Go watch “12 years a slave” and see what I’m talking about! Stop letting them treat us as “niggers” and make a stand! Because if you don’t, then truly we will forever be our societies niggers. Separate and not equal.

  6. Wow, that sabot guy needs a job at Fox News after this war is over. Misconstruing truths left and right just to follow up with the simple fact that tobacco and alcohol is bad bad bad. Lol it’s like saying ” see! I was right!” When the whole of your argument was completely off base until you said a single one liner fact. We need a war on the war on drugs. Plain and simple. Fuck you for not even being able to quote ghandi you worthless sex ed teacher. Get a job at a cumminity college with your doctorate and stay out of our way. If Americans aren’t freed and repaid for the damning damages brought against them there will be war, there will be blood and by God grace it won’t be just ours this time.

  7. Dr.Sabet is a prime example of someone suffering from Psycho Pharalogcal McCarthyism. Citizens who suffer from this ailment , are the same hive mind citizens that allowed 12-16 year old boys and 60 year old men to die in the last battles of WW2 .it’s time we end this war on citizens, and legalize cannabis and hemp nationally, and allow the citizens of each state the right to Vote on this issue. The Mid-terms election are this year get proactive and stop the oligarchs from using citizens as commodity in this failed war on cannabis. Legalization of cannabis and hemp nationally is a civil and state rights and Jobs issue not a criminal issue. Legalization today , legalize cannabis tomorrow, legalize cannabis nationally forever!

  8. So, yeah,

    Judge Gray fully said how our current criminalization destroys lives and we need to regulate and adjust errors.

    Sabet went on a 5 minute rant about big tobacco, alcohol, and their dangers and addiction rates.

  9. People need to ask him if he has any peer reviewed studies on this subject. I think all the readers here knows the answer is, no.

  10. This should be a fun one. I hope they have a good moderator to keep Sabet in check. Also, we know he technically has a doctorate, but people need to stop referring to him by that title unless he’s talking about social policy, and this is criminal and drug policy. People see it and think he’s a medical doctor and actually knows what he’s talking about.

  11. Johnny Bloomington on

    What more is there left for Kevin Sabet to debate? He needs to find a new day job!

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