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Denver Churches Host A New Marijuana Legalization Documentary And 64 Discussion


legalize it the filmProvocative Background Information As It Relates To Colorado

You are invited to a presentation and discussion on Amendment 64.  There will be a showing of the new documentary, Legalize It.  The movie explores the social justice implications of the failed War on Drugs and why marijuana needs to be legal and regulated. It celebrates the power of ordinary people of different backgrounds and political persuasions coming together on a common issue, organizing together for social justice. The film shows how legalization means rehabilitation instead of incarceration and prison and how it not only saves federal and state money, but saves lives. Come and see the documentary and talk about it.

When: Friday October 12, 2012 7pm.
Where: First Unitarian Church, 1400 Lafayette St, Denver in Capitol Hill near Cheesman Park and Southeast Denver.
Who: Presented by CHUM (Capitol Hill United Ministries): There will be presentations on both sides of the issue before the film is shown, and further discussion after the film which will be facilitated by Pastor Mike Morran (First Unitarian Society of Denver) with Pastor Paul Carlson (Our Savior’s Lutheran Church), film producer Ravit Markus and Betty Aldworth – Amendment 64 and representatives from those who are against 64.

LEGALIZE IT was made in collaboration with Willie Nelson’s Luck Films – by award-winning filmmaking duo director Dan Katzir and producer Ravit Markus (Yiddish Theater: A Love Story, Out for Love…Be Back Shortly), with producer Lati Grobman (Righteous Kill, Run for the Money).

Movie teaser: Cops and Judges Call for Legalization

Website: legalizeitmovie.com Facebook: Legalizeitmovie Twitter: @Legalizeitmovie

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  1. God will punish the wicked priests who have corrupted their houses of worship with 501(c) legal agreements and converting themselves into objects of the state. The devil, posing as the government, will be testing these priests in the months ahead.

  2. When people are true to their religion, they will always support ending the persecution of millions of innocent marijuana consumers. This doesn’t mean they approve of marijuana – or not. They are just doing what Jesus/God/Budda, etc. would do by ending this monstrous witch-hunt.

  3. When defending their dangerous and counter-productive war on (some) drugs, unconscionable prohibitio­nists often, cite “our obligation to the children”, but prohibition­ has made all of these ‘at present illegal’ substances available in schools, and even prisons. How has that helped our kids?

    Prohibition has also raised gang warfare to a level not seen since the days of alcohol bootlegging in the United States.

    How has that helped our kids?

    Prohibition has creating a prison-for-profit synergy with evil drug lords and terrorists.

    How has that helped our kids?

    Prohibition has removed many of our cherished and important civil liberties.

    How has that helped our kids?

    Prohibition has put many previously unknown and contaminated drugs on our streets.

    How has that helped our kids?

    Prohibition has escalating Murder, Theft, Muggings, and Burglaries.

    How has that helped our kids?

    Prohibition has overcrowded the courts and prisons, thus making it increasingly impossible to curtail the people who are really hurting and terrorizing others.

    How has that helped our kids?

    Prohibition has evolved local street gangs into transnational enterprises with intricate power structures that reach into every corner of society, and with significant social and military resources at their disposal.

    How has that helped our kids?

    “The State must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.” — Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf”

  4. i am conflicted. its nice to have religion support. but most of it has to do with the excessive punishments that destroys futures. im glad there supporting an end to madness, but i am at odds with the thought of them going against their religious beliefs. even for the greater good.

  5. I concluded years ago that, the more religion is involved in this issue, the better the chance to legalize it.
    Other readers of TWB have said this site is non-partisan, and that is what a true legalizer looks like to me.

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