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Debunking The DEA – Radical Rant


The DEA is a thorn in the side of America. How much money is wasted? How long do we have to hear officials from the DEA, current and/or retired, lobby to keep the drug war in place so that they can keep wasting tax payer dollars? Radical Russ Belville debunks the DEA in his latest Radical Rant.


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Johnny Green


  1. The D.E.A. is losing relevance in the progressive advance of a pragmatic social (global) discourse. We need to start ignoring the D.E.A. and concentrate on challenging those in congress and the administration to make the necessary changes to the D.E.A. and its purpose in our modern republic.

    The D.E.A. is a broken record, reading their scripted position on a destructive policy. The D.E.A. is nothing more than a federal thug, a mindless enforcer. We cannot expect change to come from them. We cannot be pulled into a dialogue with them, they’ll keep us distracted from a more productive purpose.

  2. Notice how the 7% they refer to was written out unlike the rest. Because seven looks less foolish then 7.

  3. Johnny oneye on

    THEBACON is a controlled substance
    start enforcing that !
    Why does this scheduling have a direct relationship to the ability to make a profit
    heroin – no good
    oxycontin – good
    adderall- good
    methemphetimine – no good
    marijuana-no good
    SATIVEX- good
    As long as Pharma can profit they can own the government!

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