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Delaware Medical Marijuana Dispensaries To Open Early 2015


medical Marijuana Dispensary long beach campaignMedical marijuana patients in Delaware have been waiting a long time for safe access to medical marijuana. It appears that the wait will finally be over in early 2015. Per Delaware Online:

There are now 166 Delawareans registered for state-regulated medical marijuana identification cards per the law, many of whom have eagerly awaited for a dispensary for three years.

“So that will be nice. There won’t be any shortages,” said Todd Kitchen, a patient advocate with fibromyalgia who pushed for the state’s medical marijuana legislation in 2011.

But in the meantime, getting marijuana readily is difficult.

“We still have to get our stuff from the street. That’s not safe. There’s no quality control,” Kitchen said.

People suffering from cancer, MS, HIV, hepatitis C, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD, seizures, constant nausea, and/or sever pain qualify to become a medical marijuana patient in Delaware. Delaware’s 166 patient statistic is very low, but Delaware is a very small state. Also, with no way to get access to medical marijuana, there’s less incentive to enroll in the program. Once safe access is established, I expect the number of enrolled patients to grow significantly.


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  1. Caitlin Wooters Felberg on

    Weed is not a depressant and or a hallucinogenic. In fact, the Sativa strand boosts motivation and does not make you sleepy. Check the facts Jeff. It will probably make your negativity and obvious anxiety lessen severely and you won’t have to put your energy into hating on soemthing that actually helps people.

  2. This is crap. I have ms, there is NO WAY pot could help. You don’t have pain, you have lack of feeling. You don’t have trouble sleeping, it’s all you do. Prescribing pot to ptsd patients? Yea, nothing sounds better than subscribing a depressant and hallucinogenic to ppl with post traumatic stress disorder. Yea this won’t go south at all.

  3. Hello I live in Delaware and have PTSD. I have seen two Psychologists over the past 3 years and have been diagnosed with PTSD. I am trying to find a Psychiatrist that will be open to prescribe me medical marijuana. I have tried the Prozac and Paxil and that just makes me not feel like myself. If anyone knows a doctor in Delaware that may be open to it please let me know Asap. My contact info is rburrows000@gmail.com . Thank you very much!

  4. Ending prohibition federally would lift so many obstacles for states to trade cannabis across their borders.

  5. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    Yes, Delaware is a small state, but given many of my proposals it could draw many more patients. As it stands, Delaware will be forced to import a great deal of its stock from other medical states. There would only be room for minimal collectives, and these will serve themselves first. So dispensaries will be very limited and simply must share with other states. I do not think I would be interested in Delaware, except as a supplier.

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