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Dennis Peron Raid Update


Here is an update from San Francisco’s ASA Chapter about the recent Raid against California Medical Marijuana Law Author Dennis Peron:

The charges, which have been dropped, involved running a house where drugs, including marijuana and methampetamine, were used. Dennis has yet to see the search warrant. He did not have a lawyer. (Terence called the DA’s office.) He has not fully recovered from the stroke he had in LA in February. Still slurring his words and maybe not thinking clearly… He did not have a seizure during the raid but says he couldn’t breathe. He’d been having trouble breathing and had gone to the ER the day before the raid and been given inhalants, etc. Twelve people were arrested at the house –”including one guy they pulled off the street,” says Dennis… He thinks the timing was SFPD’s way of commemorating the 1996 raid.

From what I have been told by SF friends and Facebook users, Mr. Peron runs a halfway house for troubled youth at his home. Some of these kids have problems, and addictions, and it sounds to me like the cops are using this as an excuse to carry out a personal vendetta against him. I don’t know why they would raid the house and take EVERYONE into custody, if there are just a few bad apples staying at his halfway house. That’s the way law enforcement works though; they arrest people first and ask questions later. They don’t care how it affects citizen’s lives. If all of the charges have been dropped, and Mr. Peron suffered any adverse, stress-related health problems as a result of this pointless raid, I sure hope someone is held accountable at the police station…


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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy the Dennis Peron biography book thats out, or what it is called???

  2. There’s gotta be more one could even if he didn’t have a seizure as a result of this. How harassment, intimidation, or false arrest? Fuck, this is the kind of thing that takes the wind out of people’s sails or gets them more pissed off and results in violence, when will middle America get it that we can’t live in a police state no more……..When someone like this rights are violated anyone cold be next.

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