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Democratic Party Of Oregon Endorses Marijuana Legalization Initiative


democrat marijuana los angeles democrats proposition dOregon is a very Democrat state. Oregon has had a Democrat Governor for decades. The last time Oregon elected a Republican Governor, Michael Jordan was in college. Republican Attorney General candidates are so rare in Oregon, that the GOP side of the race usually doesn’t even have one candidate for the primary. So it’s a big deal for marijuana reform in Oregon when the Democratic Party of Oregon endorses a marijuana legalization initiative, which happened today. Below is an excerpt from a press release from the Democratic Party of Oregon:

Today, the Democratic Party of Oregon is announcing its official positions on all statewide ballot measures for 2014.

Official positions of the Party are made by a voting body comprised of the State Central Committee delegates, alternates, and associates.

When voting to support, oppose, or take no position on a statewide ballot initiative, a two-thirds vote for or against a measure is required for the Party to take an official Support or Oppose position.

This year, all of the measures on the ballot received a strong, greater than two-thirds majority for a Support or Oppose position, and the Party is taking an official position on every measure.

Here are the positions of the Democratic Party of Oregon for the 2014 statewide ballot initiatives, along with a quote from Democratic Party of Oregon Chair Frank Dixon:

Measure 91: Marijuana Legalization

“A majority of Americans and large majority of Democrats now support state regulation of legal marijuana use. Measure 91 is the right approach to legalization in Oregon, strictly regulating use while funding law enforcement and schools. Vote Yes on 91.”

I have a friend that has worked in Democrat related politics in Oregon since he graduated college about a decade ago. He told me after the 2012 Election that there’s no way that Oregon will legalize marijuana in 2014 because voters aren’t going to change their minds in two years, and the Legislature isn’t going to do it because supporting marijuana reform is ‘political suicide.’ Well Joel, we just got one step closer to a victory on Election Day. There’s still a lot of work to do, but endorsements are piling up, and more and more Oregonians want a new approach to marijuana!


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  1. Partisan carp is not really good for this site. If you think about it. People from all races, creeds, color and sexual I’d. Get sick,need med. And like to smoke pot, so be a person first, true to the human race, a party member in its proper place

  2. You only vote republican if you want your taxes to be reduced and jobs to be created.
    You only vote democrat if you enjoy paying more tax and seeing handouts being given away like popcorn at taxpayer expense.
    You vote independent if you want more of a balance in all areas.

  3. As of August 1, 2012, there were 2,095,721 registered voters in Oregon, and their political party affiliations were
    39.5% Democratic Party
    31.0% Republican Party
    22.4% “Non-affiliated” with any party
    4.4% Independent Party
    0.7% Libertarian Party
    0.5% Pacific Green Party
    1.5% with other political parties

    Is legalization a slam dunk in Oregon because of the Democrat party? No! Remember, legalization failed in 2012. It seems to me the Non-affiliated and non R or D will be the deciding swing vote on Measure 91.

    We need all the votes we can get. And an R vote counts just as much as any other vote. There is no such thing as a bad yes vote on measure 91.

  4. You only vote republican if you want unemployment to go up and if you want marajuana to stay illegal.

  5. If you want to legalize weed, and you vote for Republicans, you must have some issues that are more important to you than weed. Authoritarianism, denying my second amendment right to regulate the militia well, keeping the Patriot Act, more tax cuts for the rich, executing innocent people… something.

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