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Defend Marijuana Law Reform


ethan nadelmann defend marijuana reformBy Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance

You asked for it, you fought for it, and now you’ve got it: marijuana law reform has moved from the fringes to the mainstream of U.S. politics. But our opposition is threatened by how far we’ve come and they’re trying to block our progress.

Will you help us protect marijuana law reform and fight our opposition by making a donation to DPA today?

After the historic marijuana legalization victories in Colorado and Washington, ex-DEA heads pressured Attorney General Holder to overturn the laws. Although the Department of Justice has not indicated that they will block marijuana legalization, they could announce their decision at any moment.

We’ve been working with members of Congress on a new bill that would protect the states’ marijuana reform laws from harassment by the federal government. Without this legislation, marijuana law reform will remain vulnerable to federal interference.

When opportunity calls, we count on supporters like you to rise to the occasion. That’s why I’m asking you to donate today to help us raise $15,000 by this Thursday, April 25th. Your gift will help us defend and expand marijuana law reform across the country.

The victories in Colorado and Washington signal the beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition. Now more than half of all Americans support marijuana legalization. An unprecedented number of marijuana law reform bills are being considered in states across the country. And even Congress is getting serious about reform.

Americans are turning their backs on failed drug war policies, but our opposition will do anything they can to stop the momentum of our movement.

Thanks to supporters like you, marijuana law reform has reached the tipping point. But we need your help to protect our achievements. Help us raise $15,000 by this Thursday, April 25, to defend and expand marijuana law reform around the country.


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Johnny Green


  1. And the ultimate hypocrite. You know Obama is doing bongs in OUR White House, then days later signing authorization to raid dispensaries.
    ALL politicians are lying, snakes. That will continue until we rise up and fire them all. Demand that they represent US, WE THE PEOPLE, not the greedy corporate giants that illegally stuff their off shore bank accounts with millions.

    I voted for Ron Paul, and ill NEVER, EVER vote or support the Democrats or Republicans ever again. .The Federal Government IS THE PROBLEM !!!!!!

  2. Yes – he’s a politician – and a lawyer – and his lips WERE moving at the time. I feel your pain and disappointment but I also expected to be disappointed. This issue is too big for 1 man – even a president to address with truth and justice.

    One area alone – cannabis and cancer. I watched a youtube vid on cancer done in 1978 and it stated that cancer in medicine was a 50 billion dollar industry back then. What do we imagine it would be today? 5 Trillion? Woe to anyone who would threaten a 5 trillion industry today. A pres would view this as a threat to nat security and throw as much money and military might (like the DEA and swat raids) as was needed to protect our ( their) “way of life”.

    I agree – total bullshit.

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